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  1. Fayeth

    Ideas for apb.

    Quote of the day. Toxicity and Ruthlessness to new players (or everyone in general tbh) are norms here.
  2. Passive character mod to teleport you back to nearest contact/safe spot in case of DDOS attacks/too high pings
  3. Tip 1: Add bots into RIOT so that it is not embarrassingly empty most of the time. Tip 2: Server merge (esp. NA, Citadel) so that RIOT is not embarrassingly empty most of the time. Tip 3: Get Engine Upgrade done to draw old and new players into the game so that RIOT is not embarrassingly empty most of the time.
  4. The question of the poll should be changed to "Have you ever had the chance to try out RIOT" or "How often does your server have a functioning RIOT district". With such a low and often inactive gaming population in the servers, I do agree that introducing another new district is a bad move and LO should contribute their efforts to the existing ones (e.g. Fight Clubs) instead.
  5. You: Use forum power on requesting ban list. LO: Nothing interesting happens.
  6. I doubt whether they even have the manpower/money to clean the blocked stinky drains in their company toilet(s)
  7. An old chestnut to this game. Devs keep turning a deaf ear to this problem. It's just another bitter pill for everyone who keeps the hope on the game to swallow anyway.
  8. Currently the doctors in San Paro are not well trained to carry out the transgender surgery. So no.
  9. And the third time appeared just now
  10. Just called Uber Eats for my breakfast and opened NARS official to go online shopping for a while. Cheers LO
  11. The crappy threat system has been real pain in the butt for ages. It’s something that can even be traced back to the prehistoric “Apb without reloaded” time. I can feel you. But name and shame is just not the solution to this. Get over it man
  12. Eating crow is kind of difficult for game developers these days
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