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  1. I didn't mention cheaters or macros, I just talked about how impossible it is to play. If players are cheaters or macro, unfortunately it's the person's indole. I can guarantee that I've played fair since I started. I've known the game for many years and the situation is very sad. I just came to comment because this game was part of my life. Hug
  2. Hello everyone, I have a doubt if it happens only to me and my friends or to everyone. There are matches that are impossible to play for the simple fact that when certain players come who don't miss a shot and it's no use juggling, jumping, running or even hitting from the front or from the back. It's becoming so disheartening to play this game because of these facts and we see that regardless of everything nothing is resolved : /
  3. After the update I can no longer enter the social and EAST districts, I have already repaired the game and it only stays on the Connecting screen for a long time and I need to finish the game
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