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  1. You wanna know why it's been removed? It's not actually "removing negativity". It's forcing people to actually say something instead of flat out anonymously downvoting and running away like a chicken. And it actually worked on you.
  2. Jericho Performance Kit 1 for the V20 S4 Hotdrive Jericho Performance Kit 2 for the V20 MIA Center Guard Armas or Joker Shop only.
  3. The salty downvoters almost never showed themselves or had anything to say, just downvoted because their entitled opinion differs from yours. You can even say something positive or helpful and get downvotes because person A just doesn't like you.
  4. Can't wait for the outcry on the forums this time. Honestly excited how those changes will play out, it's time APB gets some fresh air into its stale meta.
  5. Thing is, we have people from all skill levels in here, which is perfect for talking game balance. You should start accepting changes for the greater good.
  6. The amount of people that automatically assume just because a game is PvP means it's competitive, damn.
  7. If you think the patch was pretty bad, fair enough, you're entitled to your own opinion. I do agree that the AAEPD would rather need additional changes against that 100m anti-player effectivity. Hard damage change was fine and very much needed though. As Kempington said, the ISSR-B is too much of a good gun, even against vehicles, and you could fire it hanging out a window. Not okay. ISSR-A, yeah, already a bad and underused gun. This was adjusted to match the ISSR-Bs values, not to make the gun any worse. SWARM at 50.7 hard damage wasn't fine against the new vehicle health pools, trust me, we tested that thoroughly. It performed too well against players and vehicles at the same time. Random recoil + patterns were always a thing since recoil was introduced to APB. Check the SHAW and ALIG for example. The vegas changes - the 4x4 isn't "basically the same car with different steering." It's very much a different car, handles extremely different and is very fast at all times. The regular vegas however is a brick that just asks to get killed unless you're already moving, and if you're moving, you're moving in a straight line. There was zero reason to use the regular vegas over the 4x4, and it very much needs the higher health pool to make up for its slowness.
  8. Take a wild guess why we adjusted the SWARMs Hard Damage.
  9. Yup, it's almost like it's intended that AV weapons are incredibly good at taking out vehicles but rather meh against people on foot. ISSR-B was very good in both classes, so one had to go - the one that didn't make sense.
  10. That's the point, the ISSR-B gave us little to no reason to use the DMR-AV.
  11. Why can't you do mission rotation? Back when fight club was added to the game we had territory, scavenger and kill missions in baylan. Also yes, territory pretty please.
  12. The ISSR-B is an insane gun, and there's no reason for it to be AV at all.
  13. You're already making money for free, just throw up a bunch of your symbols for cheaper than his? I don't see the problem.
  14. People have been violating the TOS/COC/EULA ever since APB existed, and various developers never really took care to enforce them unless you manually reported them through support. Hell, it's like this in virtually every game ever. Since when do you play games again?
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