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  1. It is part of APB though. I love driving them when I occasionally come across one, or the small minigame that develops when you're on a mission and you have to dodge a wild truck. Getting rid of them would remove one more thing that made APB unique. APB isn't a competitive game and shouldn't be treated like one imo.
  2. Some have to use graphics like that to get a playable FPS count, some do it for the little advantage it brings.
  3. While I absolutely love that LO came along and actually tries hard to do something with APB, some of their design choices are very odd and the playerbase keeps declining. The engine upgrade really is the last chance for APB to succeed, and I really want it to succeed. The game had massive potential but I'm afraid after a decade of little developer love, it doesn't look good. It's going to be tough to reclaim a playerbase.
  4. Anything works well in Asylum because everyone's constantly hurt from low yield spam. But the guns that work best are obviously NFAS and OCA.
  5. Out of interest, what would you change on it? It's just HS3, but with a scope reticle, a range finder and more zoom.
  6. Definitely Improved Rifling. Slower accuracy recovery or something. Give it a downside, anything. It currently has none.
  7. Basically everything that was midtown went into financial and thus doesn't really exist anymore. Also, population doesn't allow such drastic changes. We can't even fill up waterfront properly, how do you expect to fill a third action district? Though I would absolutely love new content like that, but unfortunately it's too late now.
  8. I wonder what the design choice behind those skins was. They're good skins, no doubt, but how do they fit into RIOT?
  9. Why the hell is LO even making 4 ranks without any rewards and then one with a reward? Do they not understand how contacts work in APB? Let alone the insane grind required for such a rank. There isn't even any reward that justifies that grind.
  10. That area is largely unfinished. Same goes to basically anything that's outside on the western and south western ends of the map. Just looks pretty from the inside. Though those areas do have massive potential and wouldn't require too much work to open up. Even financial has a couple of those. Let's not forget that almost finished part of Asylum thats still locked, and the lighthouse.
  11. I do think that creating RIOT was mostly their "learning path" to figure out how apb works and what it actually is. Though then again they're planning seasons and all that for it sooo... who knows what they're up to. I'd rather have them add actual new content to the game like contacts with various unlocks (R255+) or map changes.
  12. They more or less said they used it to try out certain things and so on. RIOT in itself isn't a bad concept, but it's absolutely nothing that would ever work in APB.
  13. One reward for 5 contact levels is quite ridiculous if you ask me. All the previous contacts unlock 1 or even more items per level.
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