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  1. GhosT

    Hoplite or Spartan

    Ew that thing is ugly as hell. Hoplite and Spartan are both nice, I could never settle so I never bought one.
  2. Wonder what downside they'll do this time if they decide to revert it.
  3. Nerd its not the feature, its the wait time people are unhappy with. Its also not something anyone ever asked for. They already said it isn't a final decision. Imagine if something went wrong and people did multiple trades, and then lost items or whatever.
  4. Community: Can I have this? Developer: Yes. Community: Thanks. I hate it. How can you be so ungrateful. Thank you for this long overdue feature, Little Orbit.
  5. You can set them up so they don't fully block a fences texture, same goes to the smoke. And having no textures other than the color of what something should be is argueably an advantage as you can spot things way easier. There are people that use low textures and sh*t because of the little advantages they give, and some people use those to gain an FPS boost. I am aware that it doesn't make them larger, makes it easier to aim at for some people though.
  6. GhosT

    So this is still a thing...

    Glad we're back to having actual updates in this game like back in 2011, 2012, where you get a new bug for everything they change in the code. Anyone remember the mystery of random car spawners disappearing with each patch?
  7. I don't think butchering your textures really helps with APBs inconsitent frame rates.
  8. You'd be surprised how many non-potato-pc players do this to their game, when their game runs absolutely fine on the highest settings. Advantage? They have less field of view. 4:3 makes it easier to aim for some people, due to the models being wider than on 16:9 or other modern aspect ratios.
  9. I'm actually okay with this change. As long as you can't shoot through your vehicle anymore. Some people will do anything to get any advantages they legally can, even if it's only a very slight advantage like this one.
  10. We're doing this again? Enjoy the gayest song APB ever had. I miss blasting this while zooming through missions with my mikro.
  11. GhosT

    Spawning without ammo

    It was not a bug. It was intentionally done by Reloaded. It should not have been reverted. Did they ever say so? If I recall correctly, it just happened without them ever mentioning it.
  12. GhosT

    Grenades Buff

    Though if you pop an ammo box, and you toss a grenade, they die with a skull icon instead of a grenade icon.
  13. GhosT


    Welp, back to the N-TEC for most of the population.
  14. GhosT

    Spawning without ammo

    yeah that's some sick content right there It is. As @Nite said, it forces you to keep track of your supplies. APB was intended to be a MMOTPS, and that was one feature of it. Glad it's coming back.
  15. GhosT

    Spawning without ammo

    what's neat about it? It's been a bug, made the feature to buy ammo completely useless, as well as the joker vending machines to buy ammo. It's content. I like content. I prefer it the non-buggy way. You can buy ammo at any resupply point anyway, so what's the problem.