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  1. I think the car spawner is one of the worst things they decided to add. Or at least the way it's been implemented. It makes defending easier than attacking. It's a nightmare to play against a team with multiple tank car spawners. Sure let me just waste 2 or 3 minutes running around throwing nades at cars and resupplying while abandoning my objective/team in a 4 minute stage. Let's not forget that theres a bunch of car spawning machines everywhere so you can recall your spawner without any hassle immediately. The "enemy in range" range should be drastically increased to suit the regular spawn distances tbh.
  2. Do you want to explain why you think the BM is the best one? When comparing all it's stats and ingame behaviour, it's the worst.
  3. ALIG disagrees with this.
  4. You have to play the BM exactly the same way you play the JD and HH.
  5. It's accurate, you just shouldn't full auto it unless you're close. Small bursts of 5-8 shots are accurate enough for ~20-30m. Recoil isn't high enough to be a problem, really. It's a close quarters secondary, so the range isn't too high, but it's still high enough to be way more useful than a yukon, sas pdw or the n-fa. Bloom recovery is actually pretty quick. Many shots to kill aren't a downside because its got a very fast firerate. TTK isn't too high either, the JD is the second or third best weapon regarding low TTKs. I think most people don't give it the time it needs to be learned and expect it to play it like a OCA or something, and then claim it's trash. It's a marksman smg that needs to be played with long bursts unless you're literally hugging the enemy.
  6. Why do people always say "don't get the ul3!" but never tell you why you shouldn't. I honestly don't get it, they're fairly easy to get used to and absolutely wreck when you know how to use them.
  7. Pretty much, yeah. Haven't felt much of a performance difference in it's max effective range (30ish meters). JD is definitely the best to get your hands on. Very reliable on its own, and also a great fallback weapon due to the fire rate and faster equip time than the other two. Objectively worse than a FBW, which is free. 8 shots to kill, it's slow and inaccurate. The only thing it's useful for is combining it with high stamina weapons and/or stabbas.
  8. Jersey Devil > Hitchhiker > Bloody Mary It's funny how the BM is the most expensive one, solely because "hurr but it's red, has a silencer and one less shot to kill!!11!". That doesn't matter. The other two are way more useful. Hitchhiker is the most effective at the UL-3s max effective range, is a little more accurate and comes with a 32 rounds magazine, the JD comes with with 25 and BM with 24. The Jersey Devil has a quite fast equip time plus a 10% faster fire rate, while still being pretty damn good on range. Keep in mind that it's not a full auto weapon and expected to be bursted in ~6-10 shots, unless you're literally hugging your opponent. Aiming down sight's is also a must. //Edit: bloom penalty isn't really that noticeable between the three. //Edit2: everyone says they're bad. I say, they're the best close range secondaries you can get. Very reliable once you know how to use them. Can be used as a primary. //Edit3: @Lixil please remove that auto formatting that makes two new lines instead of one when you press enter, it's atrocious.
  9. Nah, the threat districts were always the place to be, open conflict also has no matchmaking and can start missions with uneven team balance, for example. The greater playerbase just wants to join a district lower than theirs to poop on lower ranks.
  10. Yeah, both waterfront and financial combined have like, 6 players in them. Totally playable.
  11. Servers run fine when they're not being "ddosed".
  12. Yes, but it'll get rid of the "this vehicle is occupied" square on it, so it'll look like an abandoned vehicle just bricking/muffling around. I wouldn't use muffler unless you're going to use remote detonator. For everything else it's just a hindrance.
  13. You really don't want to do that. Joystick driving is horrible as it is already, now add the server sided steering delay to it. Hello nightmares!
  14. You only ever need two slots. Car Spawner/Radar Tower and Nitro 3. Especially Nitro 3 is a must have on the pioneer. All the other mods are up to you, they don't change too much.
  15. Honestly, it is strong when you're almost hugging your enemy, but beyond that range, it's pretty damn bad. I only ever see it as a problem when someone corner camps it in asylum, but for missions it's fine. Nontheless they should fix the firerate bug (full-auto hipfire uses burst fire rate), so it would match up with the northwest and the nunavut.