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  1. Whether are not you want to addess this or not, this is a fact. Due to the Timeline of the game and experience gap of players there issues that no Game update can address. There are soo many tryhard 8year plus vets that KNOW the names of nearly every mission stage., They know where they should be before you complete your current objective. LO also stated the released 50 unused missions. UMMMM OK , I Don't see it. I could be wrong or if is.... Its so slight in difference its pointless. The missions themselves needs to be remixed and re evaluated and renamed. Please stop listenening to ONLY the top tier dudes, THEY DO NOT SPEND MONEY, THEY RUN OFF PLAYERS and are egostical messes. The Forums are just as bad, FLAME on as you always do. I said the truth and I will not FOLLOW up on it because TOXICITY is ALL the forums are about. Everytime I Post it, It is with only with good intentions in HEART for the pursuit of the game, but is 110% met with Toxicity. So do what you will and G night!
  2. Umm yeah, I mean it HIGH RISK High Reward. I was never good at it but had respect for ppl that did. As it is right now the game is becoming BORING. EVERYTHING is Almost nothing but SMG's 24 7. I mean A WHOLE LOT. Its soo boring. i like to use non meta weird combos and I am getting wrecked now. I don't wannt to be a meta gun only player. But, I am just about to that point of putting on that OCA, whisper, and every try hards fave gun of the moment the Stilleto! Yawn.
  3. I recently saw a player, And I am not sure of the name. Because GOD forbid we would not want to name and shame. Diarrea in the eye and and other player with a name just as foul or worse. But dont name or shame them. It like the whole politcal field sadly. You have NONE Pieces of garbage, But somehow its OK. LO you have it all wrong, focus on the game and do not even get involved in all taht nonsense. You Make it worse on your self. WE don't care. It is a game. AND BTW these ppl that cry about dethreaters, are the worst offenders. They make new characters like the afore mentioned. It really is such BS.
  4. I find it EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE that the Mask OF the President of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA has been removed. He IS YOUR President, IT IS A FACT! I am soo tired of this BS of kissing patootie to the apparently Social construct, which is ALSO FALSE! This Company is putting themselves in a liability situation, by taking sides. We are to here to play a game. Merged. This Game SHOULD NOT BE POLTICAL but YOU made it that way! Get BACKBone AND stop this insanity, You are wrong on ALL accounts. There is NO discussion that needs to follow, YOU are wrong for doing this. And , it shows your weakness.
  5. Smells like Criminal ButtHurtness to me. Merged. All I hear is meta gun user that is Butthurt. The upate is legit, sure it needs some tweaking but it was warranted becuz of Tryhard meta boys.
  6. Don't need it. All you need is 12 year ZERO life Gamer with FBW and macro.
  7. Everyone should play on the worst graphics POSSIBLE and stream on Twitch. Also, continuosly press space bar as often as possible. Best way to make people NEVER want to play the game. Carry on.
  8. Best thing ever is when all the shady people have to hop on Silver after the server Crashes. I Don't go GOLD cuz I aint good, but all the perm dethreaters have to go where they should. But it is nice when the Bronze dethreat trollers HAVE to resest!
  9. Havana

    IR3 Truth

    Every mod has a upside and a downside in this game. BUT, Not IR3, WHY. LO caved to Dbag Permanent WaterFront 10 year No Life Vets. Prove me Wrong.
  10. Havana

    Item on base

    When you have a item that needs to be turned in and held for either team.... If the opposing team has points, they should NOT be able to just take the item and run away with it. At some point the the points should start counting down in reverse for NOT putting it on base. After ALL thats what everyone in the game regardless of skill level does. You all fuzzy bunny and call everyone p****ies but you then do it on the very nnext mission and some how come with some justification for ONLY yourself. Futhermore..... Its really funny when the HOLD item is a BANK truck, and ppl complain that you drove away and you are P%$$Y! Like you are just to stop in the street! Get a grip on you yourselves. The Most Toxic thing in this game is the forums with a close second being the chat in game. It's like so dumb, The entire community of this game is MORALLY BANKRUPT! Just calle me the pig, cuz pigs LIKE SHIt, Give it to me for saying the truth!
  11. Flame on! Just my observations, Alot more cheating in the last few months. Wallhacks OF COURSE! A few NTEC'ers that just hold the button down and hit at all ranges. (Video proof of a guy asking me if I wanted the link to his download, he felt justified because he plays with 250ms, but he is still playing) Was even getting seriously damaged by a NTEC at 95 meters one time! Couple of OCA's that just auto lock on. Funny Thing is 85% of this is from the same clan, But OH HELL NO GOD FORBID we say it. The whole world has gone upside down, Not allowed to call out BS. Why are we following the rest of crowd and giving in to BS. We protect the rapist from being hurt, but don't care about who got raped, but at the same time say they care about women. It's really smart, and everyone has bought into being woke. But, you ain't woke YOU are Brainwashed. Common sense should prevail. YES IT IS ALL relevant. ANY company that put out anything saying they Support a domestic terrorist Organization do it for one reason. They are wimps and cannot stand up for what they KNOW is right,BECAUSE they are SCARED. Guess what, It doesn't work! They will still Burn your crap down. Think its not the same! It is. Don't protect Cheats. Cheats should be called out for what they are. Watch how fast this gets taken down. Will be sad and EVEN further prove my point if it does!
  12. Can't beleive this has never been addressed. As a Crim I can send in game email attachments all day long to members and to my other characters. But, as I cop i have to wait 1 minute per 3 emails sent, to send send a symbol or something again. BIAS Why?, what is the purpose of this? Furthermore, Why is there NOT a better interface for sharing clan logos and symbols amongst clannies? It makes ONE person be responsible for it all! If you are MADE a officer of the clan, you should have the ability to duplicate Clan symbols. But ONLY the creator can do it. And FREAKING THEN! he CAN ONLY SEND ONLY 3 PER MINUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT...............ONLY IF YOU ARE A COP, not so for CRIM its just a stupid Overlook. ONLY I HOPE!
  13. I immediately knew it would be Dopefish!!!!!!
  14. Amen, that's most if the players right there. Immature Exactly, like the guy who immediately disliked my comment, thus proving the point of the guy I was agreeing with....lol
  15. Boy do I miss Fairfight and ffbans.org! Remember how many people were banned? Tons! And were just supposed to believe all is good now. Seeing alot of questionable people lately ALOT! I hide just to see if they can find me sometimes and they most always do. Closet wallhackers. And of course they all macro FBW to death.
  16. No point when all the tryhards just macro the broken FBW. WHY even have shotguns or Smgs when FBW macro wins 90% of the time.
  17. Havana

    Bugs and suggestions

    That's APB forums sadly. If you make a post complimenting something the6will poo poo on it.
  18. Colby Commander is pure trash, if it's so balanced then why can you count on one hand how many times you have seen it your entire APB career!
  19. Man, I wish I was that cool of a forum guru!
  20. Nice see some changes. But haters keep hating. Good Job LO.
  21. Yet on the ingame stats of the gun it shows the bar range being like 60 meters. BS You can even see it in that video.
  22. It is frustrating. I mean for the time the community has been promised a engine update we could have had a whole new game. APB 2.0 or 3 by now.
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