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  1. What do you mean there's always bots in asylum
  2. In this tug-of-war over control of the city, only one can come out on top. Will it be you? Oh god, this screams Battle Royale. Please don't be a battle royale. But Matt said Riot isn't really a BR, so there's that. With new contacts, an altered map and all that, it sure sounds like fun. Wonder what it'll be.
  3. Everyone claims they've been playing since RTW anyway, and how awesome it was. Spoiler alert: It was horrible. Weapon skins weren't a thing back then, nor were titles. I don't think you can even track who actually migrated from RTW these days.
  4. If I recall correctly, migrated RTW accounts received a permanent 0 slot JG and, if you bought them ingame, a few customizeable clothing items that were never released in APB:R. Most of them are released on armas by now though. And you got to keep your themes/songs and symbols, some of which are unique as they were presets that are no longer given out by contacts, such as the original nocturnal song.
  5. The only way to get free G1C is to have someone else pay for you. So go get moms credit card or something!
  6. So as others have pointed out, logging in with a wrong/random password leads you to a gif of matt saying "ah ah ah, you didn't say the magic word" which is a jurassic park reference. The magic word is most likely the password for the user mattscott. It's been ages since I watched that movie, but maybe someone else can make a connection. Is there anything in JP that could resemble something from APB, or RedHill? Or vice-versa. //Edit: I think there might be some reference in the new articles they've put on the page. Not too sure...
  7. Yeaah, that's pretty much the only use out of it.
  8. Yeah that's the box for the original APB. It is worthless at this point.
  9. But his previous spot has also been stronger because of that same enforcer-only laptop.
  10. You say it breaks devil dogs tradition of blocking off camping spots, and then you say his location makes an annoying camping spot even better? Make up your mind! Lol. Also, his ammo source isn't really a problem, ammo has never been a problem in this game since deployables.
  11. If there's a block under the bridge and you're coming west, you can just swerve 10 meters to the left and drive through the alley. If you come from the east however... turn around and go either left for the alley or right for the other 4 lane road. "Wasted" 30 seconds at max, which also "wastes" the time of your opponents, so there's that.
  12. If you can't even deal with minor "griefing" like this, maybe APB isn't your game.
  13. You should turn them on. It happens hillariously often that people cast their shadow around the corner they're camping at, and then they whine about how I just randomly prenaded them.
  14. Honestly? I love it when people do that. Multiple people blocking off the main road on Waterfront under the bridge or close to the main fuel station is always nice. It's like the map has been altered and you need to take a different route. It's a nice change of play. Dumptrucks are a fun part of APB. If you happen to drive one, you can just ignore everyone and ram through everything. If you happen to drive into one, it's a little "oh shit" moment and you have to dodge it. I don't know, random things like this are what makes APB for me. It's something different in the otherwise monotone missions. I really hope the rumored ghosting while in missions won't be a thing. (so that you can drive through everyone that isn't on your mission.) That would just take away that little APB randomness that makes the game fun in its own way.
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