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  1. Drollin

    Daily log in bonus

    I was also thinking about the daily activities and i guess that actually seems like a reasonable option, to add something to the daily activity system. For example if you complete 1 daily activity, you get something* and if you complete all daily activities (that means 5 total as it currently is), you also get something* and add to that the consecutive days system, like for example every 7th day you get something* better. * - and this "something" that you get could be what i mentioned in my previous post (like timed APB$ & RP boosters, timed weapons etc) Oh, and not to forget, there should be a counter in jobs/roles tab, so you could see, your progress.
  2. Drollin

    Daily log in bonus

    Quite good idea, tho the daily login rewards should (mostly) be some timed stuff imo. A few examples: 24h* APB$ and RP boost 24h* Armas weapon 24h* pre-modded vehicle (like the ones you get from joker boxes) 24h* character/weapon/car mod any other item that can be given with expiry time * - 24h should be the the max time i guess, so everyone could use the items for a period of time, but LO wouldn't be giving away anything permanent for free. Warthunder actually has a system that would fit well in here - you get a lootbox-like thingy for daily login, every specific amount of days you get a box with higher chance of better item, so instead of specifying specific items for each subsequent daily login they can opt out for a simpler solution of basically giving a random item from a pool of items and the consistency part would be every now and then giving a better box with better items (perhaps a several days or up to a week timed weapon etc). (And to add to that idea, maybe premium users should just have the duration of daily login item slightly longer than regular users, no p2w in that i believe. It's just an idea to even it out a bit, as premium might get less and less useful with more and more free (timed) stuff given away, especially if you include APB$ and RP boosters).
  3. I wonder if APB on PC will also get a better controller support with the 3.5 update... would be nice. Not a controller user myself, but a friend of mine prefers controller to keyboard+mouse and said that current PC version is just way too clunky for controllers, some stuff not working at all (and that's with xbox controller, not some cheap unsupported stuff). Anyway, thanks for the update @MattScott! Really glad to hear about the progress, keep up the good work, but don't forget to enjoy the upcoming holidays!
  4. I'm pretty sure i ain't blind, but i can't seem to find a way to edit my own posts, so how does one edit his own posts? Or do i just lack the permissions aswell, like others here?
  5. Oh, and also, regarding OP's post, if you didn't already read from my other post, with 2-3 teams thing i did also expect fightclubs to go for mixed teams aka, OP's idea is good imo on the mixed teams part and i support it as current system is just frustrating, had this happen multiple times yesterday when teams were 9vs18 or 18vs9, really frustrating to play either way.
  6. Just got a few ideas regarding fightclubs, i'll post em here as they're not off-topic and would keep fightclub related suggestions in one place. So these are just my ideas for future development as currently fightclub just isn't interesting imo, these 2 gamemodes have been there for years without a change (ok, Abington Towers does have multiple gamemodes in itself like Conquest, Hold the Objective, VIP etc, but still lacks the variety imo). So first of all, as i mentioned, there currently are basically 2 different gamemodes in fightclubs, what i suggest is introducing new gamemodes to fightclubs, like team based gungame for example etc, so in the end there would be more than just Baylan and Abington and that wouldn't be event only occurences, but all time, but i suggest keeping fightclubs team based (2-3 teams, no free-for-all gamemodes). That actualyl brings us to 2nd point. Imo there should still be only 2 different fightclub districts/instances at a time, how my idea would work out would be with weekly or every other week rotations. For an example 2 weeks: Baylan and Abington, next 2 weeks: Teams Gungame and Baylan, next 2 weeks: Abington and some other (new) gamemode etc etc. That way fightclubs wouldn't be static Baylan and Abington only, instead there would be a whole variety of new gamemodes all rotating with set intervals (like 2 weeks). It would keep fightclubs fairly interesting imo, but with just 2 different gamemodes per interval it would keep players from splitting up among too many different fightclub instances/gamemodes. Feel free to post your thoughts, ideas, improvements.
  7. Yeah, it's actually nice in a way that you can try out different weapons and i did enjoy the 12 deaths gamemode that we had previous years and this one is rather similar so as a gamemode it aint that bad. I did have some fun if we leave out the frustrating parts (like constantly spawning 200m away from the area and not understanding what causes the killable/non-killable switching (red/gray)). Also the way you can farm JT from this event is just crazy, can't complain about that. Don't really know what else to add... the gamemode is chaotic, it kinda is supposed to be, but that also makes it somewhat more interesting/fun. I wonder how team based gungame would work in apb...
  8. Just noticed i have post count of 13, so here's the 14th, no more devil numbers
  9. Alright, didn't see any of those in the OP's list, so i'll drop them here: Front open shirt for both genders, found this image on the old forums, everything on it seems nice actually Front open hoodies with hood up and down, sleeved and sleeveless, for both genders, similarly to the shirts on the picture above Also shirts like the one on the next picture would be cool (yes, it's from GTA:O, the one in GTA isn't slim enough for my taste tho, but still decent)
  10. Just 2 small questions regarding the Login Reward: 1. Do all one's characters get the login reward or only the first one you log in with? 2. It's one time only reward right? Not continous (aka you get one every day during the period)? Just asking these questions for clarification, that's all. Anyway, I've mostly been enjoying this event thus far so thumbs up.
  11. Exactly my thoughts, it's really nice to see new stuff being added to the game, stuff being fixed, improved etc. Obviously they still have a lot to work on, but i'm expecting bigger changes to roll out after engine update. It's impossible to please everyone, especially the ones who think that they are the world and everything should be the way they like it. Toxicity in the game and forums is quite high, i'm glad to see some positive people here but i'll stop here as i don't want to go off topic.
  12. Ah, that change took place at an earlier date already? Coz the pricing has been 5$ for 500 for as long as i remember (since i started playing again less than 2 months ago)
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