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  1. You only figure that out now? We haven't really been getting content for 5 years now.
  2. Also Trackmania Nations checkpoints (+ sound for it). Bet the rest of the game is stolen from somewhere else too.
  3. Whatever you do, you won't get fair games anymore. The games population is just way too low now to offer a wide selection of differently skilled players.
  4. Doesn't even need a test server... just pull a sneaky like G1 did and add the item to armas, but without any links to it on armas itself. Then some GM goes there via link and tries to buy the item. It either works or doesn't. Easy and fast testing.
  5. I don't think full auto and its CQC effectivity is its problem, the tap fire laser is. I think an increase of like 75% max bloom is rather dumb, really isn't its issue.
  6. Right, my bad. Still a change that is entirely unnecessary and doesn't tackle any of its problems.
  7. Yet another set of weird N-TEC changes that aren't thought through. (On paper, will check out nontheless) It doesn't need fire rate changes. If you want to slow it down, give it slower accuracy recovery so you can't spam it as fast on range. That's (in my opinion) it's core problem.
  8. Would you consider just reverting the LO Shotgunning, and never touching them again? Shotguns were easily the most balanced weapon class in the game, with only the Shredder being in need of a slight buff.
  9. Bought credits for that name change, only for them to cancel it shortly before the deadline. Not a single word has been spoken about it two months later. Do I slowly regret spending money on LO?
  10. I am well aware of that. Still doesn't make the wisp a dog ear. It isn't even a reskin, they're both just variants of the ISSR-b.
  11. I don't think dog ear is on joker store, wasn't it the wisp? Also lol at it being borderline op. Vehicle damage is too strong but that's it.
  12. Good idea, horrible execution. Shouldn't have made it a BR.
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