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  1. Hi!, i was thinking about music and how u can add your own in APB Reloaded, and i was thinking most apps today are starting to use spotify linking to get the music or for example on the alarm to wake up. So i tought, why not using it on the Music Library of APB?, i think it is posible to add Spotify there and make our lifes better on APB.
  2. I have Ryzen 3 oc 4.0ghz, 16gb ram, RX580 8gb vram and im at 60fps with drops, with everything at max. But yeah, the game is bad optimized.
  3. Maybe they solved 400 and now there are 400 news, so this 400 are other 400, idk im on drugs
  4. Im Uruguayan, i speak Spanish (i do know English and Portuguese aswell), so, why should i not speak in spanish if there isnt a spanish server anywhere?. The US and EU names are just to know where the server is located, but every server is global, there is no Brazil or Uruguay or China servers, its just global and you go to whatever is closer or better for you to play, if u dont like my lang then close the chat or deal with it as i deal with you speaking in english, instead of closing the chat i decided to learn english too, but if im with a spanish friend player, we are going to chat in spanish, so get used to it.
  5. Hey Matt, im still blocked and i have ticket 3189, how much time should we wait?. I dont know why i didnt get unbanned aswell...
  6. how is it the end? if ex-cheaters dont cheat again they are going to be the same type of players than you, so its more people in the game. If they cheat again, BE should ban them and they are going to be again in the same hole they were before the patch.
  7. Hey lixil, how much time would it take to review the 3000 tickets you have? I am ticket 3189 and im still "blocked", and the game is already up and patch seems to be done...
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