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  1. plus if u want rifling to excel and make it like an SMG then make the damage like an SMG the fact that it has a fire rate of literally a Gatling gun and u die in 5 shots thats just stupid lower the movement speed and make the gun kill at 7-8 shots if u wanna act like a pointman then have the damage like one
  2. you could just try the launcher from binaries and just run it as admin
  3. how is it illogical u barely hit them cuz of their movement and accuracy is important in a SHOOTER GAME are u hearing urself? and the fact that they fire faster than some smgs and outstrafe shotguns and outfire most rifle is just absurd its called a semi automatic for a reason not an automatic before u talk u should think and the game isnt designed liek that its people abusing macros 3rd party programs, glitches and configs Merged how am i mental when they're overpowered right now if u give em a slower fire right and a slower movement speed then it would balance it out Merged am i the 12 year old or u assuming that i am, and it doesnt take long to realize how op semis are , why do u think most macroers use it or hackers do u even think? and cooling jacket makes the gun so inaccurate but these people are hitting it so much and linq quoted this game shouldnt be all about accuracy Merged i guess any config configuration should just be an auto kick but for me i use the launcher from binaries cuz my launcher is always broken and stuckon updating Merged and my account has existed since 2012 i just never registered for the forum thats why u shouldnt assume before u get fact checked
  4. I would like to address that Semis are literally overpowered in game when ur a regular rifler using an ntech its so hard to hit them, and they have a faster fire rate than auto weapons that should be nerfed or fix the way these types of macro games shouldnt exist and the only time you should be able to do that is by using smgs or shotgun, and macroing should just be detected and auto close the game or ban then there shouldnt be any reason why u have an advantage because u can set up a macro, hotkeys should just auto close the game literally there some instances where it glitches out the game and make people more faster when they're aiming their semis, configs changing configs should be bannable unless its to change graphics, ( game isnt really that optimized) there are some changes that literally give players advantages by simply changing the configs like the crouch and auto shift theres a video on it on youtube but cant link it honestly make semis a 4 shot or 3 1/2 just nerf the speed they can shoot that thing and the amount of movement speed they have theres literally no dealing to it some of these people actually macro or have some type of crap that give em an advantage
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