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  1. Gib us a select multiple, then select all, and then delete
  2. Moirai used to be a good car, but they nerfed it from being an AWD vehicle to RWD, which halved the torque. Please make it awd again, because the reverse gearing is garbage. On top of that, a lower tier vehicle, from which the Moirai should be an upgrade from: Dolton Broadwing. The Moirai should be returned to it's old state (at least for the drivetrain) imo, Cisco has too low health for a top tier car, it needs a slight buff. The mid tier vehicles, Kurai, Moirai, T-25 could use a slight, just a slight health/armor buff. I think the post-starter cars ($15k vehicles) could remain where they are at for now until the higher tiers get balanced. Boost the Montane's carry capacity. The thing's a dang pickup, much more cargo space than any van could hold, it's storage (a bed) is not constrained by the vertical element like the Ceresco. The Han Veos, and both Macchina cars could use a sort of buff, but I'm not too keen on how to improve them without making them too much better than the other vehicles.
  3. Advanced APB Launcher preserves config file settings. Whenever you have to update the game, just run the APB launcher through the advanced launcher, then open the settings tab, it then automatically updates the settings that you changed. When you finish, just play the game. Pretty easy way to preserve settings. My GPU is no longer a potato, so default launcher has been sufficient for me. Although, I probably could go back, and reduce the smoke settings through the advanced launcher to keep the damn fire and nades from short changing my fps by 10-15 frames.
  4. If the dead horse hasn't been beaten enough times. Russia is a State. Russian is a Nationality. The majority of people living in Russia, are Caucasian. Hence, a xenophobic statement, not a racist statement. *sidenote* Caucasian is derived from the region of the world the Caucasus Mountains, where the states: Russia Azerbaijan Armenia - my familial ethnic background, woohoo Georgia I forgot the name of the European guy, but he deemed the physical traits of the region's people to be ideal, and thus gave us the idea that Caucasian people are White European people. Hence, why many questionnaires equate Caucasian to being White - even though the two are from differing regions of the world. */sidenote*
  5. You can however preview it before purchase. There should be option in the clothing kiosk in WF, that allows you to sort for: Customizable Preset Both Same thing for vehicles. That's pretty much it.
  6. I don't really lease weapons... I have enough from my loyalty purchases of vehicle kits and premium that I no longer care for premium, or weapons purchases. However, the rare occasion I need an osmaw, I usually idle around $400k on my crim, soooo I just get a 10 day lease, and then keep playing... haven't really gone below 400k by much...
  7. from the apparent cross platform-"ability?" of xbox titles, I'm wondering if the use of the UWP code and system can be useful for integration of PC and Xbox systems... After all... Xbox is just a custom Windows layer, running more and more PC-like hardware with each generation.
  8. I tend to drive at 25mph on the interstate, does that count? Hoping that this is what happens, maybe remove the :reloaded branding, making it just All Points Bulletin, as that's the original tm.
  9. don't let em in your group mate, problem solved.
  10. From the looks of MattScott's blog post, the aim of releasing all the content at once, or around the same time, being RIOT, engine, etc. I think a rebranding might actually happen at the same time, because, then the game's made huge progress from the G1 days.
  11. The issue with APB's engine is the fact that it runs on a single core/thread. Most of all Intel and AMD processors have only slightly improved single core performance, all modern gains in processing, and power have come from hyperthreading, and adding more hardware cores. Don't go with a single core Pentium 4 obviously, but at this time, a 2010, or 2011 processor would be your best bet. Earnestly waiting for the engine upgrade, so we all can actually get the multi-threaded benefits.
  12. Maybe a sign of removing the Reloaded branding?... Oh, and I think it looks alright, probably better than what I make.
  13. You'd probably want a good Core 2 Duo from ~2010/11 and probably your current mid tier GPU would be fine. run at least 16GB of ram
  14. I will add that I got better performance upgrading from an GTX 650 to an RX 560, and RAM from 8gb to 24gb, however, using an i3 Processor may inhibit your performance gains that any gpu will provide, depending on the generation of your processor. My game still sometimes loses frames, and will drop from 60 fps to 45 in intense gun fights. My specs: Crucial parts: AMD A8 6600k OC'd to 4.4GHz MSI AMD Radeon RX 560 4gb 24GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600MHz Lesser importance: Asus A88X-PRO Motherboard Intel 120gb SSD, 1TB WD HDD, 2TB Seagate hdd Anyways, don't try to just copy other systems, but to understand what will help you best. My A8 chip doesn't have great single core performance, hence why I should upgrade it to a better processor. In my case, a Ryzen, Athlon, or FX-8000 series chip would be nice. Depending on your i3 series, you could opt for a same socket i5 or i7. In the end, APB after the engine upgrade will take better use of newer hardware, especially multiple cores along with multithreading.
  15. didn't necessarily say potato quality, differences between "high" and "max" haven't really separated. High looks just as good, and pretty much performs much better. if ya don't like potato quality, don't use a potato to play, pretty simple.
  16. Why need max settings though? the extra fps by turning stuff down a bit imo is better
  17. This. Basically, be aware of your opponents potential spawns. If you think they're gonna spawn at a car spawner, watch it. They can't use it for another... 90seconds. Sometimes, it's best to destroy it, like when you're holding off an item at the edge of the map, and their spawner is just in the right spot for them to get in, and say drive up to you, blow it up with remote det... etc..
  18. iirc, Proton is a compatibility layer that can run on... I think Linux Mint and Ubuntu when you install Steam. The issue with supporting Proton is predominantly the resources that would take away at the moment. I'm sure in the future it would be great. Also, stating one O.S. can run games better than another, I've seen many a games on Linux that are nowhere near to their Windows counterparts. The games need to be developed for that system in mind rather than a port/compatibility layer. In addition to that, Linux actually doesn't have as solid of a GPU driver support as Windows does. AMD drivers aren't really that available, and Nvidia is still behind on Linux compared to Windows drivers. So far, the best GPU driver support has been the Intel Integrated Graphics, which, I'm sure you know aren't at all good for gaming.
  19. Time to go get my good ol' 1280x1024 monitor out just for APB. Hell, I'd probably get decent frames too.
  20. Ooof, I gotta say being away gives me time to read a ton of the replies, so thanks for the continuous posts. Blocking the car spawns is one I'd say falls into the griefing tab, as there are not many points close together to spawn them... many are around 100m+ apart.
  21. While I personally don't sway either way, it can and can't be griefing, context is obviously everything. And, yes I did just move on, and keep playing. I only took some screenshots to create the thread and gauged the community's opinion. I appreciate the thought provoking post. I thank your Gen-X attitude. Congrats Thanks for the input though. I wish people would interact more in /d than not ;-; I was too Eww found this to be a rather entertaining night until both our games crashed within 10 minutes of each other.
  22. Whilst playing in Waterfront today, I happened upon this trio. I'm cutting their names out to avoid shaming; but in all seriousness, does a majority of the community agree or disagree with this being an act of griefing/mission blocking? For reference, I mean this:
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