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About Me

Found 3 results

  1. How did I do? Anything I can improve on? If so, what? Please give me feedback. And don't be afraid to be say something harsh; BE HONEST!
  2. Africa South Africa Asia Mainland China (People's Republic of China) Hong Kong, China Japan
  3. This thread is for those of you wanting something to be made. Post a request and let other's see it, so that they can see what people want made. Hello all! o/ There's a Symbol/Outfit/Vehicle/Theme that you really like and you want to have it in APB:R BUT you just don't know how to go about making it? Fear not because there is probably someone out there that can make it for you! I feel like this should only be a temporary solution to making requests, having a section dedicated to requests might be a good solution sometime in the future. Post a request in this thread and wait for the awesome people of this community to make your idea come to life! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Detail's. Okay, here's what you have to do: Post below with: ~Required: What Server you are on! ~Required: Your character name. ~Required: A decent description of what it is you want to be made. Try to be specific. [Take a look at the example below.] ~Optional: Post a screenshot or whatever reference material that is appropriate to your desired creation. [Please do NOT post anything that goes against the Forum's Terms of Service] ~Optional: Whats you budget? how much are you willing to spend? This is optional because its up to the creator to negotiate pricing. [In-game Currency ONLY!] Thread guideline's: Ideally, this thread need's to be clutter free, so please keep your posting appropriate. If you feel that you can make and complete a request that is in this thread, please quote the request in a post and just say that you are doing it/when to expect it. Ask for any additional info if you need it.(Just generally make it clear who you are replying to) If your request is accepted and completed OR you no longer want the request, please can you edit the original post/request and simply add in something along the lines of 'Request Made' or 'Request Cancelled'. [Please make it clear] Please be patient, it might take a while for someone to accept your request and complete it. Please do not bump your post or make double posts. Making posts other than request's is fine but back and forth conversation's might be best for private messages and in-game mail. Content Creators! Make sure you go through the page's to see if there are any outstanding requests available. If you see a request you want to try and make, Please try and get in contact with the requester. Make sure that it is still available and that they still want the request to be completed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Example: [REQUEST] (<---- Please put this at the top of your request, it will help identify request's from other post's) Hey guys o/ I have seen an image of a Ford Mustang that looks really cool. Server: Citadel(EU) Character name: Pepper117 Request: I would like to buy a Patriot Jericho 1 Slot with this picture's colour scheme(or as close as possible). Budget: to be negotiated by the creator. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer! Please do NOT post anything that goes against the Forum's Term's of Service/Rule's I am unable to moderate this thread BUT that does not mean that you should post anything that goes against the Forum rule's, nor does it mean you can spam with unrelated post's..cause you know..that's bad, so don't do it. This is NOT a thread to request Creations specifically from ME. This is for In-game currency ONLY! If I have missed anything or you see a way to improve this, please message me. If this an unnecessary thread, then close it and let it be lost in the sea of dead threads. -Miffed117/Pepper117-
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