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  1. I feel you with the “hope losing” part. I was once in your situation in a patch update. “OMG the only thing they updated is the lag of the game wtf?” was all in my mind at that time. But then to be fair, I got a new display card the next day and the problem was solved immediately. So yep, game content sucks, anticheat sucks, but for fps... m-maybe it’s on our hardware?
  2. Well I didnt say pop analysis itself is a wrong thing to do at first, which was argued by Glaciers: so i clarify this at my latter post firstly: Then I once again states my standpoint of this and further elaborate my idea: Sorry for any misunderstandings, but there I dont see any contradictions in my point as well Edit: Fk my eyes, shouldnt talk to 5 forums at the same time
  3. You dont get the main point. Pop analysis is common in every game, but that with players arguing over such small figures to discuss the future of a game poses a dreadful threat to the concerning company. This shows its inability to attract new players to come in and so that even a small fluctuations in population can raise concern and become a discussion topic among players
  4. To make people analyze and compare the pop trend in a game with such small-scale base and fluctuations poses a pathetic situation for a gaming company.
  5. LOL should LO really planned to do this Social Standing thing, this may be the greatest achievement of LO that will be beneficial to most people of the community so far Sure I know about that, as I come up with this term with the correlation to the renowned and historical Bank-standing in Runescape among the global MMO community. It just gets on my nerves in the case of APB because the population here is way smaller than many MMOs and they are becoming a significant part of the playerbase, while other districts cry for missions and fight club participation.
  6. It is just way too often to see at least 25% of the population staying in the social district and do absolutely nothing/afk for a long period of time. I don't mean those that are making trades on the marketplace, designing their avatar/vehicle appearance, or even just having small talks with others, but the ones that do ABSOLUTELY nothing in-game. What is the idea behind this such "social-district-standing", so to speak?
  7. Fayeth

    Ideas for apb.

    Quote of the day. Toxicity and Ruthlessness to new players (or everyone in general tbh) are norms here.
  8. Passive character mod to teleport you back to nearest contact/safe spot in case of DDOS attacks/too high pings
  9. Tip 1: Add bots into RIOT so that it is not embarrassingly empty most of the time. Tip 2: Server merge (esp. NA, Citadel) so that RIOT is not embarrassingly empty most of the time. Tip 3: Get Engine Upgrade done to draw old and new players into the game so that RIOT is not embarrassingly empty most of the time.
  10. The question of the poll should be changed to "Have you ever had the chance to try out RIOT" or "How often does your server have a functioning RIOT district". With such a low and often inactive gaming population in the servers, I do agree that introducing another new district is a bad move and LO should contribute their efforts to the existing ones (e.g. Fight Clubs) instead.
  11. You: Use forum power on requesting ban list. LO: Nothing interesting happens.
  12. I doubt whether they even have the manpower/money to clean the blocked stinky drains in their company toilet(s)
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