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  1. I agree with you and have fairly similar experiences. However, like I and many others have stated dozens of times, Bronze, Green and Trainees NEED HELP. This is a total slaughter fest for newer players and creates and even more bad reputation for the game. There needs to be some Rank and Threat rework for Bronze and below. It's ridiculous a person could go from Trainee to Bronze or Silver in 1 or 2 matches! There needs to be a minimum number of matches played and or a whole lot more ranking between Trainee to Green, Green to Bronze. They need a place to play with their own peers NEW to the game where they can learn and have a Fun Experience. And this needs to happen automatically by that Rank/Skill/Time level and not be predicated on them picking the "Right" server dsitrict. This one act alone would help bring and retain players. Although, I have enjoyed the current system. I have also seen more New people quit! I just can't understand how this is a NON issue to LO. I feel its the biggest downfall of this game.
  2. HUGE AMEN on that. Car Det spam is just soo NOOB. Yet, some 255's use this as their primary weapon. Usually a OCA or True Ogre player. This needs a cooldown years ago. It's things like this they eerybody knows is the right thing to do, yet never addressed.
  3. Yeah, like all of a sudden it seemed really weak. I just thought I was having a bad night. Merged. Fair, unusual for the forums. I give it a like.
  4. HB doesn't have much of effect on anything sadly.
  5. The 7000 plus hour No life Gold would say. Maybe you just need to GitGud. Pretty stupid ain't it?
  6. Should have screen shotted my mission where it was 3 Golds vs. Our team of 3 Silvers and 1 Gold. The Gold on our team got 3 kills. Everyone else got 0. It was mostly close to midrange and I had a close range gun. 3 golds on their team had about 7 kills each. The level 147 Gold had 27 kills with Obir, short to midrange fight mind you. So Legit I'm sure. But, we haven't tried anything different for years. And now we have. And it's a FAILURE. You can already see that the population overall is way down. People very hungry to play after a week of nothing and more people with time to play because of the holidays. But CLEARLY alot will try and say No Thank You. I'll just try playing one of my lower level characters using inferior gun so when I do get a kill it will be twice as sweet. Thank You Gold Tiger for not having a ego and getting it. And just for being a decent human being.
  7. Sounds like a plan, why not give it a shot. Better than nothing for the past 4 years or more.
  8. Since ALL we ever hear from Golds is Low Pop excuse... How about No Grouping in Silver server. Its just random who you get matched up with. Maybe the same in bronze. (not sure about that) Love the YOU SUCK! Go to Bronze. Your in Bronze YOU are a dethreater. Then in Forums. Silvers should NEVER play in Bronze. There will always be enough Silver to play in Silver. They are the biggest population. If Bronze is full they have no choice and there will always be too many people and Bronze, Green and T's that dont know how to manually select their appropriate server. (Why this is still a thing for years is one of the biggest flaws in this game) Yet this practice goes on everyday. And THE biggest reason for a new person to quit immediately. More Silvers "might " Play in Silver if the Golds were'nt on Waterfront 95% of the time. Loads still ranking up and might need a Contact on Financial. Golds NEVER even attempt to get the GOLD server going. This might lead to People playing in their appropriately skilled district. And help newer people gain enough skill to reach Silver and Gold. You would think if they cared about the game they could organize (they do in matches) a week of actually playing in GOLD every other month or something. Golds say Git Gud. I am good. Big difference when Team of 4 are 6 year vets Vs. One or 2 Good Silver/Golds and 2 randoms. You won't Git Gud when you are the ONLY one on your Team getting kills and losing. I have played off and on for years. And for years I never used Advanced Tab to pick server. For a long time I didn't even know that you could. (like most) I didnt care because I didnt need to. I was decent and there was population. I had fun, I kicked butt and got butt kicked and was learning. You don't learn anything playing in SILVER except maybe... I need to play with the same 3 teammates for years and all be on Discord or Teamspeak and communicate. Golds forget where they came from. When they started the population was high. Therefore, they were able to GitGud with their peers. Imagine a Trainee grouped with a random Bronze going up against a team of 255 GOLD/Silvers all in the same clan (and probably on Discord) with Car Det, most Legendaries, Full supply of consumables, FireBomb, car surfer, etc. etc. Theres a Crim clan that does this EVERY NIGHT in Bronze. GOLD the entire night and they are miraculously there again the next night. Reporting is a joke, I report them almost daily for months. It's a complete FAILURE! Some of you know. Been said a million times. NEVER TRIED ONCE! Get rid of the Main Server screen and Show list of Servers. Force Bronze, Green and Trainee to play in Green Server. Or at least to a certain level. (Why was it made?) Its more empty than GOLD, some people Ramraid in Gold. Green is NOT used. If a new player does end up in Green. They to quit due to boredom of being alone, in their mind it must be a dead game. Another one lost. NEVER NEVER NEVER have a Trainee start in Silver, or Bronze for that matter. If they ALL started by default in Green until lvl 75 or 100 or something then Purposeful dethreaters couldn't abuse them. (yea, there will be ONE lowlife that dethreats all the way to Bronze move on) Matchmaking......No point in even discussing it. Low Tier Threat is a Joke. A person with decent shooter skills can go from Trainee to Bronze or Silver and sometimes even GOLD in 1 or 2 matches. LOL, yea that makes sense. He's ready for the Pros! Have Gold matches in GOLD. They complain about no more contacts or rewards. Give them one for playing in Gold weekly. GMs GMS GMs where are they? Cmon man! This is a joke too! They cant, wont or dont do anything IF you ever see them. We need a really extensive vetting process to get some real Mature GM's that can DO SOMETHING! And be mature enough for the job with no favortism. The community on all levels don't help out either. In the rare case you do see a GM all he/she gets is a never ending stream of Gimme this and gimme that and really really stupid repetitive questions. Go to the Forums and let GM's be GM's and Not Santa Claus. Same goes for forum moderators. I was recently given a Forum warning for a poo poo word. Meanwhile NPC's say things that would make a Sailor blush. I could go and paste links all day long of people on forums who used a curse word here on the forums. Those are all Okay I guess. Not mine. No favortism please or no prejudice. Something! DO SOMETHING! None of this has been tried. We lose players just as fast as we gain them. Years go by and suggestions like these and even better ones are pooped on in the forums. Low Pop, Git Gud. It will never happen until some real changes similar to these occur. Maybe it won't do anything, But again We try NOTHING! And none of these would directly affect the Top tier community. Just wait, New Engine and Phasing will solve all! It will NOT! We will see about phasing. Doesn't sound that great to me. Get moved to a new district before each match. Does mission wait to start until everyone is loaded in? He who has the better PC will spawn first and be first to objective everytime? I dunno. I think it will bring a whole other plethora of other problems we haent even thought about yet. But, at least its trying somethng, if it ever happens. Meanwhile..................a week to change server locations.
  9. I'm so bored I was going to go to Armas and spend some money on cosmetic junk. Can't even do that!
  10. Shaw, I can't believe Shaw was even mentioned. Almost NO ONE EVER uses Shaw and when they do they usually have less than desirable results. It's my favorite weapon to play because of this. People automatically underestimate you when you use it becuz its not easy to use. I mean if you even take ANY kind of mental note on which guns you go up against each night and how many times. The Shaw wouldn't even come close to the top 10. People in most cases are going to use whats easiest overall or for the given situation. The average player using a Shaw will get beat by a Bronze Star user most of the time. It aint just hold the button down like a True Ogre. You have to know when to use the sights and not, you can't jump around like a crack addict. You are severely slowed down so mobility is crap. Everything can sidestep you and kill you easy unless your are really ready to twist that mouse hard! Get used to moving with your secondary and switching fast. There is no aiming pattern you can learn, it kicks left, right and up. You really have to work at correcting it constantly. I'm LMG role 15 ALL SHAW, before there were any of these other LMG's. Still can count on one hand I see this played nightly. Even Less so in Silver District, newbies think all that firepower has got to be good, but they can't control it. The only gun thats disrespected IMO as much is the Star LCR. Golds know but Silvers and below cant understand how a Star is repeatedly taking them down from 80m. Totally underestimated and fun to play as well.
  11. That's the best idea I have heard. How about Make APB fun again and put those car jumps back in, remove invisible walls and get rid of the smart out of bounds. Just make it so you can't take items to out of bounds places. Soo depressing to watch old videos of stunts we can no longer do. While were at it, it was crap to gimp throwing a nade straight up. What was the harm in that. G1 really took the fun out.
  12. Maybe this will end up being a good thing with no threat districts. As long as Vets don't Team up and abuse lesser experienced. What am I saying, of course they will do that.
  13. Great point I agree Totally. If there were changes like this we might see slightly more people using them. Nothing is more frustrating than really controlling your sway and recoil laying down a hailstorm of bullets that looks like nothing could survive. And they just gopher pop up a few times and easily kill you 100% of the time. Totally smart. This weapon looks so great on paper but many can't use it. Sorry talking specifically about the Shaw. 8stk in .560 sceonds.... Yet out of 100 round mag or more laid down you land nothing when they are covered by shield or short wall....I doubt it.
  14. Absolutely, you rarely see the Shaw used and used effectively. Noobies think all that firepower will surely get them kills and they get badly outplayed by ANY gun. The Shaw could use the tiniest of accuracy buff and slight hard Dmg like you say. I think it's the most fun fun to play. It might be bad for winning all the time, but its just FUN! I think people underestimate someone one when they are using a Shaw, and rightly so in most cases. But there are some good Shaw users although its rare.
  15. I learn nothing in Silver, except how to be cheap. Its 50 / 50 sometimes its fun and others is fuckfest. Triangulating GOLDS. Coering everything there is becus they have been doing it for years. How is this fun?? It isnt. and You dont want any change, You like being the big fish in the small pond. Bring on the merge. OH MOTHER F er's What will be your excuse when the berge happens.? There will be enough GOLDS...WILL Jerishco players (snipped inappropriate language ~@mayii) actually play in GOLD whe the merge happens?? Or will u cry ABPUT SOMETHING ELSE
  16. The APB No lifers would never hear of it. It might make some new players stick around. Personally, I would like this crap 20% sales tax go into a pool and then gambling games in Social could be played for that pot weekly. Right after the shooting range and a million other things . So much could be done with this game, Zero imagination is what we have. Just like the other thread about organizing mods and guns. That can't be that hard and everyone would welcome it. But sadly it ain't gonna happen. I honestly don't know why we even have forums. The vets don't want change. They crap all over anyone with any idea or suggestions. And that's who LO is going to listen to. The 10% that want to keep 9 years of map knowledge, guns, etc for every ounce of an advantage. Kinda sounds like a tryhard... poops that's 3 posts I ran together. Keep suggesting in one hand and place the other under your bottom. See which fills up faster. I'm not being mean, you have some good ideas. It's just sad the community isn't listened to.
  17. Havana

    FBW Reskin When?

    In all the years playing this game off and on I have only seen that crap gun pierce something and kill someone ONE TIME, YES ONCE. By the way, anyone want to buy a Colby Commander?
  18. Everything you said is right and has been suggested many times and years ago. I dunno why we can't have some common sense things that even everyone would agree on.
  19. Havana

    about shaw..

    Been using it for years and love it! It's a bit loud under continuous use and the visuals from the gun barrel can sometimes really get in your line of sight. Both could be slightly toned down. I went to Machine Gunner 15 all Shaw! Before all these other Lmgs came around. Most ppl really suck with Shaw and if u are good you are very underestimated. I like to look at players stats when I walk up to them. So sad that nearly 100% of the time Pointman and Rifleman are there highest roles. Machine Gunner is nearly everyone's lowest. Still one of my favorite guns to use and one of my highest roles. Good Luck fellow Machine Gunner! Go give them the SHAWshank Redemption!
  20. Lol, right! Its like ppl just started using within it's intended range finally. Almost like they were trying to counter an True Ogre or something. Sorry bout the random underlining, on my phone at work.
  21. Says the guy that made another account to play with friends and got his patootie handed to him. Also, if all these Silvers are on Bronze how is it soo easy like u say? Seems to me they are playing closer to their peers. Except when a premade Clan enters the picture. I see all the time where its 2 255s, 1 160 something and a Trainee on both sides. That's better than going up against premade on either district. The vets in this game have been playing soo long it doesn't even matter if they are premade. They all know where they should be and what to use for every repetitive mission. When you play on Silver you get triangulated, every possible way in us covered and beyond. Unless you have a equally skilled team it's already over. I love it when I see a outmatched noob team on Bronze beat silvers. Happens more often than u might think. But, that's on Financial which is a whole other story that you all hate as well.
  22. Blah, blah, blah. We all know this, I may be wrong, but I think he is largely talking about the certain Criminal group in Bronze. The whole clan does this nightly. It's a whole other matter when fighting a premade clan/group in bronze. When I do play in Bronze I look at the Map on the right side it has a rundown of stats. Soso just completed contact, dbags team just defeated x teams and has won 13 missions in a row. That's when I switch to Crim, they usually are 1 night Gold Team in bronze, then have to dethreat the next. And I'm sure they use a different character when they actually do dethreat on silver. I have just learned to avoid alot more. Alot of good points made, but this is really One Crim clan blatantly stomping and dethreating in Bronze. One ONLY runs Oca, one a sniper, the Main D bag does it all. Almost always starts with Oscar, then uses 4 other guns. Then of course Volcano spams when it's a kill mission. I know it does no good, but I report them every chance I get. I love what you did there. Best post of the night dropping in the not so subtle hint. Playing in Bronze is a F A I L U R E.
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