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  1. I'm sure they'll try to fix it once they get to your ticket, but I seem to be skipped once again.
  2. Wouldn't suprise me if I'm going to hit 3 months eventually.
  3. You could say I'm pretty patient if it comes to waiting for customer support. I've been waiting for more than a month now, but haven't had a reaction to a purchase issue I had. It would be really great if someone could take a look at my ticket. A month is maybe a bit too long I suppose Ticket Number: #83605 Thank you!
  4. With the upcoming armas price change can we expect packs to be seperated (Clothing for example) and sold seperately?
  5. I would say the JG shotgun, it's like the handicapped little brother of the CSG/TAS20.
  6. The compression might not help, but using a 1024x1024 texture for something the size of a car is pretty low, changing it to 2048x2048 will give 4x more pixels to work with.
  7. Yeah the interior only uses about a 256x256 which is unheard of really.
  8. With PCs becoming more powerful and the average power of PCs increasing too, can we expect any changes to the resolution of cars. If I am correct cars in APB have a 1024x1024 Diffuse/Specular map and a 512x512 normal map. This hasn't changed since the release of the game and I would love to see these textures going from 1024x1024 to 2048x2048. With the introduction of the engine update there should be a performance increase, can we expect a texture resolution boost too?
  9. Thank you for answering. In this case it's a payment issue and not a ban so there shouldn't be a reason to be skipped.
  10. Meaning this could take even weeks if they never pick your number...which technically doesn't make sense ofc.
  11. Lovely, it would be great if the support could look at the ticket being #38 for me.
  12. Quite painful if you ask me, because this is regarding to a simple payment thing. Thanks anyway for some clarity
  13. I wasn't planning on reposting it today, it would ofc be easier if an admin/moderator could look into it if they past that ticket number already.
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