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  1. GhosT

    alien invasion car

    Thanks for clearing that up. Though, regarding vehicles - you really won't be doing a mistake unless you make said vehicle one of the top tier vehicles (4x4 vegas, pioneer and espacio). Any vehicle that isn't one of the three is perfectly fine balance wise for new and existing players. You can add as many mods to these vehicles as you want, but they won't ever become unbalanced. A vehicle being rare isn't too much of an issue since you have access to all vehicles, with all kits, all slots and you can design them the way you want - you can even copy the promo vehicle designs. Furthermore, looking at the only previous promo vehicle we've got, which was a customized cisco with a back then unreleased kit and a unique design, it didn't break the game at all and no one got mad over it because they could no longer get it.
  2. Oh that clan name is gone? Good. Only a thousand more to go.
  3. GhosT

    alien invasion car

    If LO doesn't fix the car balance issue, they can give them literally every car that isn't a pioneer, 4x4 vegas or even the espacio. People WILL upgrade to those if you give them a cisco, bishada, jericho or whatever.
  4. I mean, hes not completely wrong. GamersFirst did quite some cash grabs which you could later call scams. They sold weapons that were better than their free counterparts, and nerfed them later so they weren't what people paid for anymore. Some were even changed to be a completely different playstyle. The biggest example would be the Troublemaker, but things like the Whisper, CSG-20, Scout, M1922, Nano and a few others have also been abused for this. Calling this an "organized crime" is a little over the top though.
  5. GhosT

    alien invasion car

    Don't get me wrong, this is a nice way to promote things, especially APBs customization where you can say "this car was made in the in-game editor", but out of all the cars with extensive kits to promote the game with, they hand out calabrias with a simple design, a car that everyone replaces as fast as possible, which offers no customization outside of wheels and police lightbars. Are they afraid a preset bishada/jericho/vegas would be overpowered or would reduce kit sales? The previous promotion that included a car was from Computerbild Spiele, a german magazine - G1 went all out with this one and gave players a cisco with a back then unreleased kit and a unique design, which made the car special and people actually wanted it.
  6. GhosT

    alien invasion car

    Wow, really? And I thought the Computerbild Spiele promotion that gave people a Charge Cisco was bad.
  7. I love when people whine about LTL. It really makes people salty, but they fail to realize that under all that salt, all LTL weapons are not only weaker than lethal weapons, but you also have to go and arrest them. The only argueably overpowered thing regarding LTL is pig+perc, but that's rather the fault of the percs, and that's not an LTL grenade.
  8. Doesn't the console version also miss the theme and music kiosks?
  9. GhosT

    Car Physics

    Oh man I still miss the old vaquero. It was so much fun to drive. Now it's a mikro.
  10. Its like a submarine. You open a window and the problems begin.
  11. Back then we didn't have as many guns as we had now, and people stuck to the FBW for close range (back then 5 shots to kill) and RSA/ACT for longer range when they had an OCA or a shotgun. When the first batch of weapons have been released (Whisper PR1, Scoped N-TEC PR1, ACT44 GM PR1), two of these were vastly superior to their free versions. He's got a point, but most people still used the FBW, RFP or SAS, so the ACT never really stood out with its paid variant.
  12. Yeah, I agree. I don't have a problem with grindy things like achievements. But during a festive period, this seems weirdly placed.
  13. I mean yeah, it did get better, but there's still *that* kind of stuff.