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  1. Spoiler alert: doors will troll the hell out of you.
  2. Asylum is being tested right now, and the game needs work. No one knows how action districts are gonna work out with players in them. It needs some more time, be patient.
  3. I always thought legendaries should be skinable, and their legendary skin quirk should be that you unlock the legendary skin for all other weapons to use for as long as you own it. Like you could use the OCA Nano 'Connoisseur's skin on every other gun in the game. Most legendaries have skin support for all the skins in the game. The ursus is one of the few that don't.
  4. Or because it's one of the low tier mods that don't have any reason to exist. Not just the mobile spawner, there's plenty of people who don't run that.
  5. Uhh, N-TEC. Not even joking. Nerf doesn't always mean "omg its useless now!!!" But the FAR, NSSW, Obeya, OBIR and comparable are still perfect alternatives, though they lack CQC-abilities and/or long range abilities, which the N-TEC still has.
  6. I dunno, I don't like how obsolete field supplier and car supplier have become. Can't even tell the last time I've seen one.
  7. I'm still questioning why you can resupply at anything that isn't an ammo box or a joker machine.
  8. Yes, but actually no. Stuff like this requires a LOT of work, which gives them nothing in return. Especially maps, the game has no playerbase for that. You can't spread the remaining players further apart. The only thing that would work from your list would be cars.
  9. I'd really really like a new map. Financial got boring a long time ago and Waterfront doesn't hold up anymore. Though that would be a really bad thing to do with the population, even if you put all contacts on the new map. Spreads it out too far.
  10. All time favourite is the True Ogre. Other awesome sounding guns are the CASE, CSG, Ursus DMR-AV. Then there's trash like CR5, Stac, Carbine, FFA, F1 and so on.
  11. Game literally has multiple ways to trial guns without wasting money on them.
  12. Your logic doesn't even make any sense whatsoever. Why do you prioritize a 144hz monitor over more important parts like a GPU or something so you don't struggle with decade old games on minimum?
  13. Small pvp games on tiny maps where there's not much to render is quite different to open world games like APB.
  14. Low end PC but 144hz screen. Big brain time. I too put a spoiler on my 80 horse power economy car.
  15. Unfortunately for you, that's my job. Your idea is great for players, but causes less income for the company. Because instead of buying something a player wants, they just refund some old item(s) they don't use and spend less or even nothing on the new item.
  16. Are older, already existing outfits accepted? If so, are the items required to be created by only one person? Because I've got one I designed years ago together with a friend who's no longer part of APB, and is rather unique in its style that I have yet to see on other players.
  17. Star Citizen, unlike APB, has a giant playerbase, where doing something like this would actually benefit them. Doing this in a small playerbase is not really an option at all. "I am thinking you have never spend an idea of this?"
  18. APB is a very troublesome game and their staff is rather small, give it time. Maybe tell us about your issue and depending on what it is, we can help.
  19. Yet another Todesklinge suggestion. Such things will never be a thing, as this means less money for the developers.
  20. Pff, RP did that with Speedball. Contest for a new character. He was intended to only sell player-made content, yet never received any new items after the release.
  21. Not everyone wants to abuse the easiest meta available. APB has so many guns and cars yet people always use the same stuff, the game became stale.
  22. You're not even bad, don't knock yourself. But seeing how you play with the ACES SMG, the ACES Rifle would help you drastically. It's basically a straight upgrade for your playstyle. It's the same gun but with a slightly lower fire rate, and a shot less to kill. Only difference on the model would be an extended barrel, a sight and a stock.
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