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  1. Aight lets do this! Ryzen 1600x 16gb 3000mhz ram 1060 6gb So initially my performance was ranging between 45-75fps averaging around 55fps and some stutters and lag which I believe was happening when people were joining the district. Overall the average frames were lower than live I usually see about 100fps on live with settings around high. After respawning one time i suffered a crash Reference: 2020-08-01_11.39.35.176_Client_crash After the crash the game slowly became more steady my average wen't up to about 60fps and by the end of the beta i was averaging around 70 fps with lows of 50. I did notice when the lobby was down to 10v10 I was averaging 90 fps so possibly the frame issues was coming from processing character data? I'm not sure, but overall it was good to see the progress done i hope the future work can fix these issues.
  2. Sivebrady


    1. Run anti-cheat in normal mode, with constant updates. --- Already done. (Easy Anti Cheat) 2. Every week to show the results of anti-cheat. Banned list. --- Why would we bring back name and shame? 3. Work on complaints to support. Without standard formal replies. --- Support has been getting faster over the last few months as they work through backlog. ( I believe it takes 2 weeks now) 4. to realize the normal operation of the report. -- what? 5. Regularly check for cheats and cheaters. --- EAC was already added and has shown to be effective we don't have an exact idea of the GM side of things but EAC is regularly checking and has banned people. 6. Issue compensation for cooperation with the administration and assistance in identifying cheaters. Failure to comply with the above requests will result in a boycott. --- "give me free stuff cause out of the 50 people i called a cheater today one was a cheater" To assume no one is getting banned is literally ignoring the facts multiple people have posted to the forums and community discord about getting banned for using banned clients and other rule breaks. I don't know who you are but your English is terrible and you seem to generally have a lack of understanding as to what is going on with APB, I get it you and your 5 friends circle jerk all your shitty theories about whats going on but the fact you didn't even realize a new anti cheat was added to the game and has been shown to have results from the cheaters themselves bitching about getting banned is astounding. Name and shame is a system that Little orbit doesn't want if you have a problem with that tough shit. It is genuinely amazing how stupid some people are, its not hard to follow public knowledge about the game and see whats going on in the community, all the energy you used to make this post could have been spent reading up on all the shit you got wrong. Also while you may think you and a few friends not spending money on the game will change anything it wont, the games player base may be small but a minority of people not spending money isn't going to change anything your better off moving to a new game or keeping yourself informed with whats going on and not asking for shit that is already added.
  3. I'll swap my skin for an old glory matt
  4. The issue is they have to work on a system that allows people to obtain legendary guns while not pissing anyone off as well as making it fair and balanced, its not something they can just jump at and a slow transition towards it makes sense.
  5. I completely agree with you, I was a bit aprehensive of making it a part of social as I thought some people may find that annoying i guess part of breakwater galleria could be changed though seeing as most of it is unused.
  6. The Clan Update Hey guys! I wanted to just throw this idea out there because when I think about APB beyond 3.5 I realize we don’t know much about actual expansions to the current content and gameplay elements of the game. With that in mind I decided to fully think out an expansions to clans in the game. Right now in game clans are glorified chat rooms that people jump into with friends and have no real effect on the game. This update would try to add the ability to gain some benefits from being with a clan, and encouraging people to invest and work together. Below I list requirements to access certain aspects that includes APB$ costs this is to try to make sure that people investing into this content will be active clans so there isn’t unnecessary storage being wasted on the games databases as well as giving people a goal to work towards. So when a clan wants to expand into this new content they must invest into a clan base, this would be a new social area primarily for the members of the clan. The requirements for this could be at least 10 members and 100’000 APB$ this gives you access to the core social area a basic space to hang out with clan members change loadouts and access the market. The style of these bases are decided by the faction the clan is apart of and possibly multiple styles could be chosen from, example: An Enforcer clan could decide between a more military like space or a more traditional police station look and a Criminal clan could decide between a nightclub or criminal safe house look. After purchasing the basic social space a clan can expand to unlock additional features for the social area and various clan benefits. An idea for some is listed below: The Barracks/Living Quarters - This space would give players the option to create symbols and change their outfits, along with this it would unlock an additional clothing slot on a players loadout screen for the clans uniform. This uniform would be set by either the leader of the clan or a member with permission to change it, these uniforms could be different by rank or can be altered slightly with certain pieces locked that a member cannot change. The garage - This space gives the players access to create symbols and modify their cars as well as giving the clan access to a clan car, like the outfit it is primarily designed by a higher level member of the clan and provides the ability for a clan to have a uniformed look when playing together. With the car I believe it should possibly have a weekly or monthly cost of APB$ for the upkeep of the vehicle this could be expanded to a choice of 3 cars each increasing the upkeep cost of providing this upgrade. To balance this cost i believe the vehicles should have mods set up on them. The armory (this is just an extra idea i wanna put out there) - The armory would provide a means to buying weapons and gear from the joker store and contacts, along with this it gives them full access to clan wars. Clan Wars would be a way to do organized pvp between clans, this would be divided into big team pvp (fights in Baylan/Asylum) and then small team 5v5 missions. Both modes would have a leader board with categories for each mode showing the clan with the most wins, kills and more. This could be tied in with rewards for the top clans every month possibly with large sums of Joker Tickets and APB$ for the top clans members. From a story standpoint this could be seen as a leader of a clan establishing their own group within their respective faction like the Praetorian or Blood Roses. I have other ideas regarding clans but this is the stuff that I have personally thought out any questions and criticism is appreciated. -Explosion Edit: Somehow someone thought I wanted to remove things from social district, this is not the case it is just an idea for a private space for clan members to hang out and get some cool bonus stuff for working together.
  7. My opinions on riot haven't changed, I don't know why you guys are doing this, I don't think this will survive and will just be another black mark on apb.
  8. Sorry the game doesn't hand you an easy way out i guess >.> maybe git gud
  9. The contact symbol is getting to me since it doesn't match the rest!
  10. Quick things Respawns more messed up than normal apb spawns (i spawned in the middle of a group of enemies). presume they are getting changed but the ui elements that have been added are not great especially the contact symbol not following the same layout as every other contact symbol, ex: green circle with white version of logo inside the circle. I dont know if it was just me but actually running into other players was kind of rare didn't see people till the late stages of matches changing districts broke for me multiple time and i couldn't enter the riot district without resetting my game. edit didnt realise there was questions oops How does RIOT compare to other APB game modes? I found the mode more interesting in concept than fight club but overall didn't have the best time and was bored. Would you encourage your friends to play RIOT? In it's current state no I found it too dull personally and I wouldn't encourage anyone to play something I didn't enjoy. How would you explain RIOT to someone who has never seen it? This is gonna sound harsh but I would say "An attempt to cash in on Battle Royale while at the same time trying to appeal to people who don't like battle royale and getting neither bit right". What ONE THING would you change about RIOT if you could? I would probably do something to increase the chances of fights, fix the respawns and probably just commit to it being a battle royale. What is your favorite aspect of RIOT? It's the first piece of real new content in five or more years. What about RIOT do you like the least? Respawns probably Edit 2: just gonna add that i will properly comment on gameplay stuff more in dept during the EU tests this is more my first impressions.
  11. Sivebrady

    Gib Armas Guns

    That is why I suggested doing it after some time lets be real we have a massive back log of weapons that have been sitting on armas for quite a long time and if they were to even add one gun to each new contact it would take quite a while to get to anything new. Either way releasing them will make people mad (cause lets be honest people like getting mad) I can understand liking the idea of having something exclusive but I just personally like seeing everyone having the option to play the way they want. I do agree though that the people that are almost zealous about not paying money for free to play games are kind of mental but I also don't see them more then a handful of times till they just disappear.
  12. Sivebrady

    Gib Armas Guns

    With plans to add new contacts there is going to be guns added for them would you rather have LO spend time working on guns exclusively for these new contacts or pull from the massive pool of guns we have that are only on Armas? I think its more reasonable to use guns we already have available to us to be placed on these contacts instead of using precious development time on making new guns. I'm fine with Armas exclusive weapons when it comes to reskins eg: the vas , but when it's a completely unique gun i personally believe it should be obtainable in game. Is it hard to believe that someone wouldn't still buy a permanent from Armas if they enjoy a gun Also to pin all Armas revenue just on loot boxes and weapons is unrealistic while many of us players who have played for longer own most of the clothing content, a pack with a outfit and a gun is usually the first thing most players tend to purchase (one with a car as well if they have the cash) and that is pretty obvious when you see mid level players wearing a full pack with some basic colour changes. I personally don't believe locking features behind premium is a good way to go about it as the only free to play games that do this successfully are games such as runescape that get away with doing it more because of the games age. Personally I would prefer if LO held APB to the standard of warframe allowing players to gain anything in the game from just playing and keeping the cash store elements as more of a pay for convenience sort of system. It has been shown to be one of the most successful models to follow in recent years in the western F2P market. Side note cause I know someone will think it yes warframe is a hugely popular game and realistically APB is unlikely to ever reach the current popularity of the game however this business model has been the basis of warframe since its early inception and proves to be effective.
  13. Sivebrady

    Gib Armas Guns

    This post wasn't about getting permanent guns most of us buy perms on armas, however i just think it would be fair to bring some of the armas guns in the joker store to future contacts. As well it can encourage people to buy a permanent version of the gun off of armas because personally my first armas perm purchases were from guns i used in game that i didn't want to keep leasing. Also while yes there are guns that are reskins their are a lot that are not as well.
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