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  1. N1mP

    Necrova Server

    https://imgur.com/a/QXNI5ru Online :(
  2. N1mP

    Necrova Server

    I completely agree with you .. I even agree that they would take my permanent guns (although they are completely sh*t). You can say almost, ping the same. It is not possible to play at all, there is always 1 district filled. And in the evening, after work, I want to play a little bit in APB, but online is 40-50 for the whole district.
  3. N1mP

    Necrova Server

    Kind time of the day, I wanted to apologize in advance if this off topic. I play on Nekrova server , but recently it's difficult to play because of the small online. Is it possible in the near future to transfer the account to the Citadel server? I do not want to lose my account 240 lvl Thank you in advance .
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