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  1. Now the people too incompetent to disable those vehicles will be happy as fuck, lol. Never understood how this mod in particular is a problem, when things like car spawner, spotter or blowtorch are way worse.
  2. I don't know, they seem to be stuck on lighting for a loooong time. The very first G1 leaks already had horrible lighting and it doesn't seem like it's really going forward.
  3. Seriously though, they probably make up at least half of the playerbase, considering there's always a full bronze district with a few golds in them. Sometimes I wonder what their idea about the game is. But then I remember veterans like Todesklinge and would rather not want to know their input. //Edit: Not always.. scout and csg was super common when they had their overpowered phase. Also troublemaker. But all that was before you started playing, so I forgive you. :)
  4. Gold or not, the population is way too low to create an effective matchmaking system. Literally impossible and you should learn to deal with it. ... threat doesn't say anything about the player anyway. Gold has 14 of the old ranks inside of it.
  5. This is one of the biggest issues that stops people from playing this game, yet GamersFirst and LittleOrbit refuse to do anything about it. A queue system is really, really needed.
  6. Not just the guns, even the car and clothes in that pack suck a lot too.
  7. It's not hard to get kills with remote detonator, I give you that. But it's hard getting kills with remote detonator when your opponent has more than two brain cells because it's actually very easy to avoid.
  8. Car surfing people are free kills, especially when you're a passenger with an N-TEC following them.
  9. N-HVR 762, N-HVR 243 and the DMRs are all very good. The N-ISSR-B is the most versatile as it suits the most ranges and can be considered an AV gun. The others have no reason to exist.
  10. No, doesn't make sense. Regular vegas is perfectly fine and probably even the worst high hp car in the game as it is. Weight reduction could be a reason why the 4x4 is as fast as it is, which makes cars fragile, which could very well make sense HP-wise.
  11. Speaking remote detonator, it's almost fine the way it is. All it needs is a cooldown timer so scrubs can't spam it. Now Explosives 4 however...
  12. The 4x4 vegas. While it's incredibly fun to drive and yeet around in, it's super unrealistic and doesn't fit in with all the other cars. That and it being one of the highest HP cars in the game makes car gameplay a lot stronger than it already is. It also makes missions much easier considering how fast you can fuck off, and how many spots you can easily reach by going airborne, especially spots you shouldn't even be in. If it has to stay the way it is, take away a lot of its health. Makes the regular vegas have a use again. While we're at it, give us the old vegas sounds back!
  13. Well, we rarely get any news so anything new is appreciated, whether it is from officials or players.
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