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  1. Funny, I brought that up already. Cops can make more money imo.
  2. Then why are you still defending whatever it is you're trying to defend? I thought we've discussed this into the ground. Don't tell someone semantics based hypotheticals if you aren't just going to mention them. If/then/could statements are pointless & usually signify someone just wanting a higher thread count. I've noticed you have an affinity for having to argue things, even without substance which I had assumed was for getting thread count up for rank in community. Please, by all means; share these revolutionary game changing, faction-unique ideas. But don't threaten about them, just state them. Alternatively, that doesn't further diminish the argument of another with X,Y,Z formulas you can't prove on the spot. We have an entire thread to discuss specifics. From my own personal opinion, you've started dereailing this thread for sometime whether you see that or not. Not trying to be disrespectful; but you have to be able to see your own perogative & actions. I know you're smart enough from years of playing with you to see that. We used to be on our friends list for a while & play in game. Well, gotta go for now. Cheers!
  3. Not that I'm aware of, but that are tons of tricks to using LTL efficiently. Message me brother & we can go over them but it's pretty easy.any explosive damage drains high Stam, lethal weapon drain Stam. Falling from heights drains Stam, just practice using PIG during jump shots & learning it's absolute max range by second nature by test firing at Walls. You can zap anyone. I like ACES with taser or certain snipers. Remote car Det with blast radius works wonders in a crowd, jumpshot each target after & go in a circle arresting the 1st downed. The shotgun LTL is an amazing pixel sniper for it too & can jumpshot decently.
  4. sTr8-jAcKeT

    Armas refund

    Why have I had over 30 pages of of trials I had to go through & delete in the mailbox then? Endless trials on each page... I'm confused if your account isn't glitched. Search screenshots of this same phenomenon. People have made threads about getting rid of the endless trials weapon emails more efficiently. I don't get what you're missing.
  5. No kidding, everyone states that obvious fact. But the truth is sometimes people can't afford a PC. I mentioned this already, please read the entirety of threads first. If console is all people can afford, let them play with PC players, especially if populations are low. There are some players who play games with gamepads that still rek. Let them play how they want.
  6. But then the players who like to hunt Crim's doing that as cops would be jipped.
  7. sTr8-jAcKeT

    battle royale

    That's an insane amount of effort put into a thread reply, lol. Take a breather my friend. It I was just half going g off this thing & the road map he talked about as well: https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/news/2019/4/18/april-update-from-matt Who cares about specifics, the game will develop as it does regardless of how much we argue on the forums.
  8. sTr8-jAcKeT

    Armas refund

    You get several day long trials in your mailbox all the time. I guess that's if you're actually spending money to begin with in Armas though. at least I think that's how I remember you get all those three and ten day trials and whatnot. Using someone else's vehicle is just the same as if you bought it. You don't make any significant changes to its performance or anything. And they actually give you car trials in your mailbox as well. And using a teammate's car is absolutely necessary at times if they get killed in spawn far away once an objective changes for one example. or communicating with them and asking them, "Hey may I try your car?I've never driven this before." just stop trying to be defensive & find objective points to latch onto for no apparent reason. At this point it just sounds like you're trying to make a mountain out of a molehill. Spend money on Armas first & you'll see that you get all these things. Have you bought something on Armas to refund previously? Did you not get automatic gifts in your mailbox? Doesn't the game award random trials as well? I can't remember. Next, someone is going to argue, "yes but the trials are random and blah blah blah." Just stop. Going into a FC like Asylum & trying the weapon is more than enough to know how it handles in 30 minutes. People could post a picture of a boulder & they'd argue it's a rock. Both are accurate, but the inherit nature of argumentative mentalities still remain.
  9. Thanks. I guess all we have is conjecture until the game moves forward considerably.
  10. If you agree you're not restricted to playing one faction, what's the harm in allowing each of the factions to have their own mechanics? The meer ability to play another faction should not diminish from anothers capabilities for the sake of an imaginary desire in balancing.
  11. What a horrible idea. Plus from a business standpoint; how can you not see that it would hurt profit for them? It makes more people use money for purchases. Even skipping one sale is less money. They don't need to add this. Let's squash this idea now. We want to support the company & help the longevity of the game as much as we can. Quit trying to skimp out on supporting them. It's like pirating MP3s. Just buy the damn CD/album to support your favorite band.
  12. sTr8-jAcKeT

    battle royale

    Yeah, I believe Matt said they were implementing this eventually. No one read the road maps/notes anymore? The RIOT was them experimenting with getting the idea down.
  13. sTr8-jAcKeT

    Armas refund

    That's what the trials are for. Then it converts cash to another digital currency. At best you'd get back that amount of G1C. They will work with you if it's like a 48 hours after your purchase, at least they used to. But this feels like a pointless thread. You can try guns & cars out first before you make your purchase. I feel no sympathy in this.
  14. It would just be fun. No, LTL is very easy w/out percs.
  15. I have a feeling that once they finish the integral parts of the game being updated & all the systems being revamped, they're going to work on a lot of content. Just a little more patience my friends.
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