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  1. I have got the same, After I accidentally purchased the Enforcer Heavy Duty Bonus Pack I now can purchase the Enforcer Heavy Duty Bundle which is the one I originally wanted. I have put in a ticket to ask for a refund of the first pack (this may clear up the purchase block) or I would just like the other pack to be available. I think what should happen is that if you have Item double ups then you should get those items discounted from the larger pack, like up grading from individual permanent weapon to the account wide guns. Cant there fixed
  2. Omg yes this one too. I think HOW THE HELL!!!! And then i have a quick think lol oh yeah... legit.. i can see how it could be confusing.
  3. Did you check for Fragile, 99% of these post are actually people who dont know the game. Fragile and lag can make it look like speed hacks and lag looks like teleporting lol Did you screen shot or Record the 'cheating' so we can see it for ourselves? How long has op been playing the game? Ive playing since at least 2011 and I would have only seen a handful of suspect players and they eneded up on the punk buster list of shame. I personally like the old name and shame hacker list, so at least you could confirm or deny if someone had been busted and banned. These baseless accusations are ruining APBs growth, I say show the proof or shut it.
  4. Played against lag, bugs and random shit but no hackers lol
  6. I thought reading this would burn your eyes out.
  7. Dont forget setting up mouse wheel to fire to hit near max fire rates. Literally spin to win lol
  8. Like the title says, I just got one and I am finding it versitile and useful but would like to see what others think of this gun, and what do you think its market value it currently?
  9. 3ps3 is a straight upgrade on any gun. HS3 only gives you zoom on this gun and reduces the close quarter combat element of the gun with no real gain. Might have to do some testing with CJ's and IR3 see how that goes. Thanks all for the imput so far. *Input How the hell do you edit lol??????
  10. I have found the same. MB is good and hs3 seems to zoom a little but thats all, not worth it for me too. MP3 takes away its vehicle destroying capacity, thats why I have a preference to EM2-3.
  11. This is a question I have, my Euryale normally sits there collecting dust, but I just traded my Medusa for a Yukon so.... How does one get the most out of the Euryale? HS3 I think I read some where doesnt effect anything same with RS. I was thinking MB or CJ3 and Extended Mag or B3? Something like that, I would like to hear what others are using.
  12. Wtt EOL Deep Impact, Colby Commander on Jericho PM in forum or in game Looking for Bloody Mary, other offeres considered too. IGN JudgeAnderson
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