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  1. Don't know why people make goodby threads at all. Don't they know nobody gives a shit?
  2. If I remember correctly, I think it was said a while ago that it would first be put on OTW as soon as it's in a playable state. Meaning it could be good or bad. So even if it comes out on OTW and performs about average or slightly worse, it's only for testing on that version and would definitely be improved on before being put on live. This is just what I think I remember, so I could be wrong. Q1 2014, brother
  3. I don't think the cloud shadows are real, in the sense that the clouds in the sky you see don't actually cast the shadow on the ground in APB. In Unreal Engine there's something called a "light function" which you can add to lights. It can be used to change the shape of projected light, but more importantly add animation to the light itself. The cloud shadows in APB are likely a light function added to the directional sunlight to project animated cloud shadows on the ground. Either way whatever the cloud shadows are, they should find a way to allow you to disable it in your graphics settings for performance or whatever the reason.
  4. The Nici headlights for the Bishada don't light up properly for criminals because G1 redesigned it to use one of the bulbs as a flashing enforcer light. When a crim has the car the one light bulb in the headlight won't turn on so it constantly looks like one of them is burned out. A faction neutral version would be nice so criminals could buy the neutral one and have it light up properly, and enforcers can buy the police version and have their flashing headlights.
  5. Inb4 it gets restricted to Armas-Only by the capitalist scum
  6. It's like some kid put together his set of action figures and thinks it's a masterpiece. Bring back old login screen and music xd xdx dx dx dxd xdx
  7. The problem is the Vegas 4x4 doesn't follow this logic of being weak to compensate for "zippy". The Cisco has the slowest acceleration of all sports/muscle cars, the lowest health along with little to no ramming capability, and the worst grip despite its huge patootie wide fucking tires. Then you see the Vegas 4x4 which has the fastest acceleration in its class, best ramming capability, and highest health. How is that fair? It isn't because it's all a pyramid scheme so you spend money to buy it off A R M A S M A R K E T P L A C E , forget Joker cause it takes too long to get tickets, JUST SPEND SOME MONEY G1C G1C G1C G1C G1CFCASBFAHFBSKAHJBAJHB All jokes aside it's pretty unbalanced. The Cisco needs much better grip to match it's fucking wide patootie tires, better health and ramming capability with weight, but at the same time make it not something overpowered. The Vegas 4x4 can remain the same, maybe a slight health nerf if not no change at all. I just want to see more variety in cars on the streets instead of the same few cars over and over again. Not sure if it was fixed, but I remember the Coywolf could drive full speed with a HOLD objective inside.
  8. I mean the game looked pretty nice when it came out, but then the new company started to make it look worse and worse over time. Now Little Orbit bought the game and they're almost done the EU so it'll look good again I guess, but not as good as it did originally? Also that screenshot looks pretty ugly, disregarding the black hole glitch on the ground. The lighting and colors are pretty shit along with the emissive maps being too dark/washed out.
  9. I like this. I tried to get joker tickets once. I could only get 400 tickets from fight club after 3 hours, then it made me wait to do it again. In that time I made a shit ton of APB$, but the joker tickets were pocket change considering the joker store charges thousands for kits and stuff. I'd rather do less time consuming objectives for a fair amount of joker tickets like the 400 tickets for 30 kills you mentioned. This way getting joker tickets is more appealing than having to dish out cash for armas. In it's current state I hate joker because of the prices compared to how many tickets you can get each day.
  10. The top speed being seemingly slow is very important for gameplay. If it were any higher than what nitro offers, it could allow players to jump cars out of the map, or into out of bound areas much more easily. The top speed is perfectly fine as it is. The fake gear changing audio does the trick well enough to convince us that we're going pretty fast. Also as a matter of fact there are changes in driving when a vehicles is damage. Handling isn't affected, but acceleration and top speed is reduced depending on the amount of damage taken, and if you haven't already noticed, when your car starts to catch on fire you gradually slow to a stop and at some point the throttle doesn't work anymore. a change in handling would be more realistic, but in a game like APB it would be pretty annoying.
  11. Okay. What purpose does it serve that the Cisco, Bishada, Jericho, or Growl does not serve? I don’t know what you’re getting at, but the car would serve as new content and would add more variety to the cars in the game.
  12. I only mentioned the Cisco because of the acceleration starting from 0 mph, like some reference to get an idea of how fast the new car should accelerate since it shouldn't accelerate as fast as a Bishada. Other than that it should be completely different than the Cisco in every other regard.
  13. A car mod? You've got to be joking. Imagine buying a 2018 Civic from the dealer and the guy goes "oh sir, would you like to pay an additional $3000 for the door lock package?", but since it's APB it would be like $50000 for some reason lol. I agree with op though, it'd be an amazing mod. Too many times I've been left to fight like 4 people while my teammate just drives my car away.
  14. It would be cool to get a new roadster like the Mazda Mx-5. APB seems to take place in the early 2000s, based on the design of cellphones, tvs, and vehicles in the game. By this logic the Growl should have been the latest a 2010 model rather than the newest one. I think it'd make more sense if we could get a new vehicle being an older model of a roadster. Specifically a Mazda Mx-5 from the 90s. Mainly a car from this time period because the newest model wouldn't make sense for this game's time period, and the models in the 2000s look kinda tacky. This is what I have in mind. I would see this car having good acceleration, about at the level of the Cisco's acceleration. It would have good traction, handling, and grip. Also have basic, but somewhat to decently reliable drifting capability, and ideally enough weight to not be pushed around by every other car. The top speed should be slightly less than the speed of the high tier vehicles, but faster than something like a coywolf. My idea for performance is kinda vague, basically make it have decent acceleration and speed, grip the road good with minimal sliding unless you pull the handbrake, and have it not be as fast as the Bishada or Jericho. Since those two are like Porsche/Supra and Ford Mustang. I'm kinda sick of all the bulky sharp looking kits that G1 has made. Like we need a smoother sleek looking car for once. Idea's for kits could be basic stuff like different rims and tires, different pieces of bodywork, but nothing too extra or bulky like any of G1's kits(huge patootie sharp bumpers and panels). Bumpers, spoilers that range from small to GT wings, different exhausts, turbo charger, transmission sound, dump valve, bodywork option to raise or lower the headlights, and probably the ability to choose between hard top and soft top(softtop could have different colors). It'd be nice to get this as some free content that you could buy with ingame money like a no slot version for a reasonable price(not 400 thousand dollars like the stupid Growl which isn't even a good car), and at least be able to unlock the rims and some basic bodywork kits with audio. All the other higher up kits could be armas or something, at list give the players a basic set of bumpers and spoilers for free. I'm asking too much, but even if there's like a 5% chance of this happening, it's worth for me.
  15. The part about suspension actually sounds really cool. Being able to choose suspension height for your vehicle. It could work like GTA where they have preset heights. You could get a normal higher suspension height on the pioneer, or you could start your own space program and slam the car's suspension to the floor like it is now. All jokes aside it would be awesome to be able to choose from preset suspension heights that would affect driving performance. As long as it's not armas-only or joker-only, then it would be awesome.
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