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  1. Mail me in-game or try whipsering me. NIEDOSIK
  2. You've just advertised your races to the entirety of the Police Department...
  3. Recruitment has since been re-opened. In addition, a Discord invite link has been added to our website for those who may be interested.
  4. On our website [www.SPDPS.ml] there's a Discord invite link.
  5. "Failed to create D3D9 device. This may happen if the desktop is locked. Exiting..." Any fixes? Brand new PC. Like, not even 24hrs old. All drivers are up to date (to my knowledge). That being said, I am using a custom (NOT DEFAULT) PC resolution. I've tried the machineoptions.ini fix, and Steam command line stuff, which did not work. Help?
  6. More weight needs to be added to the Charge Mikro, too. I understand it's based off a mini cooper n' all but for gods sake, it can't push any cars more like a fingertip's length!
  7. For those wondering more about what servers are down and on what platforms: Every server is down on every APB-supported platform.
  8. Note: Examples of the clan uniforms, and patrol vehicles for each division are posted on our website soon!
  9. hi i made this video for my friend skay because its his birthday today please dont forget to wish him a happy birthday in the comments below thanks
  10. No one around to enforce it? Mate, the TOS was JUST updated with that. One of the key things Matt Scott asked for initially is patience. You can't expect things to happen right away just so they go in your favor.
  11. How did I do? Anything I can improve on? If so, what? Please give me feedback. And don't be afraid to be say something harsh; BE HONEST!
  12. add a Campaign Hat to the list. always have been shocked that there was never a proper State Trooper-based hat for enforcers.
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