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  1. Matchmaking with <300 average players worldwide just doesn't work my dude.
  2. That's, entirely untrue. But that isn't a thing to discuss here.
  3. Because this community isn't absolutely toxic and spews hatred towards one another. Adding names just does more harm than good. Same reason why everyone spams namechanges and new characters. You'll be fuming knowing I was part of it.
  4. Really questionable choice in my eyes. Out of all the guns, DMR-AV doesn't really need any changes whatsoever. It's not that hard to wrap your head around it, there isn't many people left in this community that still stick to the game.
  5. Right click, copy link. No need to screenshot two screenshots in discord, yeet them through a JPGifier and upload it to imgur. Can barely even make out what's on the gun, let's not even talk about the scoreboard.
  6. Clotting Agent isn't overpowered, Kevlar and the other green mods are just underpowered. We've been telling you for years, all the problems you have are caused by you and you alone. "It's not me who's wrong, it's everyone else!"
  7. Bit too late for NFTs right now isn't it?
  8. This just proves how much of a potential APB has. The fact that a game is still alive and has people playing it after almost ten years of being neglected is honestly insane.
  9. APB has some non-PVE gameplay elements to it already. And enemy AI wouldn't be something APB should do in my opinion.
  10. Tiggs was rarely honest about what she said, a lot of the things were just bait and flat out lies.
  11. Yeah.. most likely, but you gotta consider that there's effectively 3 companies working through the engine upgrade already, and how much of a spaghetti code APB is. A second cook can't just continue the meal someone else started, and a third will certainly ruin it, so they've basically restarted from scratch.
  12. Honestly, quit and move on if you can't wait. There's no point in crying. It won't make them push it out faster.
  13. Either accept that the game may be done for, or wait. Pushing the engine out unfinished will wreck so much havoc and you'd never see APB alive ever again if they'd do that. Give it time. They're technically the fourth company working on this. They have to figure out how to deal with the mess of a code the previous 3 companies left behind. They tried working on G1s pathetic engine upgrade attempt. Now they're basically doing everything from scratch. It's their first game of this caliber. //Edit: God damn this is an old topic. I didn't know the forums died out that much. :(
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