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  1. Normal price for me. The only way you'll get these insane rebates are if you already own said gun permanently for one character - you can then purchase the account wide variant by only paying the difference + a little fee.
  2. This was a thing for a while.. and it was super annoying once you fought someone sitting on some roof with a N-HVR and a OCA for close range. It was also super misleading as the scoreboard only showed the gun they actually equipped. It's definitely a interesting mechanic and could be brought back, but only if you don't get any spare ammo - means that you'll only have the loaded ammo available that the other player had in his magazine while he died. If you have the same weapon as your enemy, you're allowed to use your ammo for it.
  3. I think it requires more skill than, let's say, an OCA. Some people aren't even capable of getting kills with it while they do with every other gun.
  4. I don't like them. They're fun meme guns, but they're absolutely useless in every way.
  5. I don't think scammed persons should get their weapons/items back, it's their own fault in the first place. It's common sense to not trust random strangers, especially not on the internet. And if you get your stuff back, you'll never learn.
  6. Not only the STAR, but also the FAR, COBR-A, S1-FA, ACES Rifle, AR-97 and the ISSR-a, because the N-TEC is just better than all of these in every way. I don't think we should make all AR's as versatile as the N-TEC. What's the use of DMRs and SMGs then?
  7. Give it time. They just bought APB/G1, and just released a new anti cheat in a very short timeframe, the game itself hasn't been touched, so why would dethreaters be gone all of a sudden?
  8. For like, 1 mission until you get used to the accuracy behaviour when tapping. After that it's just a spray and pray kind of weapon, I really don't see where it belongs much skill at all.
  9. Well I for one am still here.. Quite unexpected to see so many germans crawling out of their holes now that there's a german topic for once. You guys should revive apbr.de, now that apb is back again! Also ich bin immer noch da... Ziemlich unerwartet so viele Deutsche zu sehen, jetz wo mal ein deutscher Thread geöffnet wurde. Ihr solltet apbr.de mal wiederbeleben, jetz wo apb wieder da ist!
  10. NFAS 12 never killed in two shots. Now that'd be broken. It does 492 damage in one shot, if all 12 pellets hit.
  11. Happy Landings is a meta? Thought everyone runs car surfer. Happy Landings, especially 3, forces you into an animation if you jump down a curb already. I'd rather lose some HP and continue running.
  12. They have rather slow acceleration, while the 4x4 vegas is at top speed almost instantly, and the pioneer hauls too when nitro 3 is used. Bishada is like a brick that tries to get moving, and nitro 3 doesn't even work on it. Jericho is more or less the same, but at least nitro does something on it. Imo if you wish to have a vehicle that tanks a lot (like the vegas or pioneer), you should sacrifice speed for that, and not get both and be better than the sporty cars in every way. There are so many cars in APB yet you only ever see the 4x4 vegas and pioneer, and occasionally a espacio.
  13. Imo the regular vegas, jericho and bishada should be the fastest cars in APB. Not the 4x4 vegas and the pioneer, which are already the best cars for every situation.
  14. If they're on your team, just run into their nades until they get kicked, they'll eventually stop. If they're on the enemy team, you have nothing to fear about because the only thing they ever kill are their teammates.
  15. That gun is a defensive play weapon, is very limited on range, suffers hitreg issues due to too many pellets in a short timeframe, and has a windup time. The only district it becomes useful in is financial defense missions, other than that it's a very situational weapon and you'll be using your sidearm a lot more. It isn't even all that good in asylum, which even plays in it's best range, but loses out to others due to the windup time. I really, really don't understand how people think it is overpowered. It's fine the way it is. Sure, it sometimes screws up the hitreg for everyone in the vicinity and the FPS of people with bad/mediocre PCs, but that's not the guns fault. BTW, default N-FAS 12 is deadlier than the True Ogre.
  16. Funny, considering that's coming from someone that purposely tried to get as much negative karma as possible.
  17. Tiggs was looking for translation volunteers a couple years ago, but never made anything out of it. Perhaps Little Orbit will revive that program when there's time.
  18. Depends on how they're using their Battleye. It has the ability to detect and ban for macros.
  19. Debatable. I think it's fine when fighting anyone that doesn't use Clotting Agent 3. But when fighting against someone using CA3, the moment he starts healing (by missing a single shot for example), the scout becomes a 3 shot kill. In my opinion it could use a damage buff from 550 to 600, if they nerf the N-HVR to something lower. 650 on a scout would make the N-HVR obsolete if they'd nerf that down to 750 or something. Personally I'm fine with the current scout jumpshot accuracy, it's more close ranged and actually counterable that way.
  20. Can we do something about the russians in citadel? Or the italians? Or the germans? Or the frenchies? Or the turks? Or the ... Almost no one has problems with them on citadel, but you guys get one foreign country and you bring out the pitchforks and torches. If anything, you should be grateful with that dead server you guys are sporting.
  21. Yes, let's make the scout overpowered again. Though they could increase the accuracy a little bit so you can more or less reliably hit something that's not too far away, but we certainly don't need people jumping in sprinting speed sniping people at 90m with pinpoint accuracy, while peeking over walls or cars higher than your character. That gun broke quite some missions.
  22. Thing is, FF was server-side only so it's actually impossible for it to pick up things like a radar or a wallhack, unless you're stupid enough to constantly aim at people through walls.
  23. I honestly think this shouldn't have been announced and just randomly implemented, so the players that cheated for years would suffer consequences, rather than giving them more than enough time to uninstall everything.
  24. Oh damn. This was faster than expected. You guys are doing great work so far!
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