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  1. Mr_Strike

    Trade Block

    I took a break recently from APB., Few weeks ago I decided to come back, I installed APB Reloaded, started playing it.., then realized that I cannot trade anything between myself or with other peoples accounts., It's been 2 weeks since I'm waiting for the trade block to go away, but it is still Blocked. I am starting to think that it will never go away, I heard the trade ban happens by itself automatically for 3 days, then people are allowed to trade again, but mine has been forever, 2 weeks now., If Anybody has something to say about that, or help me out, would be very great and kind of you..! Thank you for your attention, looking forward hearing for you !
  2. Where can I get this if it's still available ?
  3. I started to have this problem., When my APB loading screen gets stuck, while I'm trying to enter a district.., I wanted to ask if there is any way to fix this problem? stuck: "Connecting To District...." It started yesterday, I tried right now, same thing is happening., I can't play APB now. I tried restarting my PC, re-installing APB, nothing has changed., ;( Any advice?
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