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  1. I prefer territory control. This mode makes the fight center around various objectives instead of being all over the place. Making it also slightly more tactical than TDM is most of the time.
  2. Interesting concept needs to be worked out well cuz of potentially becoming the META instantly
  3. Idk about all of you guys but i just call APB “APB”. Never really understood why gamersfirst added the reloaded part anyway
  4. TheFreelancer

    In game acc's

    Not gonna happen mate
  5. TheFreelancer

    Necrova Server

    I believe their server is located together with the citadel server
  6. I believe this was the case due to people quick switching by picking up a gun. E.g. a person is holding a Carbine by themselves, picks up another carbine from a corpse. Shoots the pick-up carbine mag dry, drops it by scrolling, shoots his own carbine mag dry. (So basicly you could have non-stop carbine fire for 40 bullets).
  7. No cause of monetisation. G1C is the only thing keeping G1/LO running (regarding APB & FE). Giving this away for free will cause for a more grind mentality among hardcore players who play enough to get plenty of G1C from playing. These are the people that also spend the most G1C however. So you’re losing a big piece of your “Market” so to say.
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