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  1. I stopped reading at "5 shots to kill" lmao Anyway if ntec gets nerfed, FAR will probs be the new top dog AR. Same with HVR and Dog Ear.
  2. It can be decent at creating havoc with a silenced pointman weapon against uncoordinated groups, but overall it really isn't worth using instead of Spotter or Blowtorch.
  3. Wait, it isn't available for ingame currency? That's pretty weird considering the higher tier vehicles are. It definitely shouldn't be gated behind jmbs especially since it's a civilian car.
  4. N-Tec: I've been using FAR lately and find myself grabbing it in a lot of situations so there we go. N-HVR: OBIR as it's actually a very similar gun; long range and insane tagging potential.
  5. One conc is enough to disable all cars as far as I know, probably same thing with Satchels.
  6. CSG seems to have less random spread pattern and more consistent damage, most likely due to higher pellet count. Furthermore it's got tighter spread too so CSG is the winner for me. JG is moddable, but mods matter little in these two guns. Best setup is probably mag pull + 3 point sling which Country Gent offers anyway. People preach about IR but you're probably better off swapping to your secondary at the range it becomes relevant. Sure you can put cj3 on JG but the spread becomes horrible, so why not just play NFAS as it has same spread as JG but faster TTK?
  7. They're already tweaking Anubis and shotguns in general, so yes.
  8. It kills in 0.15s less than HVR with 3 shots, but the substantially higher damage all around is considered more valuable.
  9. Previously I could purchase 400 g1c for 5$. After the g1c ratio increase the cost also increased. From 80 g1c per 1$ it got upped to 80,65 g1c per 1$. What a deal! edit: apparently only paysafecard payment is 500g1c / 5$
  10. Giving the DDOSers attention only feeds their megalomania. Yet if there were no official word on the topic people will jump the gun and go "omg LO doesnt care about servers hurr durr".
  11. I buy the small ammo boxes when I run out of the big ones. You can't resupply a lot of from them but are handy to carry around.
  12. The HVR nerf doesn't really do anything much like adding the long scope-in time didn't do anything either. The problem is the fact it instantly deletes 85% of your hp with little commitment and risk involved.
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