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  1. Perfect thanks, shame about the duck but it’s probably for the best because I suck with a sniper but loved it too much not to use it every game
  2. Hey again, Just wanted to ask a few questions Is there any way to see how long things last in your mailbox? I have a couple hundred messages with attached weapons and cars still but if they expire in 1 day of opening then I don't want to waste them on a day I am only playing for an hour - if that makes sense? Before the merge I had a Reaper, Nano, and Sitting Duck. I don't have the sitting duck anymore, potentially I sold it - but it was my favourite weapon and I have enough ingame $ to not need to sell it so I feel like I wouldn't have. Were ducks from Obeya brought over to Citadel during the merge, were they swapped for something else? I don't see any on sale in the market either. I can't see to sell anything on the market, I don't need to right now - but is this something I need to unlock somehow now? Thanks, any and all info appreciated I can actually play tomorrow, so I am super excited
  3. Brill, thanks guys. I have it downloading now - managed to get my PC set up on my lunch break and start the download. Hopefully there's enough people for couple gamers after I finish. I never enjoyed getting 1v1's so hopefully can get 1 or 2 good group games in. As far as the balance of weapons goes, doesn't bother me too much. I have never been good at shooting games, I just loved apb for the customisation. I was always gold because I played with friends who were good but I imagine on my own I will probably only maintain silver.
  4. Ok thanks guys, hopefully it goes smooth. I didn’t have a particularly unique name so I doubt there was a conflict or anything - but time will tell I suppose. Might give it a go tomorrow!
  5. Hi everyone I just got a craving to play APB so I’ve got my account back, and I’m going to get my pc set up tomorrow (I’ve had a long break from pc games in general, and don’t have a windows machine set up). I know the population isn’t what it used to be, but I just want a few good games on a Friday evening or something. Whenever I get chance. however, I’m fairly sure I used to play on a server called Obeya, but on google I only find Jericho and citadel mentioned. Am I remembering wrong? Was obeya merged with citadel? what’s the deal hopefully see some of you in game soon!
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