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  1. My idea was meant as a way to allow enforcers to get atleast some money when there wasn't anyone on at the time. Due to the relatively small playerbase of the game, it is important that there are at least one or two solo activities that either side can do to give them something to do during down-times where there is no-one on.
  2. One of my friends in teamspeak made a really good point about this. Collecting evidence via police searches should build up the prestige meter. That should prevent it from being an incontestable activity.
  3. One big complaint I've heard passed around is that there is no way for enforcers to make money without criminals around. Criminals have ram raiding, mugging, and chop shopping, which all make sense within the lore of the game, but there is no equivalent solo activity for enforcers. After scratching my brain for awhile, I've come up with an activity that I think is beneficial, lore friendly, and allows enforcers to make money if there are no criminals around. In certain missions, enforcers are able to use a battering ram to search for evidence of a crime. This means that there is, within the capability of the game, a way for enforcers to break down doors, which even has an upgrade-able tool to speed up the activity. What if, in free roam, there were certain doors on the sides of buildings which had warrants posted on them. These doors would be able to be busted down by enforcers (using their battering rams) after which they would get some items of evidence. This evidence could be hard drives, cocaine bricks, or any other sort of item that could be evidence of a crime being committed. Enforcers would only be break down doors with warrants on them, because the warrant gives them the legal ability to look for evidence without legal repercussions. After gathering evidence, they would be able to take it to the evidence lockup, just like they can do when they kill a criminal who is carrying small, medium, or large loot items. This means that enforcers would have a way of generating funds during times where the population is low, while still thwarting crimes by collecting evidence.
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