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  1. Imagine an ace with LTL that would be interesting
  2. I just join whatever server is populated :^)
  3. Rewarding 10 jt after losing and then 1 jt after winning seems right...right? i know this is still a beta,but i would like that kind of random thing gets fixed.
  4. Same, i use more often the manic than the frenzy, i really would love to use the frenzy,but it just keeps giving me an odd,weird feeling feeling when using it. I would like to know what can make it a competitive or an not awkward weapon.
  5. It will happen soon in spooktober
  6. blackaceRD


    Well,if u check the original weapon that they got inspired,it has 21 bullets in the mag, because of the caliber and the damage, its fine as it is imo
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