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  1. 600-800, sometimes even more, but hey. The US servers used to be just as big as the others, before you started playing APB fyi.
  2. Idunno look at citadel or nekrova. They didn't lose as much players as Jericho.
  3. What do you expect, your server screeches every time a new player comes there. They do not like new players. Especially not brazilians.
  4. Waterfront is better than Financial, fight me.
  5. Both are disallowed, but the game has no check against them whatsoever, so use at your own risk.
  6. What do you expect from buying something that's clearly pay to win, we've had this a couple times with other weapons before.
  7. Why look, someone is mad that his armas purchase is now worthless.
  8. Percs are still one of the least used grenades. Nobody runs field supplier. Ammo box deployable is still very common. OCA changes are needed. So are RFP-9 and N-TEC 5. The low yield changes make grenades evenly balanced again and you'll now see all types. Ammo box changes also bring it back down in line and make people use other mods. OCA changes made people use other pointman guns again. N-TEC nerf will bring people to play obeya, ursus, far and so on, so that adds variety. All in all these are fantastic changes and I don't know why you're so upset about the game becoming healthier.
  9. What is it with Jericho people and the NFAS? Can't even tell how long ago I've seen one on Citadel.
  10. That's what I meant. You can't exactly sell preset clothing in a game with one of the main features being personalized customization.
  11. No, didn't catch it. Also isn't really worth it to read something that gets deleted anyway. Formulate a constructive criticism post and it won't get deleted, and people will read it.
  12. I gotta say the price is extremely fair, but I really don't understand what it is with you guys adding new images to the game files and slapping them on some clothing and then promote the game with? APB is all about personal customization and you're trying to sell preset clothes with razer gold and this new pack.
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