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  1. It's not optimized for current gen consoles yet. The game still has chat. Macros are possible with modded controllers (scuf etc.) and you can still cheat by using a mouse/keyboard converter. But at least no wallhacks and aimbots! That aside though, yeah, overall a healthier game, but console APB has its flaws in other spots.
  2. The forced name changes are for people that shared the same name, and the one that logged into his account in a shorter timespan got to keep it.
  3. Of course it is. It's the same base 4 slot car. The only non-customizable armas vehicles are the ones that already come pre-designed. Other than that, all joker store cars are uncustomizable, except the 4x4 vegas that isn't the firebomb. All time leased cars from contacts are uncustomizable, but permanent ones are.
  4. Yes, it's the exact same car. Only difference is that it comes with a criminal-only kit.
  5. I'm not sure what you're ranting about, you said a lot but never got to a point. Regarding your dislike towards Frosi and me, I can tell you that even if one of us manages to get a change into the game, it'll be tested by many people, from all kinds of skill territories. Getting rid of us won't change a single thing since it's still the whole team testing and discussing things, and LO pulling the major string in deciding what goes into the game. By the way, both of us were involved in the vehicle rebalance, which you seem to like. :) We're at least doing something to help the overall game health. It's way more playable than it was a year ago, but there's still many things to iron out. As @KyoukiDotExe mentioned earlier, it's very welcome and appreciated by everyone involved if people would make constructive posts about their ideas on things to change, instead of ranting here and there. That gets you nowhere. However speaking about weapon balance, I too am not a fan of basically rebuilding all the guns when there's only been a few problematic ones to fix before the shotgun changes and curve mechanics came in. But that's how it is now, and LO can't just flick a switch and revert to some older stats, especially not when it's older stats before LO got into APB.
  6. Are we talking about the same thing? I think we're not. There's two kinds of auto-purchasing ammo. The one I meant is that the game resupplies you with a full loadout upon respawn, even if your locker is empty. For the first few G1 years, you respawned without any ammo if you didn't have ammo in your locker. That eventually changed and you spawned with a full loadout. The other is starting to resupply with an empty locker, which takes a little longer. This has always been a thing and never changed, unless you count the time when the manual T resupply was changed to an automatic proximity resupply. But the mechanic stayed the same.
  7. Eh, not always. G1 changed (or bugged?) that at some point, somewhere 2015 maybe? You had to purchase ammo for a long time. Eventually LO undid that for a short time, players didn't like it for some reason, and reverted it.
  8. I don't think this is needed, the game auto-buys ammo for you anyway.
  9. They'd be even better if you could yeet out of driving cars
  10. Well yes, but actually no. APB has always been that way and has been balanced around it. Car gameplay is still annoying as heck though.
  11. Will people ever give up trying to fix matchmaking? Gold currently ranges from Silver 6 up to Gold 10. That's 14 threat levels to matchmake with. There's simply no playerbase for proper matchmaking right now.
  12. Yeah your picture is not working.. Sure it's annoying but you can: • kill him • make him kill you 5 times so he gets kicked • request team leadership and kick him • wait for the enemies to kill him And what is "Why the game mechanics automaticly remove the Teamlider from the side?" supposed to mean? //Edit: throw a "concurssion gernade"
  13. True, but there's also high skill players with questionable opinions about balance. There's been plenty of those that refused to acknowledge that the N-TEC was overperforming and needed changes. Balancing weapons with input from every skill level, data and as many players as possible is the best way to get an even playground.
  14. I'm definitely not going to start argueing with you, don't worry. It'll get nowhere anyway, considering your questionable view on game health. It's always funny when people think "lower skill level" is an argument, just shows how selfish someone thinks. Either way, you can trust me on this - LO does listen and there's a bunch of community players sharing their thoughts and playtests upcoming changes, coming from all skill levels, even including "yours". The population numbers go down because there hasn't been a single content update for almost a decade, only a few adjustments and smaller quality-of-life updates here and there like the trading system. It has little to nothing to do with rebalancing things, maybe a handful of players who had their overperforming crutches taken away. If anything, the fact that the game still has a playable playerbase after all this time just shows how big of a potential APB has.
  15. Buffing everything to the level of the N-TEC would be the exact opposite of making the meta more diverse. I do agree that the weapon balance was near perfect before LO did all the balance changes. Shotguns for example were the most balanced class before the LO shotgunning, with maybe the Shredder needing some love, And only a few weapons like the HVR, N-TEC, PMG and some others that needed changes. Now roll back a little and undo all the unnecesary nerfs G1 did at one point with the introduction of curve mechanics that ruined many weapons like the NCR or FFA 'BullShark'. That's what should've been done in my opinion, and not slightly touching a few weapons here and there. The AR-97 or R-2 for example received a couple tweaks to "buff" them, but their performance didn't change at all. N-TEC is far from requiring much skill, it's literally just learning the tap fire rythm and you can spam it all day long up to marksman range. The OCA received yet another unnecessary buff by G1, that I can agree with. However PMG or JG never received any actual buffs. And you do need other guns because they're solely CQC. The HVR is problematic and probably won't ever be properly balanced as long as the Scout exists. OBIR bolt timer was well needed for the insane damage output when combined with quickswitching. Though I'd rather adjust its damage values. RFP is another prime example that received a buff it never needed and made it ridiculously overpowered, especially the Fang, which could've been called pay to win. Still gotta say that APB became more enjoyable to play the way it is right now, I'd rather want pre-LO guns with slight adjustments though.
  16. We've had this topic with the N-TEC, where a lot of people asked to buff all the other guns instead of nerfing that one. But doing that would sooner or later result in a game where there's a ton of guns, but all play almost the same. Not to mention the immense amount of work and testing this would require, instead of just fixing a small amount of problematic weapons.
  17. Why write it to zombie if I agree with him? Removing all the faction restrictions sucks. Preme just said "to be what you want" which has always been a possibility in APB regardless of restrictions.
  18. But both sides are the same. One just has police lights and useless stun guns.
  19. What'd you do instead? Buff everything to overpowered levels? That's one hell of a way to make every single gun feel the same, resulting in even more stale gameplay than we already have. Not to mention the overall shorter TTK that would be the result from this.
  20. 0, 1, 2 and 3 slotted variants can be unlocked through contact progression. The 4 slot has only ever been available as a purple JMB reward, and is currently unobtainable.
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