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  1. And the questions are? Ask in game, a veterinarian is allways willing to give some tips if you explain your situation.
  2. My fingers are tired of typing and a moderator delete a whole post instead of removing an "insult" and keep the post. Can you do something about it @MattScott pls? Get some useful people.... it is time.
  3. The problem is that they dont like the game and thats why they leave any player knows that sometimes starting a game is hard specially pvp ones because ypu need to learn from zero certain things the only common thing in shooters is that you have a crosshair and aim to the enemy to kill it but other shooter to be more challenging add recoil or hard to aim when you move so is harder to kill enemies but apb is diferent because you not only have that but ghost shoting lag and bad hit reg so a player that doesnt have enough experience in apb will think that killing an enemy is impossible but its not just practicing and learning where the hitbox is placed when a lag switcher is lagging is not that hard you just kep aiming in one place and slowly move the crosshair depending on their movmenet sometimes it gets really bad and you die but it happens nothing to do apb is a game of both luck and skill the other problem is that new players are overwhelmed by the amount of things apb has that is easier just quit they are just lazy to learn and dont worth anyone time even developing time to try toretain them its better to just keep improving the game and go back to the gold apb era and player will slowly returning and newcommers will see people enthusiasm and will stay because they will see and feel a good game vive evem some hardcore gameplay some players showing off will theow at them that first impact that will make them love apb as it happened to us that we got glued to apb because we all saw how good and entertined the game was also visually enjoyable sadly g1 is decided to kill apb in the saddest way but its not our fault we give the best advice from our pov and they take the wrongest aproach every time because to make a game enjoyable you need to be a pasionate gamer yourself or otherwise you are just a clown ape messing things up and it will end jilling the game i tried to give advice but they wont listen they will never catch up what make a game interesting and appealing and comfortable and enjoyable they arw focused to make the game complicated ao children can enjoy it lol plus the tutorial should be removed an reworked limited to a special district dedicated to teach players the game ropes thats the hardest part for a noob get along with all apb content without aguide and not knowing how to get weapons customize etc.
  4. Me too. I usually waited near the end of the match to kick them.
  5. I also wanted something like this.
  6. Instead of jt, armas weapons should be tradeable. More income with same results... and reviving the game economy (this is needed).
  7. He will stay because he is happy about nfas nerf, i think. Imagine the amount of suffering he been through to be this happy. Being dominated by bronzies as gold must be not funny.
  8. Dont try to find any sense in their weapon balancing, because theres none. All they did was plain bad, they are turning this game boring.
  9. Trouble maker yes, yukon not. Yukon is not only a piece of crap now, its hit reg is really awful so it barely matters how low its fire rate is. They made lose millions to yukon owners, and they dont give a fuck. They later pretend to know what they are doing. Im happy that they decided to keep messing weapons, that will piss off more players ;^)
  10. I will take it into consideration.
  11. Sound way too fantastic to be honest... but ty for info. What about lag?
  12. Wrong? The game wasnt better for everyone back then but popoulated enough and funny. You cant know how to make a game better for everyone with a pop like this?
  13. Plot twist: dethreaters allways existed, they didnt get noticed because more people were playing and willing to win and dethreaters got their proper threat and they were free to pick whatever server they wanted. Like i told a few years ago, i once started a new character to see how bad it was and i found very skilled silvers plumbing starters and bronzies. It felt good outplaying them and telling them "i just started and im winning" or stuff like that heh.
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