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  1. Hey, we don't even know eachother, where does this come from? I don't have any problem with you. Or are you just generalizing me because I don't like a video of yours?
  2. Already did. Not going to elaborate further, I don't want to upset shini again.
  3. If only the game was in a healthy state so those new players could actually stay.
  4. I've talked about that video like, twice on the forums? Maybe one more time on discord? I post a lot and if you really think everything I'm saying is against your or your videos, you've got slight reality misconceptions. And I find it funny how you pull out your typical "lol u salty" thing once again. Can't you just accept that some people don't like something you produce? Is it any better if I say I enjoyed some of your older videos? I couldn't care less if your video "exploded" or not. I merely shared my opinion about it. Either way, let's not derail the topic. If you want to continue your rant against me, feel free to DM me on the forums or discord.
  5. I mean, at the time you released that video, those videos were received well on youtube, as there are tons of these videos and yours is not any different from others. There's also a lot more people to reach on youtube than in this small community. Meanwhile in the actual APB community, that video wasn't received well, and there's a bunch of points why it didn't. Oh and, why is it that you call out people being "wrong" when they're just sharing their opinion on it? Not to mention that the peak in January was like, 100 more players. Population continued to drop even further the next months.
  6. It's one year old and I've went through so many "HOW 2" videos by now, and this one still takes the throne of being the worst. The selection of memes in here is just strange and unfitting, also seems like he used too many of them. Maybe it's because APB doesn't fit meme videos. I mean I appreciate the effort and such videos could bring back players, but not like this. And most definitely not in the state the game is currently in, which is totally unfriendly for new players.
  7. APB is a highly salt inducing game. A lot of people use that to their advantage and make people even saltier by behaving like overagressive children. //Edit: Not to mention that this game is now very old, and a lot of people think they're above the rest because they've been playing for a long time.
  8. Why do people keep saying the N-HVR shoots .50 cal rounds? It uses 7.62mm.
  9. You make good points, but it's still undeniable that the NTEC overporforms a majority of the guns. I for one formed my opinion about the N-TEC (and other guns) by playing it for a long time, not because "waaah i get killed by it a lot it must be overpowered!" People like that shouldn't even talk about balancing at all, as they mostly don't even know the weapon they're talking about.
  10. A whooping range of 7.5 meters. With the current OCA you can easily outgun shotguns, especially if you're out of their tiny range.
  11. If anything, the OCA buff made shotguns less useful. At that point it was too easy to fight shotguns. I've barely seen any shotguns used outside of asylum since they buffed the OCA, as it was easily the better choice. Now with the JG and CSG nerfed into uselessness, it triumphs even more. Revert LO shotgun changes, revert G1 OCA changes, Pointman-Category problem solved.
  12. Pre-LO shotguns were perfectly fine and OCA had its place. It was a viable alternative to shotguns and it could outgun them without much effort.
  13. OCA has been buffed when the CSG and JG were in a perfect place and the OCA was mostly the thing to pick over those anyway, the buff was completely unnecessary and unasked for.
  14. You missed other problematic things such as the unnecessary OCA buff and the current state of the N-TEC and RFP-9. Though I agree with all your other points. And regarding the cooldown for remote detonator, make it 90 seconds so it fits the meteor mod. N-TEC is one of the few weapons that don't rely on RNG and that's one of the reasons why it's so popular. What I'd suggest instead would be slowing down the accuracy recovery time so you can't spam it as fast. Nothing wrong with its long range versatility, but it shouldn't be able to outgun obeyas or other long ranged guns. The CQC jump shooting does need an accuracy nerf. OCA just needs the G1 buff removed so it's at its previous state. We don't need to try other things to bring it back down in line. RFP-9 needs a drastic range decrease.
  15. I wonder why anyone would want a toggle-sprint option in a game like this. I think it's impeding. Guess it all comes down to preference.
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