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  1. The change that messed that up was them "upgrading" their servers to softlayer or whatever it was called, which was a massive downgrade. And then they were like "we don't know whats causing the issues here, we're gonna try 45/45 districts! oh no that didn't do anything, let's do 40/40! that'll do the trick!!!" .... I'm glad G1 is mostly gone.
  2. Because this game is one of the most unforgiving and unfriendliest games for new players, ever. It is an absolute mess of unexplained, cluttered shit going on that you don't understand, topped off by high/max level players that have rerolled a thousand times stomping you over and over. I really, really don't understand the thought process behind G1s removal of the tutorial districts. Someone was probably like "hey, we're hosting 1 tutorial district in financial, if we shut that down we might get rid of server issues!!!" and everyone else was like "whoa let's do that".
  3. Your chance is still only 1%. Per box. It doesn't magically multiply because you buy more. You just buy multiple 1% chances.
  4. Most players ran out of stuff to buy years ago.
  5. So many of the things you've said are just wrong. Super wrong.
  6. Only problem with the bounty system was killing friendlies, fight me.
  7. 125* my bad. Brainfart. Less with rebates but more again with country taxes. Still retardedly high for what it is.
  8. Whoa, how do you justify a price of $125 for 8 year old valentines weapons? Big ouch.
  9. It's basically hanging on its last finger at this point, sadly.
  10. You guys still didn't explain why you absolutely have to fiddle with shotguns. They were the most balanced weapon class and instead of focusing on actual balance problems you touch them? Why?
  11. "only" Lol, be glad that the AAEPD crutches you that much. Now come back when you play the OSMAW. Even better if you witnessed the times where you could only carry one spare OSMAW rocket and consumables weren't a thing.
  12. Buffing sub-meta to current meta would mean that every gun becomes super powerful, rather than one gun becoming less powerful, which results in much faster and more stale gameplay.
  13. Weirdly, Innova managed to keep both weapon skins and weapon tracers.
  14. At least before the Heat 5 change, heat players were kept busy - had objectives to do, and enemies focused on them due to the mission. Now it's like congratulations, your mission is now over and you are now allowed to freely roam and kill anyone! Sounds like it's gonna backfire.
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