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  1. You need to buy the compact kits, aka the vaquero kit for enforcers. That will unlock parts for both vehicles.
  2. This. Vehicle markers have to go, you should defend the drop off point and not camp the cars and pre damage them.
  3. Because that's basically LOs first serious try to do something on reddit. Nobody knows if they'll do a transition. Think APB will stick to its forum till it dies to be honest.
  4. Game specific forums are long gone, love how LO is now involving reddit. Good choice.
  5. Didn't play last year because I was bored of the endless recycling. Was it really lagging? Man, downgrading the servers is a big no no. That's the last thing you should save money on.
  6. Love gungame but I really don't know why these are held in action districts. Use beacon for that, pretty please? A lot easier and doesn't require you to add any of these buggy boundaries.
  7. If you don't play with friends, you'll witness toxicity in almost every match on both teams.
  8. IIRC they did that to battle the few places where the circle would be barely visible because it's in the ground. But instead of adjusting the height of these 3 or so locations they just made them super big walls you can't see your enemies through. Just G1 things.
  9. Maybe because that's how it is in every other game, and APB is special. Though I wonder how you didn't know, you've been with APB for a long time.
  10. I'm disappointed that no one mentioned the old vegas sound and camera tilt while driving. Also nitro not having any sound, just like the release whisper.
  11. The names are weird, especially those that have both JT and PR in them. PR is Preset (?) for ARMAS, JT for Joker Tickets, and RT for Retail. But besides names the colors are really weird. A lot of paid guns are now white. I always said armas guns should all have a gold icon (3 slot regular guns too) and everything earned in-game should be white.
  12. Heh. Just proves once again that LO can't handle shotguns. Just revert them already, PLEASE.
  13. Your PC must be ancient if it can't even run APB these days, or you bought something that clearly isn't made for gaming.
  14. Stun grenades are so underwhelming. They don't stun unless you're dead center on your enemy, and the blast radius is pretty much non existant.
  15. Seeing how percs are the least useful grenades besides stun grenades, not really.
  16. IIRC the leftovers were used for the yukon? But I think it's just the RFP-9 without the extended mag and muzzle brake.
  17. Just give it pre-G1-buff stats and none of the weird LO balance.
  18. If you take away any of the "OP" things the PMG has it's gonna be yet another gun no one will ever touch. It's already a huge RNG fest where it's either good or downright trash. There's more important guns to fix first.
  19. It's not a legendary though. Doesn't need exclusive mods or slots since mods don't do much to begin with.
  20. It's a special item, not something that absolutely has to be super good. Even before the JT update it was "worthless" in your eyes since the Joker Carbine has been in the game since forever.
  21. Aight, then the activity one still has its reasonings for being how it is.
  22. Huh, didn't even check that yet. Is it actually the regular STAC and not a scoped or tactical?
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