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  1. It gives every weapon higher range (if you can still hit things at that range), so it's an advantage. Maybe because... it doesn't have a downside, while almost every other mod does? It worked 8 years because GamersFirst didn't give a single f*ck about game health, balance and optimization.
  2. It makes absolute sense, it has literally no downside to it.
  3. Even without the range increase, the N-TEC already makes the marksman rifles obsolete. The firerate nerf is nice, but the range increase is not. At this point you're just buffing IR instead of nerfing it.
  4. It's one of the weapons that need the most effort to get used to, so most people don't give a crap.
  5. There's already two emotes that can be abused for dabbing.
  6. Though it's mildly accurate, Hue/Sat/Lum doesn't support that many colors.
  7. Yeah, it's a tough one deciding wether the HH or the BM is the best. I settled for the HH though, bigger mag, best accuracy out of the 3, and highest effective range. That reload time though...
  8. That maybe the most ridiculous thing Ive ever heard from you in all these years Ive known you. Why though? It's how it is. Or is the BM better because it's red? Or because it has a silencer? Or because it has a shot less to kill? Or because it has less range?
  9. A lower rate of fire for IR3 will make almost every weapon worse, including a lot of presets - but games change over time and you still have what you paid for, even though it's been rebalanced.
  10. Basically a leftover in the files, and they couldn't find out what to do with it. Initially they wanted a big magazine shotgun, and gave it the slow LMG walk, but they figured that didn't work well before they even released it. Eventually they made it a 14 round NFAS-12 with a windup timer, basically being a nerfed NFAS-12 that didn't do anything different. That was the first version that hit the public servers. Later down the road they buffed it up to 21 rounds, while still being a regular NFAS-12 with a windup timer. Then they reduced the windup time, reduced the magazine size to 18 rounds and increased the rate of fire, making it less useful on range, but better on close range. And that's what we have today - the first version of the NFAS-12 'True Ogre' that people actually started to use. Honestly, it's balanced. The only change it needs is less visual particles, so it doesn't make other people lag if they have a bad computer. (Or just optimizing the game so simple particles won't drain your FPS)
  11. They're already very good weapons, buffing them would make them a little too powerful imo. While we're on topic: JD > HH > BM. Fight me, bloody mary lovers.
  12. Can we not ruin the ogre now that it's okay? But they should fix the description.
  13. While we're unnecessarily nerfing mods, can we nerf IR first so it actually has a downside?
  14. Exactly, even if the name might sound odd at first, it's way better to have actual names rather than jut some silly nickname for a gun. Could call it the "Colby LCP 357 'Showstopper'" or something. Other names for other presets if they're doing multiple.
  15. Yeah, ever since they (unnecessarily) buffed the OCA, the only thing that made the CAP-40 "better" has been nullified. They were equal, now the CAP-40 is just worse.
  16. Impressive. This blogpost contains more content than G1 has offered the past few years. Though I've got one complaint - the name of the weapon. Can we please go back to classic names that actually sound like weapons? So it's something like JG-840 or N-TEC 5 rather than stuff like "Pathfinder" or "Showstopper".
  17. Because he's blatantly cheating and it stops him from doing so for a short period of time? So he doesn't get R195-R255 and get high ranked mods? So he doesn't feel like he has ban immunity? So the people that play against him know something is being done? So new players don't have to deal with people running around blatantly cheating against them like in the G1 days? So it doesn't look like Little Orbit doesn't care if people are cheating? Like...hello? Oh man I forgot how much fun you'll have in those 5 minutes he needs to create a new account. He never had R195+ mods because he's R71. He has ban immunity, more or less. Theres not much being done regarding cheaters at the moment anyway. Why hide the truth? Cheaters or not, new players get their head kicked in anyway. Little Orbit cares but we're not really seeing much of a progress yet. Hi
  18. Wrooong! They do change stuff on the shredder. But I don't blame you, that gun is so bad most people don't even know it exists. Anyway, no, Reflex Sight does nothing on the NFAS-12.
  19. Why do people want others banned so badly? I understand if it were a game you need to buy, but if you get a cheater banned, they'll just make a new account and continue for a month or two until the slow anti cheat picks them up again.
  20. Makes switching to the weapon that has Three-Point-Sling in it faster. Like, you've got it on your lolcano, and you're running around with your FBW. You switch from the FBW to the volcano, you need to go through an animation that "unpacks" the weapon you switched to. The mod makes that animation faster.
  21. You can try asking support, if they're having a good day they might refund you. But no, officially you can't refund an item.
  22. Then just go into a different distri-- oh wait, you're from jericho.
  23. Do you really think they'll just spawn your car inside someone elses? They're not idiots. I imagine you'll have some sort of noclip on for a few seconds as you phase in, to give you a chance to keep on driving seamlessly and get to a point where you won't glitch through anything. Who knows, something like that might not even be possible in APB. LO has said so much stuff by now, but we pretty much haven't seen anything yet, so I don't know if it's going to work out as perfect as they say it will. Just a little sceptical that's all.
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