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  1. Don't you dare to put the almighty fresno in "average tier".
  2. The old "we love tiggs" thing. Did we though?
  3. Could've been a good video if it wasn't for the super low textures you obviously don't even need. It's supposed to be a video showcasing APB and welcoming Little Orbit, but damn, your graphics are awful.
  4. Yo, I haven't seen you post something like that before. You used to be a nice person I appreciate the changes. Except that everything seems too big, my eyes move around the screen way too much compared to the old design. I'd scale it down a little bit.
  5. Sorry. It's not what he meant though - if you scroll down it's all just black.
  6. You can go pink if you want to. But when you scroll down, it's all black - background should move while scrolling, not stick to the top of the forum.
  7. Not really a fan of the dislike reaction, we've had that a few years ago and it was a mess. Look at other pages like reddit or imgur, where people just downvote the hell out of everything once the smallest thing differs from their own opinion. It's not healthy for a forum.
  8. Oh no, we lost our liked content. RIP 4602 likes. You will be missed.
  9. This looks pretty damn good! And we kept our profiles including their data! I don't like that pressing enter creates 2 new lines, though.
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