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  1. Jersey Devil > Hitchhiker > Bloody Mary It's funny how the BM is the most expensive one, solely because "hurr but it's red, has a silencer and one less shot to kill!!11!". That doesn't matter. The other two are way more useful. Hitchhiker is the most effective at the UL-3s max effective range, is a little more accurate and comes with a 32 rounds magazine, the JD comes with with 25 and BM with 24. The Jersey Devil has a quite fast equip time plus a 10% faster fire rate, while still being pretty damn good on range. Keep in mind that it's not a full auto weapon and expected to be bursted in ~6-10 shots, unless you're literally hugging your opponent. Aiming down sight's is also a must. //Edit: bloom penalty isn't really that noticeable between the three. //Edit2: everyone says they're bad. I say, they're the best close range secondaries you can get. Very reliable once you know how to use them. Can be used as a primary. //Edit3: @Lixil please remove that auto formatting that makes two new lines instead of one when you press enter, it's atrocious.
  2. Nah, the threat districts were always the place to be, open conflict also has no matchmaking and can start missions with uneven team balance, for example. The greater playerbase just wants to join a district lower than theirs to poop on lower ranks.
  3. Yeah, both waterfront and financial combined have like, 6 players in them. Totally playable.
  4. Yes, but it'll get rid of the "this vehicle is occupied" square on it, so it'll look like an abandoned vehicle just bricking/muffling around. I wouldn't use muffler unless you're going to use remote detonator. For everything else it's just a hindrance.
  5. You really don't want to do that. Joystick driving is horrible as it is already, now add the server sided steering delay to it. Hello nightmares!
  6. You only ever need two slots. Car Spawner/Radar Tower and Nitro 3. Especially Nitro 3 is a must have on the pioneer. All the other mods are up to you, they don't change too much.
  7. Honestly, it is strong when you're almost hugging your enemy, but beyond that range, it's pretty damn bad. I only ever see it as a problem when someone corner camps it in asylum, but for missions it's fine. Nontheless they should fix the firerate bug (full-auto hipfire uses burst fire rate), so it would match up with the northwest and the nunavut.
  8. How are you planning to do that? We don't have the playerbase to make multiple servers out of citadel.
  9. Nekrova currently has 180 players. A little more on peak times. Any sane person would stay on citadel. Moving accounts is not a possibility because you can't magically know if they're russian or not. It's also requires a lot of work, workpower that is needed for more important things. Besides, this game has no english servers, they're all international. Especially citadel. You're not forced to speak english by any means.
  10. Would you rather see the glorious box speech in the chat box? □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□))) □□□ You can't just force russians to speak english. They don't even learn it in school over there. Sure, it is annoying, but it's just the same as all the pizzeria ads, germans, turks or frenchies. Just ignore it, or the persons using the cyrillic language.
  11. I think it's time to remove polls.
  12. There is a chat censor, but only if you activated it in the chat settings. (home button, settings symbol) And you can't buy this for obvious reasons. One being animation issues and lacking physics for it.
  13. I prefer waterfront because it's way more appealing to look at and to drive in, also feels like people have more variety in their weapons there. For objectives.. yeah, a lot of them should be moved into cover so defenders wouldn't be able to defend most spots from everywhere. But since most people are max ranks, or are on alternative chars they don't care about, they go to the more balanced district, which is financial.
  14. We certainly don't need even more grenades.
  15. The market isn't there. Nobody even uses the T-25 except newer players that can't afford the superior vehicles yet. They probably looked at how many people bought fresno, kurai and moirai kits, and were like "ehhhh, rather not, better spend that employee money on the 18th vegas kit".
  16. Speaking of T-25 plastic parts, removing parts wouldn't fix that issue, as they're part of the body and not a standalone item. Unless you'd like driving around in a chassis without any panels or doors. They'd have to do it like they did it on the vaquero and pioneer, where they edited the complete vehicle and added a new "kit" that replaced the plastic with regular material.
  17. If anything doing this would use less resources. Even if it did use more resources, you wouldn't feel the difference.
  18. Game isn't optimized for ultra wide or any resolution outside of the standard aspect ratios, and higher than 1080p.
  19. Taking the parts off of cars won't look good as there isn't proper modeling under them, so it'll just look glitchy as hell. The engine bay is just there so you can see something when it dents, rather than a empty void. Same goes to the trunk space. And the insides of vehicles (engine bay, trunk, interior) are super undetailed and gross to look at.
  20. I am aware. It's 35m in action districts, and 25 in fight club. Yet I and others can sometimes still spawn when people are way closer than that in action districts.
  21. Tbh the only thing that needs to be changed about them is the wonky spawn detection. Sometimes you can spawn in it even if there's enemy players nearby.
  22. No, that wasn't a thing. The dropped weapons came with all spare ammo the previous owner had, which means that you can reload. It should only drop the loaded ammo.
  23. You can get it by buying the Rocker or the Firehawk vegas. Character wide. Account wide 4x4 was only available in the refer a friend system, and in the key to the world pack.
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