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  1. I'm just gonna drop a list here of stuff I'd like to see that i don't think would be too intense to make really Skater Skirts Oversized hoodie and sweater fishnets Overall shorts Also just some more accessories in general to mix and match would personally pay for a pack of just different accessories and little things like that
  2. Sivebrady

    Melee Weapons?

    To add to this there is animations in some really earlier trailers of the original RTW release I can't find it right now but its a couple of frames of a dude swinging at the camera with what looks like a bat! There is old animations in the files that show melee was planned along with some snips from a trailer if i recall. I can't find the trailer but here is the animations
  3. The Compact was on innova/nekrova I'm pretty sure so if they do anything with it it will probably be after the nekrova merge. A legendary would be cool but I doubt they would do that tbh.
  4. Hi guys, so I have been thinking about this for a bit and I believe and hope that LO could possibly increase their community interaction. At the very least I think along with Matt's dev blog it would be helpful to run a monthly Devstream similar to what is seen by other games like digital extremes do with their game warframe. In these stream they can gather basic community feed back as developers questions and have upcoming developments presented in a more fun and relaxed format. Along with this I think it would be nice to do in game events involving the various dev's/gm's outside of holiday events possibly events where staff squad up to play against other players or something similar to this. I personally believe that properly interacting and being one with the community is one of the best ways forward as it can allow for a healthier community to grow! If you have never seen any type of devstream here is a link to a recent one from the warframe devs
  5. This is a straight up unfair advantage it may not seem big to some people but when you put it into practice there is so many situations where it really messed up the flow of gameplay.
  6. Not saying he's weak at all since he used to leave bodies of blood roses and all at his previous locations when he moved Even further back in my day we had a thing called RTW Points you young whipper snapper
  7. Think its important to see what it says on the website with these bits here in their description (sorry about twitter link but I'm not home right now).
  8. So back in my day Devil Dog used to regularly be moved around the map(and left a mess and sometimes bodies behind) as a way to play into his character, it would be great to see this come back as in general little things like this were nice and gave more life to the games world!
  9. Let's not forget that we also need the ability to make our characters special colours easier I'm sick of having to fix the 20 or so tattoos on my character every time I want to make a new outfit!!!!
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