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  1. Just because you can't ues it. It's hard to learn (harder than the N-TEC) but once you did, it absolutely melts people. It's almost a yukon at times. Stop avoiding and play some citadel with me, I'll show you.
  2. Bloody Mary and Hitchhiker have the same firerate, but the BM has one less shot to kill, which technically makes it the faster one out of the two. Bloody Mary also has 5m less range, it doesn't have better range. Hitchhiker is a little more accurate, but has the same effective range as the Jersey Devil, which makes the Hitchhiker the best one on range. Speaking of recoil and accuracy loss, I haven't really noticed much of a difference when firing all of them.
  3. Glad that someone else posted the UL-3. It's my favourite secondary and it packs quite some punch once you learned how to use it. By the way, the bloody mary is the worst UL-3 (in my opinion at least). Jersey Devil has a faster equip time and 10% more fire rate, it shreds people on close range and is still lethal at ranges up to 30m. Hitchhiker comes with a 32 Rnd. Magazine which is amazing, but all in all I think the Jersey Devil is the best one. I don't know why the Bloody Mary is seen as the "best" one. Is it because it has a silencer? Or a red skin? Or one less shot to kill, which doesn't really matter on such a high rate of fire weapon in the first place?
  4. People will still continue to post them in social because they get more attention here.
  5. Yeah, was a GM. They're doing that quite often on citadel.
  6. Easy fix. Raise the general payout per mission, but lower the percentages of premium so there isn't such a huge gap anymore, and premium users would get just as much as before.
  7. Those aren't even growing out of concrete, which the waterfront ones are. Literally no grass or soil around it whatsoever.
  8. Hot damn, I never thought that I'd ever see someone that shares this opinion with me. I do find it quite "pay2win" when you can nitro the hell out of every objective while free players can't spam nitro as much as premiums. Same story with the field supplier, but that mod became obsolete with the superior deployable ammo box.
  9. Yes? It doesn't make any sense to put palm trees on such a shipping dock, nor does it look good imo.
  10. But it's a shipping dock, and they're perfectly aligned so people have obviously put them there. And that's one of those shipping docks that look like man created concrete islands, without any nature under it.
  11. When do people learn that people have certain fields they're employed in? The dude managing the anti cheat systems isn't going to do anything regarding graphics or the art style.
  12. Not really a fan of the engine upgrade graphics, everythings so oversaturated, many buildings have been retextured into bright colors, there's palm trees growing out of concrete - AT A SHIPPING DOCK! Not to mention that the game looks absolutely awful now that they removed the baked shadows, so there are absolutely no shadows under the bridge in financial or inside buildings, because that whole thing is a "shadow" already.
  13. With APBs hitreg, you can also pump out 10 shots on close range and won't get the kill. Honestly, the only reason why I play the ogre every now and then is because it sounds amazing and is quite fun to shoot. It's actually a mediocre and situational weapon, very limited range, and only useful for defense due to the windup. I really don't understand why people call it pay2win or overpowered. The only thing that makes it "strong" is that it makes bad computers lag, and having cover to windup in.
  14. It's probably more than just a value, as it's using the burst fire rate as its full auto fire rate. I think if you'd change values, the burst would become slower together with the full auto one.
  15. Not pay to win, but it would be appreciated if the yukons fire rate bug would get fixed.
  16. This would be a welcoming change. APBs textures in itself are still fine, but cars and certain clothing items are horrible to look at, especially the interiors of cars.
  17. I think the issue he's talking about is people crouch spamming behind cover so they won't be shot while their weapon can't shoot (i.E. slow firing weapons like the hvr or dmr). It looks dumb as hell and is quite annoying at times, but it's not something I would change.
  18. Seen this a few days ago when people were bombing Yuvie with questions.
  19. He's a criminal. The firebug squasher medal is for killing an enemy completing an "Arson" objective. Commiting arson is something only criminals do. Therefor it's impossible to get it, unless you get it in that one rare mission.
  20. Usually not, I think the mission description even says that they've supplied you with some. Technically any faction member can do any objective, as long as it's marked as an offense objective.
  21. There is one (or two?) missions in the game, for both factions, where you have to act like you're one of the other faction. For crims it's raiding with the ram bar, and for enforcers it's lighting up someones car, if I recall correctly. I think it's also possible when a crim kills a fellow N5 crim, while he's arsoning something.
  22. Yeah, the whole attempt of bringing in a high TTK district was horrible. They never even tried to fix it, so it would actually be what RTW once was. The current average TTK is perfectly fine to me, and APB should stay that way. It's only the N-TEC that can kill too fast on all ranges imho. It's sometimes faster or more effective than, for example, the Obeya and the OBIR - guns that were designed to fill that gap between assault rifles and sniper rifles, but the N-TEC does that job just fine so why bother with marksman rifles?
  23. We have never discussed pings, items or environments. Stop bringing up things that never were a topic to begin with. Bye.
  24. At this point I'll stop replying to you. You are not capable of understanding what I say, and you have clearly no idea how balancing things work. This discussion is going nowhere. I've said everything about the N-TEC that I think is problematic, and I'll leave it at that. PM me if you wanna continue, but I won't continue cluttering up this topic because of you. Yeah that high TTK district was a joke, and didn't even come close to what RTW was like. Everything was just too slow.
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