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  1. Which is just going to be full of spam, and the person you just had a district chat with will never know you left. I just don't like the idea of it, it's hard to actually add such a thing to the game. Main problem being things like traffic that'll just change out of nowhere, and you spawning randomly into peoples cars, or bring your car with you that's left in some alleyway that suddenly blocks the line of sights during a shootout, or spawns inside of you which causes you to get stuck or glitch out.. all that.
  2. No, it's the best possible solution. Matchmaking would then be server-wide and have a much larger pool of players to draw from. How, in any conceivable way, is it an idiotic solution? Loading screens after almost every single mission. If it's going to be seamless (which I highly doubt), you'll see tons of stuff disappearing and other stuff appearing, eventually glitching out because you just spawned inside of something that wasn't there before. You'll also lose everyone that was in your team that you wouldn't mind playing with again, but aren't grouped with, and everyone else in the district - so if you're one of the people that actively uses the chat to talk to others, you'll be torn out of a discussion. While mapwide matchmaking would be nice, it brings far too many problems with it.
  3. Cross district matchmaking might improve matchmaking, but it is one idiotic solution.
  4. We're still using the 40 level system, the individual levels just aren't shown. More or less. Matchmaking is less strict between the ranks atm.
  5. We're already struggling to get proper matchmaking with only 4 threat levels. What the hell are you expecting out of 30 (40 if green) levels?
  6. Except for the fact that it's abandoned and no one should be in there, or at least alive.
  7. The hell did I miss? //Edit: Apparently some unconfirmed rumor. Hope this change doesn't actually go through.
  8. Why do people suddenly want to make the game as bland as possible? One dude wants the threat system removed, the other wants to remove bounties, that guy over there wants to remove collisions from players that aren't in your mission, some other dude wants them to be completely invisible... If the game was competitive or had a mode for it, then yes, sure. But APB is far from being a competitive game.
  9. 'available' Those that claim others have no friends are most of the time actually the ones without any friends. ""
  10. Nothing would even change for me, I'm not having any fun when playing (borderline) overpowered weapons for longer than a day. I usually main underrated or bad weapons.
  11. Join a gold district that has like, 10 players. Chances are high you'll meet a higher ranked gold player that tries to farm low ranks, kindly ask them if they want to help you out. Worked the last two times when I didn't have any friends available that could help me out.
  12. Uhh... well.. keeping the game alive, somehow. They barely did anything else to be honest.
  13. Weird. When I researched it, it said that a person is wasting a lot of money.
  14. Thought u quit forum'ing Nah, just went on vacation for three weeks. Why am I prodigal?
  15. The one swibby linked is criminal only. If you want the mikro on your enforcer, you have to buy the raptor bundle, and then the other two kits seperately. https://www.gamersfirst.com/marketplace/ingame/product_details.php?storetype=g1c&gameID=20&catID=64&subcatID=290&productId=3162 The one sniperturtle linked is one hell of a money waste.
  16. Buffing all weapons to be as easy as the N-TEC would make APB boring as hell.
  17. I think the car spawner is one of the worst things they decided to add. Or at least the way it's been implemented. It makes defending easier than attacking. It's a nightmare to play against a team with multiple tank car spawners. Sure let me just waste 2 or 3 minutes running around throwing nades at cars and resupplying while abandoning my objective/team in a 4 minute stage. Let's not forget that theres a bunch of car spawning machines everywhere so you can recall your spawner without any hassle immediately. The "enemy in range" range should be drastically increased to suit the regular spawn distances tbh.
  18. Do you want to explain why you think the BM is the best one? When comparing all it's stats and ingame behaviour, it's the worst.
  19. You have to play the BM exactly the same way you play the JD and HH.
  20. It's accurate, you just shouldn't full auto it unless you're close. Small bursts of 5-8 shots are accurate enough for ~20-30m. Recoil isn't high enough to be a problem, really. It's a close quarters secondary, so the range isn't too high, but it's still high enough to be way more useful than a yukon, sas pdw or the n-fa. Bloom recovery is actually pretty quick. Many shots to kill aren't a downside because its got a very fast firerate. TTK isn't too high either, the JD is the second or third best weapon regarding low TTKs. I think most people don't give it the time it needs to be learned and expect it to play it like a OCA or something, and then claim it's trash. It's a marksman smg that needs to be played with long bursts unless you're literally hugging the enemy.
  21. Why do people always say "don't get the ul3!" but never tell you why you shouldn't. I honestly don't get it, they're fairly easy to get used to and absolutely wreck when you know how to use them.
  22. Pretty much, yeah. Haven't felt much of a performance difference in it's max effective range (30ish meters). JD is definitely the best to get your hands on. Very reliable on its own, and also a great fallback weapon due to the fire rate and faster equip time than the other two. Objectively worse than a FBW, which is free. 8 shots to kill, it's slow and inaccurate. The only thing it's useful for is combining it with high stamina weapons and/or stabbas.
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