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  1. You can say "Not selling well" about most things on Armas. Cisco / Vaquero / Mikro bundles haven't been popular for ages alongside the sport clothing packs and etc. If you ask me the only LCR that needs to make a comeback is the Old Glory (or an open slot one) so that's only one spot on Armas that's being taken up. And even if it doesn't sell well it will still sell slowly which is going to net the company more profit than leaving it retired for eternity when there actually are people out there who would give it a chance. ..And a chance is what a lot of people should give it because it's a severely underrated weapon. Just needs a reclassification from AR to Marksman Rifle imo. But yeah Bring back LCR for the public pls
  2. I was in fight club the other day and my CSG kept dying and this one dude appeared and kileld me with HVR from across the map wtf? It happens in the apb reloaded what u can do is take OPGL in asylum and hide in corner with ammo box under u and nade people easy kills thank you
  3. Unlocks already exist for a majority of the Armas weapons. A seemingly easy method to allow people to re-retrieve their purchase without bugging the support team would just be to send these unlocks alongside Armas purchases so that weapons can be re-bought from contacts as needed.
  4. Ignore that playa that you disagree'in with cause they a busta. Hashtag UnnecessaryAmountOfPremiumClub and adding. And I vote yes to removing the cooldown benefits
  5. Same. This is having me picking up a few things I would NEVER otherwise grab, mainly stuff like the kilt or a few parts of the sports outfits that I'd never buy the packs of.
  6. I still say subliminal advertising. In a lot of the scenes there's premium and legendary guns laying around and not a f2p one in sight from what I remember. Shoutout to the GOLD skinned Shredder on the hood of the police car in the Preatorian crime scene login menu that the camera conveniently zooms in on if you let the game sit for a second. I want old login pls
  7. You can't see it ingame but the aftermath of the explode costs San Payroll road crew wages to come pour cement into the hole you just made. Bricks and WD40 can get expensive
  8. I thought I was alone on this, lol. I actually really want a 4 slot Montane. I think it's safe to say we'll at least get it with the new contacts though, eventually.
  9. I'm note entirely sure why but scrolling through this made me smile. The one with unamused Squidward is my favorite. I love it
  10. Gonna second this. Especially with the amount of people who constantly accuse legitimate players of hacking this would just punish higher-end players even more with matches ending a lot sooner... Matches that a lot of them probably waited 10+ minutes to get into to begin with. And then the eternally angry fragile-ego'd people will still be eternally angry and the game'll be driving off even more players. I vote n0h. But if we do get a system like this then add something like what World of Warcraft has. If you ditch, you aren't allowed to enter another match for like, a half hour. Hue
  11. I made a quick html-edit to show a temporary system that could work until an in-game system is implemented. Instead of restricting the purchase of account-bound items, just give them a 100% discount. This shouldn't add to the credit counter any. People won't have to bother support with tickets over misplaced weapons (Save for legendaries I guess) and more San Paro citizens will sleep better at night without fear of Fidel Castro running off with their stockpile of N-Tecs.
  12. With these new Armas changes is there any word or plans on a system to redeliver permanent weapons that you lose? Especially with Armas now refusing to let you buy things you already own I have no way to recover weapons without waiting for support to eventually get back with me and in the meantime that means there's potentially weeks to months that I'm unable to use a weapon. I'm at the point where I would rather just rebuy things to get them back than be without them for three months. I was hoping that this would be a new feature of the updated Armas but unfortunately from what I've read it doesn't appear to be. That said these changes that we did get are much welcomed. APB's prices have always been universally considered too high by every single person I've met and this is a great step.
  13. As someone lagging off shipping containers and warping around I still don't think I deserve compensation. The company is small and has already stated that they're working on it. And at least to me it sounds like LO giving out free things just because they're being a victim would make it even worse in the long run because I can see some potatoebrains thinking; "If I DDOS the game I can get free things for me and my friends!"
  14. Maybe desaturating some of the colorful buildings could be a middle ground for the issue of a lot of us being torn about the new textures? Leave them with some new paint but less in-your-face? Anyway this transparency is great and much appreciated Peep
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