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  1. To be fair, while it technically is not a legendary, it is handled like one. You could only get it in JMBs (Power JMB9 and Tiggs GM Box), and is tradeable via auction house.
  2. Shields are already problematic for crouched objectives or people doing mini-fortnite when you shoot them. They have far too much health and you can fully hide behind them, one of those has to go imo.
  3. They should've just been equipables like the other mods, and not something you have to collect, and sometimes can't use because loot RNG said no.
  4. Honestly no need to reset them when joker store is a thing now.
  5. I think everyone has experienced this bug by now, and as far as I can tell, nobody really got behind the reason why it happens. Doesn't have anything to do with systems, overclocking or other gaming programs.
  6. Armas Trials are still a thing. If it's not there for you, it is because you trialed them already. You have to wait for a trial refresh, which they sometimes do manually. Other than that, you can always trial every single gun in the Joker Store. They have different names and sometimes different models though, don't be fooled by that.
  7. This happens randomly and is usually fixed by switching districts. If that doesn't help, a restart will fix the issue. Though while it looks weird, it doesn't affect gameplay at all.
  8. No offense but that's not a reason. You'd be surprised how much money people spend on cheats and the accounts they cheat on.
  9. I'm struggling to understand why some of you are so mad and salty. It's a beta test, not a release, Nobody could have ever known it would backfire like it did without testing it beforehand, which obviously required you guys trying to log in. I can assure you, it's gonna be fun when the login issue is fixed. Except the doors. Those are the exact opposite of fun right now. :Þ
  10. UL-3 is massively underrated. It's strong af in close quarters and can still be pretty dangerous up to like 30 meters when long-bursted. That being said, where's the Jersey Devil? Imo that one is even better than the Bloody Mary but it's missing on the list. //Edit: ATAC Watchman as S-Tier? uhhh
  11. Pff, what a silly thing to excuse about. Very kind of you to do so though!
  12. Ryzen 7 3700x But my APB is with everything on max, so that might be it when all your particles are disabled.
  13. Super big doubt. You'll get horrible FPS once many players reach that gun. My rig is better than yours yet gets single digit FPS sometimes.
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