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  1. You seem to think you have some sort of, deep insight, into other peoples thinking and reasons for doing or saying things, when in reality, you seem to understand others very poorly. You repeatedly assert your opinion as some sort of revelation to others of why they are feeling or doing something. How would you know if my "experience in game never works in your pleasure"? What do you know of my "mind set"? What does that even mean? I have nothing against non native English speakers but I feel like I must seriously consider it isn't your first language. You sound insane. Edit to add: There are 18 people total on NA server, highest district is 7 people, yeah, its definitely the players fault if we aren't satisfied, its all just, you know, a matter of perspective, if I only saw the glass as half full instead of as having a few drops in it.
  2. For someone who just joined the forums, I assume you are either a)new and ignorant, or b) not new, and a troll You sound not only like a fool, but arrogant and dismissive. Your communication skills are terrible, you were obviously not on the debate team, if you even went to, and/or finished school. On top of that you are obviously (to people who are not you) wrong. Basically you are inviting anyone who has ever been satisfied with the game to think you are an idiot. I used to be completely satisfied with the game, I paid a subscription until I realized I could ENJOY the game into RTW points to pay it with. The game was so amazing that it took one bankrupt company and two more companies after to kill it. Once upon a time the game had fantastic devs, but it has never really had good management. Anyway, guy that just joined less than two months ago, please refer to the first line of this here post, for probably the most relevant sentence in case you missed it, but I'm sure you know.
  3. "Now" like with the current state of things? How could anyone be satisfied "now" when you can't even play because of lack of people?
  4. Considering APB has never/will never have a really effective anti-cheat, I find delusional statements about no cheaters to be irresponsible misinformation. From my perspective, even still, there are people I would bet $$ on being cheaters. And of course the always present highly suspicious low rank newbie outfit wearing gods that wreck whole teams. If I am going to recommend a cheat free (or low cheat at the least) experience, it certainly wont be any APB server. I certainly still play and enjoy multiplayer team based shooters. Just not this one. This one I log on, play, deal with toxic jerks, and at least suspicious if not blatant players. Edited to add: I still do play btw, just not much, since all my friends quit ages ago. APB is like my crazy ex that I still hook up with but am ashamed to admit it.
  5. Its not like US west coast is almost as far from US East coast as, the US east coast is from Europe or anything right? Not like 3,000 miles worth of latency/lag would make you want to play on a server closer right?
  6. They don't need to make one, there's tons of cheats that do all that, they can just copy paste the code, the only thing that would need to be added is walking around, which we see plenty of.
  7. Sounds like you need a keyboard that doesn't suck. You can get a mechanical keyboard from Redragon on amazon for like 50$
  8. I think it has to at least be changed when they add phasing.
  9. Cop 15 in a month? Please elaborate on how you achieved this, or better, show us some proof, otherwise, yeah, you trollin'.
  10. Hey, I'm not saying I think LO has a bad plan, I'm just saying by the time they implement it, there may not be anyone left to appreciate it. Adding a higher threat IMHO would do some good, it would make more work for dethreaters, can you imagine? They would have to drop at least two threat levels to get into bronze, that would (should at least) take some serious time. I feel like the game used to pit more low threat players against high threat players, and honestly thats pretty fair, at least I think so. The other day I had to 1 vs 3 some silvers, and really, I thought it would take a lot of effort, but I thought it would be more fair than using the option the game gave me to call backup on them. If the game consistently matched numbers vs skill, that would be at least a good temporary solution.
  11. I strongly disagree with your first point. Yes I am aware of the plan for phasing, however as I mentioned since you can't be bothered to read but feel the need to respond, the proposed solution is not going to happen very soon, if soon at all. I'm also aware that the low population is one of the biggest issues with current match making working. The problem is, if its not fixed why would anyone come back, or try this as a new game? Even after the engine upgrade, plenty of people wont bother coming back if the things that bother them the most, aren't fixed as well. Remember, losing isn't what makes most players angry, its feeling like they don't stand a chance that is the killer of hope.
  12. I think unbalanced matches are one of, if not the biggest thing driving people away, and surely, one of the biggest things (other than cheating) making people think the game is infested with cheaters (there are probably too many but mostly the same cheaters just with new faces). Now, I'm not "great" at the game, but I've been around a long time, long enough to at least sometimes be the one making someone else rage quit/hackusate. I personally can't recall the last time I logged on, played some matches and logged off happy. It is almost always that I log off to play something that is less anger inducing. Now, I know there are plans on doing things about it, but at this point, I don't know how many people will be around to appreciate the new solution, without SOME sort of measures implemented ACTUALLY soon, instead of "just wait, we will solve it after the EU" I mean, that shit got old a LONG time ago. I mean, its bad, real bad. How can anyone just leave it in a situation where we have Gold players, in bronze, and sometimes they even get to call for backup. I mean, I understand going gold in the bronze district is usually just because bronze players suck a lot more than silver players, and the threat is totally broken. I understand segregation MAY do more harm than good. One of the biggest failures in fixing threat, IMHO, was when they added GREEN threat. If someone is worse than bronze, it really isn't of consequence to match making. Its not like the game is going to find X amount of green players to pit against a gold threat. If however, there was a threat ABOVE gold, that would make a world of difference, there is obviously a big difference between someone who goes "gold" from killing bronzes, and a player that is gold, and can 1 vs 4 a premade team of gold players, or any other number of things "pro" players do. I apologize for making another thread about things that are already discussed often, but this was far more enjoyable than what was playing out while I was actually in the game earlier. PS. I have no comment on whether or not Easy AntiCheat works, but its damn annoying that I have to turn off my systems RGB control, just to log on to APB and be dissappointed at the state of things.
  13. No one is saying you have no choice. You are simply making a choice that hurts the games playability for others. If you dont want to play against the other team, quit, if its a reoccurring thing, just log off, and go do something you actually enjoy. No one forces you to hit K, and then when you decide you dont like the situation, then possibly makes the situation a huge waste of time for everyone, but I suppose you are so focused on YOU, and how YOU "FEEL". If you actually wanted to opt out, of a mission without quitting, get yourself a suicide demerit and ask to be kicked. Just going afk is hugely selfish. If you can't handle respecting at least your teamates time, then go play a game that doesnt include teamwork. Ironic as it may be, the way to beat someone with more skill, is teamwork, and making your team suffer a slot filled with your afk self, robs your team of that chance.
  14. Griefing is like driving around in a garbage truck hitting people to mess them up, generally being a jerk and doing stuff to make other people have a less enjoyable time. Clearly you aren't too concerned about the rules though, if you are griefing, getting banned, and then talking about it on the forums. But if you got it for griefing, there is a good bet either video was sent in showing your behaviour or a GM actually observed you. Read the rules, follow them, and it wont be an issue in the future. If not, no one will miss a griefer who doesnt take other people's time seriously.
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