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  1. Sometimes I wonder who all these new complaining people are. Instead of being glad that APB still receives updates and somewhat lives, all you do is complain and hurt the game even further. May I remind you of all those years before Orbit came around?
  2. Noted. Will take care of it. Finally someone with good game balance suggestions. I think we should buff the N-TEC and OCA while we're at it, they're in desperate need for a buff. /s
  3. None of these things have any place in APB. Especially Horses.
  4. Literally the only difference is the particles, sound, firing arc and skin support. They both do the exact same thing, on the exact same ranges, one juts drops while the other doesn't. The firework launcher doesn't have more range.
  5. True Ogre. Sounds awesome and used to be awesome. Kinda annoys me that it's been nerfed so hard it's literally useless.
  6. Huh, I never knew people actually used those, since most of those pre-given links aren't direct urls most of the time. I thought it's internet 101 to right click, view image and copy the actual link just to be sure.
  7. Right click > View Image. Internet 101 Yeah, that's what I meant.
  8. The "clutter" is fine. Though imo, the main content of the page should be a little more centered, which could be achieved by making the item selection list a little less wide. The filter side could also become a little narrower.
  9. apbdb.com is a miracle The two Varzugas aren't identical, they're two seperate cars that share the same model, but have completely different stats and sounds. The Han Veo and Han Coywolf are the same thing, both are different cars that share the same base model. The Vegas and the 4x4 Vegas are the same. But these don't have different sounds to them, only handling. Other than that, there are no vehicles that share the same model. The WCW is just a regular pre-designed Montane.
  10. The Varzuga and the Varzuga Rally XS are two different vehicles. Even the door, horn and engine sounds are different. The WCW is just a pre-designed montane with preset mods in it.
  11. Why do you compare two identical cars? BUT: I really appreciate you doing these videos. Researching stuff for APB became hard and you won't find many things anymore, you're helping with that. :)
  12. It's not optimized for current gen consoles yet. The game still has chat. Macros are possible with modded controllers (scuf etc.) and you can still cheat by using a mouse/keyboard converter. But at least no wallhacks and aimbots! That aside though, yeah, overall a healthier game, but console APB has its flaws in other spots.
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