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  1. Take a wild guess why we adjusted the SWARMs Hard Damage.
  2. Yup, it's almost like it's intended that AV weapons are incredibly good at taking out vehicles but rather meh against people on foot. ISSR-B was very good in both classes, so one had to go - the one that didn't make sense.
  3. That's the point, the ISSR-B gave us little to no reason to use the DMR-AV.
  4. Why can't you do mission rotation? Back when fight club was added to the game we had territory, scavenger and kill missions in baylan. Also yes, territory pretty please.
  5. The ISSR-B is an insane gun, and there's no reason for it to be AV at all.
  6. You're already making money for free, just throw up a bunch of your symbols for cheaper than his? I don't see the problem.
  7. People have been violating the TOS/COC/EULA ever since APB existed, and various developers never really took care to enforce them unless you manually reported them through support. Hell, it's like this in virtually every game ever. Since when do you play games again?
  8. There's two "meta" mods, one being CA3 and the other CA2. The other mods aren't bad, just overshadowed by CA. The deployable changes were intended to help here.
  9. They should reintroduce it, linking everything with apbdb.com But seeing how apbdb is community ran, I don't think this will ever happen.
  10. Almost everyone does, but it's way harder to hide behind a flat vegas, which requires you to crouch and basically stand still. The espacio and pioneer allow you to sprint all over the place which makes shooting under cars quite troublesome.
  11. We already have one of those. Well, two actually.
  12. With the tanky one having full standing height cover. The vegas requires you to crouch and be less mobile.
  13. Cars have the same explosion drop off range as grenades, just further away.
  14. The things you said aren't fault of the detonator. The only change remote detonator needs is a cooldown so you can't spam it as much. Now Explosives 3 however, that is a little problematic seeing how the effect of the explosion ends way sooner than the damage radius. //Edit: Add a reverse gear to the Moirai, then it might see some use.
  15. 4x4 vegas has insane acceleration, can ram through anything, has an airplane mode, can tank rockets/concs, and just about had max speed. There was literally no reason to use the regular vegas. Now with the regular vegas having more HP, it has a place again, and it desperately needs that - unless you're moving in a straight line alread, you're a slow target that's easily killed. It doesn't matter how hard it is to get one. Let's just say that leveling up your contacts to unlock the 4 slot vegas takes longer than grinding out the JT for the 4x4, mind you. Blowtorch changes.. did you read the patch notes? It's purely hard damage, so it doesn't out-repair every single gun. It's still the exact same as before as a "weapon", nothing was changed with soft damage. ISSR-b vs DMR-AV, of course it still has its use - it's incredibly good at killing people, unlike the DMR. You can't have a gun that dominates AV and players at the same time.
  16. These stand out in particular. How on earth are these arguments justified? All of the changes made, especially those above, were very much needed to improve game health. @Nitronik SWARM hard damage was enough to be able to melt vehicles with the new health values, while still being a good gun against people on foot, this rendered guns like the ALIG or DMR-AV pretty useless. Unnerfed SWARM vs the new vehicles isn't fun at all.
  17. Yea, we didn't get to test that, but removing the (large) in the name and making it a medium item wouldn't make sense otherwise, especially with seeing how all the consumables were added to Joker Store, which previously sold the medium box.
  18. This was primarily aimed at vehicle balance and deployable reworks, so remdet was left out for now. AAEPD was too strong with the new values, being able to kill two chunky vehicles without reloading. Resupply Box is one item now, no more large/medium. Really excited to see how the community will react and adapt to these changes, it's about time to make APB fun again.
  19. ... why are they even selling that without the vest.
  20. Fresno will always have a special place in my heart, even though I have a couple cars with way more details and love spent on them, but sometimes, less is more.
  21. It'll come when it's ready. Be patient, maybe? And I'm gonna bet all my money that all the complainers will be massively disappointed, call out all the bugs and call LO incapable.
  22. There's not much to talk about, and the forums dropped quite a bit in popularity when the various discord servers arrived. Also, the playerbase keeps dropping so there's that.
  23. If you just got that mail, it means you unboxed one roughly 365 days ago. You probably just deleted it again thinking "i already have one". Boom, you get a mail that it's about to run out.
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