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  1. The only issue I have with it is the 399 damage in one burst.
  2. GhosT

    Autumn Assault!

    Why isn't this in a district like it was for the last years? Should've built up on the christmas event district that's already been a thing. Butcher skin is a poor choice and is a insult to all the players that got it back then (I didn't). Wonder when you guys will re-release the weapons that were specifically made for one person. So apparently there's going to be a schedule. Sooo how do I guarantee to participate? Which district is it? How many players can participate per round? How do you start a match? I can't participate if I work because it's only three times a day? The lack of explanation is horrible. This three-times-a-day system is horrible and will just force people to play as cheap and unfair as possible. Aren't events there to be fun for everyone, and not just the winner? What a way to make yet another unenjoyable event.
  3. GhosT

    Autumn Assault.

    I wonder why they still keep the name GamersFirst around. This does nothing but hurt the game.
  4. There are no leases on armas besides premium, weapons and some JMB vehicles.
  5. GhosT

    Tember's legendary guide of legendary guns!

    So. What makes it legendary: The 'Thunder' variant uses the 'Pistol Choke' modifciation, which makes it VERY accurate, marksmanmode barely changes the accuracy, so you'll be hip firing most of the time. The choke also slows down your fire rate, though it's still very fast if clicked right. You can also jump shoot it - more or less. The spread pattern doesn't change at all, but the whole pattern will be randomly placed in any of the 4 sections of your crosshair, so it isn't all too reliable unless you're close. In data form this means: Compared to the regular Showstopper, you get -45% fire rate, -66% pellet spread and +12m effective range. This means: Time to kill is 1.02 seconds instead of 0.7, a spread of 44.50cm at 10m instead of 135cm, and a drop-off range of 22m instead of 10m. Strength: Can be played as a primary Effective range: 22m Still useful range: 32m, but at that range, you'll be focusing on hurt targets due to damage drop off. High vehicle damage One-by-one reloading (JG-style) Great finisher, though the equip time lacks Very strong gun if you manage to nail 3 consecutive shots. Alternative weapon skin Weakness: Relatively long equip time (double the time to equip FBW) Very weird legendary skin that looks like a graphic bug from 5 meters away Sounds like an overly aggressive sneeze How to modify it: You can't (secondary) What to avoid: Pulling it out mid-battle (unless you prepared it) Every time you equip the gun for the first time (like respawning), your character will spin the cylinder before you can fire, for whatever reason. Buying it at the current price. You should probably wait until it settles in at ~4 million. Can take a long time due to population though. There's better secondaries out there that'll help you more in most situations, like the .45 AP. But if you're looking for something different and a viable secondary, the Thunder is still an amazing, strong secondary.
  6. When will people understand that you literally can't fix matchmaking at this point? The player pool is way too small to generate balanced missions, even with district phasing. Besides, gunplay isn't some weapon testing - it's a new version of gungame. We had that for christmas a few times already.
  7. Have you tried like... not using windows 8.1? And to those complaining about win 10 - should've done a clean install rather than "upgrading" and being left with a buggy combined edition.
  8. Are you dense? We certainly don't need motorcycles in APB.
  9. Better question is - why are the stock and tactical variants available at Rank 1 instead of Rank 20, where they should be? Why do you even want slotted weapons? Tier 1 mods have a Rank 20 restriction too.
  10. GhosT

    Secret Epidemic Team???

    What do you mean? The blue marker for necrocite territory? Objectives become perma-visible and get a blue color if you set a personal marker on them.
  11. You're derailing the topic. Can we stop here.
  12. Because APB is so accurate. Apparently the PSG-1 is a bolt action rifle.
  13. A SUV is far away from being a truck. Especially such a small one.
  14. GhosT

    Best of the two

    Huh. Always felt like I could shoot it faster. Though it still has less recoil and a bigger mag, so there's that. As a FR0G owner that barely used it because it's bad, don't get it. Unless you want a cqc finisher because the kokoe comes with TPS3 and equips insanely fast.