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  1. Bingo! Let's not entice EVERYONE to farm JT in Fight Club. Let's get more folks playing the game in general.
  2. Ummmm, its a Cop vs. Robbers game! Be happy you don't get Police brutality and get a big black nightstick up the Hello!
  3. Nothing more annoying than when your team follows them. Newsflash! Never follow, head them off and be waiting, Osmaw, Alig, concussion. But no, stupid people follow 200 meters behind. If you are both going the same speed you will always be behind. I get it done myself, half the Silvers and below can't drive. Sometimes I wonder if they are playing a different game than I am because they crash into EVERY possible object in the game.
  4. I have been saying this forever. Yea, it's not a fix but something...
  5. I feel ya, but Goldies don't play in Gold now so they definitely aren't going to join a Platinum District.
  6. Not sure about that new gun, but definitely YES to slight Cobra buff. Nobody really uses it much right now.
  7. Havana


    I think it is highly unlikely people post in the wrong area every time. Something wrong with the forums. Every topic has a admin message saying the moved the post.
  8. Havana

    VIP Improvements

    Give us slightly better/farther spawns please..........
  9. Havana

    bring beacon back

    Yuck, why not make a new area entirely out of a part of the Riot map.
  10. Just proves how horrible the playerbase is.
  11. Now we are talking about some real change. Sure it won't be great at first and will have to tweaked a few times. Be happy! We have been asking for things and here they are and people are going to complain. Oh well, can't please everyone.
  12. Havana


    I like Big Butts. I cannot lie...
  13. They always do this. It's soo frustrating. A gun is OP and everyone abuses it and complains...OK Then Nerf it into shitdom. Why not make small incremental adjustments instead of ALWAYS overreacting?
  14. Shredder I guess was OP for a short time? I missed it, but they nerfed it a bit too much. Needs some range back on it. Why play a 3 shot shot gun with same range as a 2 shot. I love the Dow, perfect where it is.
  15. Yea, I have never understood hanging out Social. But whatever. Still looking for card, casino games, gun shooting/testing gallery. Ability to organize my weapons, give some of my Joker box weapons away to noobies. A lottery system from the ridiculous 20% sales tax and a million other things. Soo much potential and Zero imagination. I know, I know Engine upgrade.
  16. Agreed 100%, anybody want to buy some legendaries?
  17. So there are no cheats or even the possibility of them unless Cookie says so. Democrats of APB....ughhh.
  18. For some reason in Jericho Bronze server is always active and on Financial. And the Silver district is always on Waterfront. I like both equally, but they should change both up a little more. Just help newer players get those contacts going.
  19. I like it also. Too bad most run the same old boring, I have to win loadouts setup. I love funky unconventional loadouts, helps you to be more versatile as well.
  20. Actually can't believe I totally agree with you....lol
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