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  1. I think we can make First Person happen, but it will be just a super zoom-in inside of the character. Similar to when player collides with a wall and the camera goes through the player model.
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    I agree, the engine is running on 64 bit now, should increase the limits for everything, including friends list, decals/layers limit etc. But I don't know how the server would handle slightly increased data.
  3. Bounty system wasn't good for me in the past. I couldn't get past 10 kills without getting a bounty on my head. Now I can easily reach 15 kills without dying. The bounty system made the game more frustrating and difficult.
  4. I agree with everyone that 2 is the best choice. Improve the traffic so it doesn't get stuck, that way we can find vehicles after respawning, and quickly drive towards the objective. It would be better that empty vehicles would disappear quickly, to avoid blocking the road or blocking traffic.
  5. Hey everyone! This post is about suggesting new behaviors for Traffic AI logic, including sidewalk pedestrians, and AI drivers' logic. I will start first! 1. New hostile Pedestrian behavior: When AI is antagonized or being shot at (not hearing gunshots) AI proceeds to throw 8-balls or bricks at the shooter (or any possible way to fight back) against the shooter. 2. Driver Random Emergency Response: AI traffic always gets stuck when someone collides with them, or shoots directly at their vehicles. In this case, AI needs to have a timer to make a decision, one of their random decisions should be: A. Get the hell out of here ASAP (Floor it!) B. Get out of the vehicle and run away! C. Stay in the vehicle and Panic for a bit! (Like they usually do, but not stay there forever!). D. Run over the shooter, and escape! After the timer checks if it is okay to return to normal driving behavior, then AI will continue driving normally, Or go to the despawner (Underground parking zone). 3. AI Criminal Behavior: AI will very rarely steal items from the stores, only Enforcers will be able to arrest them. On the other hand, Criminals will be able to use Criminal AI to assist them in moving heavy items, bags etc. to make missions a bit easier, this tactic may not work on all Peds!. I think that's all what AI needs. This may sound too much, but it won't hurt someone to make some suggestions! Bring yours below!
  6. Yes, but LO can use AI to enhance textures, they can do it better if they choose to. Current Live version is much worse than the old Engine Upgrade. Look at vegetation, and grass is missing in current live version. There's like fake global illumination by increasing Sky Light intensity in the scene. They definitely can make it better than GamersFirst Engine upgrade. Current - Social District : There's grass textures but no foliage, this looks really bad. Engine Upgrade - Social District : There's over exposure in post processing, we don't need that, we just need inspiration from the screenshot above, not copy and paste it. Post processing has overexposure, always lit foliage in the middle (not affected by built lightmaps) This post is not about copy pasting the old engine, it is about taking notes and improving upon it's mistakes. APB definitely needs something that refreshens it is style to look like a brand new game (Not by completely ruining the nostalgic aesthetic)
  7. Yes I know that, it is not about directly bringing stuff from unrecoverable old engine. Just make a new one similar to the screenshots above. Basically Improve the game visuals to make them more fun and less stressful. This includes Post processing and lighting, Textures, Materials, UI, Tutorials, Bug fixing.
  8. Hello, this is the first time I've visited APB forums since 2015. I remember APB Reloaded Engine Upgrade and the Failed promises of Gamersfirst. I've seen Matt saying that 64-bit upgrade code is compatible with 2.x versions. This is reallllllllllly good news, lets gooooo! Here's the old Footage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9KPC8BAka4w&ab_channel=GamersFirst The old engine upgrade looks decent, it just needs more polishing and it should be perfect! Side note: Add heavy depth of field at 100m to demonstrate effective and moveable objects/meshes range. (Optional Graphics) Biggest problem with the old engine upgrade: Performance, especially on old gen consoles, gives bad impressions about it. Ex. OMG it sucks, nooo we dont want it! Pictures: Social District Post processing in the old lighting looks like a foggy overlay rendered on top of screen. The new lighting seems to have nailed color-balance, but the shadows look dark. Character meshes look more highlighted, should make it easier to aim at during combat. Decals look more jagged on the newer version. Financial Top: Beautiful shader reflections around low roughness materials, and shadows are no longer super dark. I wanna play this 24/7 if it ever happens :O Bottom: The classic lighting that gives me nausea and stomach Waterfront Abington Towers END
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