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  1. Hi all, I am Judge Anderson, looking for a clan. Likes: ENFORCER MAINS I specialise in Light Machine Guns Blowing shit up, I use exploding cars, and LMGs to blow things up Doing missions in an organised group Wittnessing, including logging on to servers with 1 crim to ruin thier looting grind or busting noob crims for $5 just to let them know I AM THE LAW Up holding the law anyway possible Killing 'Hackers' Fighting against all odds Hate: Hackusations Salty whispers Nazi Symbols (Report on sight) Crims Enforcers that use crim alts to loot for money on empty servers, will bust you even if you are part of the clan Beggers, people asking for free stuff I live in Australia but my hours are all over the place, over a lot of different time zones as life is a bit crazy. I am mainly Gold threat, but sometimes forced to dethreat to get op in Aussie prime time (i hate this low pop in oceana pm) If you think I suit your clan and you are looking for more members let me know here or PM me on forum or even in game. Thanks for your time, IGN: JUDGEANDERSON
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