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  1. Definitely not by streaming in 4:3 with the worst possible clay graphics you can squeeze out of the game, like 90% of the APB streams.
  2. Since it's been brought up a few times, I gotta say I'm not a fan of the new aesthetics too. All the retextures make the game super colorful, while it's supposed to be somewhat dark and gritty. But that's a design decision made by Reloaded Productions and can't easily be reverted, so we're gonna stick to that for now. Social District looks damn fine though.
  3. I'm aware of what broken means. I think you don't know what "opinions" are, do you? It certainly wasn't on the same broken level of the Troublemaker or some of G1s other pay to win cashgrabs, but it always stood out over all ARs and other guns. I agree that the N-TEC is a highly controversial topic, and there'll always be two halves. One thinks it was fine and would prefer a faster overall TTK in this game by buffing every other gun to its level, and the other half thinks it has to be brought down to the level of all other guns. I'm part of the second half. The N-TEC is actually one of the guns I spent the most time on so I can properly talk about it, and it's obvious that it was overperforming. In the end it has been nerfed so I wasn't wrong. Mind you, I also called out jumpshooting before they nerfed it, or the 5stk FBW, and everyone laughed at me for how dumb I am before they realized months or years later that they were indeed a little to strong, and here we are. Why look, some guy misread something I said and is now desperately trying to use it against me... neat. CA isn't overpowered.
  4. The N-TEC and STAR being the more accessible guns doesn't mean that the N-TEC is now allowed to drastically outperform every other AR. It was broken, as it could easily keep up with shotguns, smgs, ars and marksman rifles. If you refuse to see that, I'm sorry. It hasn't been gutted, in fact, it's still one of the best guns and basically the same as before, other than being a tiny bit slower, and that it can't jump shoot that well.
  5. If you could read, you would know that I don't think CA is overpowered. Shoot me a DM on here or Discord if you wanna continue whining, let's not clutter up the thread with you being upset, aight?
  6. Yeah, because I said that he has a point, and I elaborated on it. Goodbye.
  7. I did not call CA OP. I said he has a point and that CA does fill the "requirements" to fit the definition of something that's overpowered. But in the nature of APB, it's not overpowered, as it's the only viable option to take, or you could even say it's the standard. The rest of the mods are just extremely underwhelming or don't do much.
  8. Did you even read what I said? Your first sentence is literally what I said.
  9. I mean.. he has a point. It's the strongest mod and there's absolutely no reason to use the others over it, which is the definition of "OP". But it's rather that all the other mods are extremely underpowered, and not that Clotting Agent is too strong.
  10. JTs aren't as grindy as you think they are. There's way worse games that require you to grind months for an item that would otherwise cost 10 bucks at most. APB is very fair regarding that. Speaking of balancing, no, the N-TEC stands out massively and should be brought back in line. If you buff every other AR to its level, you'd make SMGs and Marksman Rifles not only almost useless, you're also making the game stale as hell because every gun is suddenly dumb strong and plays relatively the same, like a call of duty or something. Also I see that you think that a nerf means gutting a weapon until it's useless, which is not what's happening.
  11. Ouch, joker boxes aren't even a thing anymore and all armas guns are available for free now, including legendaries.
  12. And it seems like you fail to realize that the N-TEC 5 greatly outperforms any competitors. Bringing it back into line doesn't mean that some other gun will replace it. You just see more useage in others because there is now more variety, and because a lot of people automatically assume that "nerf" means "ruined".
  13. Puts nano into top 5, tells people to avoid UL-3. Ouch owie.
  14. I agree, your suggestions are the best way to ruin the game balance.
  15. I've never used transmission sounds in APB, just adds an annoying permanent whine to any car. Would like to see this get fixed eventually but APBs cars don't reach the required speed anyway lol.
  16. I don't think there's any way around this except buying the whole pack. Making a standalone kit wouldn't make much sense because the only way to get a mikro on enforcers right now is to buy the whole pack, considering the RAF system has been yeeted a long time ago. It'll probably arrive in the joker store at one point.
  17. You wanna know why it's been removed? It's not actually "removing negativity". It's forcing people to actually say something instead of flat out anonymously downvoting and running away like a chicken. And it actually worked on you.
  18. Jericho Performance Kit 1 for the V20 S4 Hotdrive Jericho Performance Kit 2 for the V20 MIA Center Guard Armas or Joker Shop only.
  19. The salty downvoters almost never showed themselves or had anything to say, just downvoted because their entitled opinion differs from yours. You can even say something positive or helpful and get downvotes because person A just doesn't like you.
  20. Can't wait for the outcry on the forums this time. Honestly excited how those changes will play out, it's time APB gets some fresh air into its stale meta.
  21. Thing is, we have people from all skill levels in here, which is perfect for talking game balance. You should start accepting changes for the greater good.
  22. The amount of people that automatically assume just because a game is PvP means it's competitive, damn.
  23. If you think the patch was pretty bad, fair enough, you're entitled to your own opinion. I do agree that the AAEPD would rather need additional changes against that 100m anti-player effectivity. Hard damage change was fine and very much needed though. As Kempington said, the ISSR-B is too much of a good gun, even against vehicles, and you could fire it hanging out a window. Not okay. ISSR-A, yeah, already a bad and underused gun. This was adjusted to match the ISSR-Bs values, not to make the gun any worse. SWARM at 50.7 hard damage wasn't fine against the new vehicle health pools, trust me, we tested that thoroughly. It performed too well against players and vehicles at the same time. Random recoil + patterns were always a thing since recoil was introduced to APB. Check the SHAW and ALIG for example. The vegas changes - the 4x4 isn't "basically the same car with different steering." It's very much a different car, handles extremely different and is very fast at all times. The regular vegas however is a brick that just asks to get killed unless you're already moving, and if you're moving, you're moving in a straight line. There was zero reason to use the regular vegas over the 4x4, and it very much needs the higher health pool to make up for its slowness.
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