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  1. I know its old. But, I play this game for several months then back to ARMA3 for a year then back to APB for a few months and so on. I would like to do the Pumpkin thing provided it has a worthwhile reward.
  2. Poop rools diwnhill. Golds never play in Gold. If you are Gold and Play in Silver then you are a dirt bag. Sorry someone had to say it. DONT give us that BS about not enough golds to play in gold either. It's ALWAYS been this way. Stupid phone typing, sorry for mis spelling.
  3. When I watch these vudeos and even Huntorax they are so awesome and they are highly skilled. But, when you watch them in slowmo they are getting waaay too many kills for misses. Some complete misses and even getting kills through columns and other cover. It's just weird. I damn sure can't do it. By the time I get it, it will be gone.
  4. I have been accused if cheating more than a few times because I was dropping soo many ppl. Keep your range, hold button down and aim and they start crying. Hello! There is a reason that in the game start up tips it states. "When you absolutely must get your shots on target, choose a LCR" OOOPS, forget everything I said. YEA it SUCKS!
  5. So what if the Stife can 1 shot fragile. Thats a rare moment coming together. High risk /reward on both sides.
  6. Agreed, if you can rock the. 45 you a badass. But, being that accurate on the move with that range with a 3 shot pistol is too much. Actually, its more of a pistol Oscar than an Obir.
  7. With a 40m range... just like the .45 AP, and 30m less than both the ACT44 and RSA, the latter 2 having more range then even the Obir. And tou had better primarily be stationary when trying to hit with those. Not that thin, full mobility accuracy needs a slight nerf IMO. But it has 20m less range than an Obir? Its a DAMN PISTOL!
  8. But it has 20m less range than an Obir? Its a DAMN PISTOL!
  9. Hell Yes on the nerf RFP nine, its range and or firing speed or ridiculos. Pocket Obir I see some call it, to true.
  10. I distinctly remember only that at a voice told me to open a door. And it said we kick open doors r around here. And that would be better to.
  11. And there it is. That's the real deal right there, was going to say it myself. I vaguely remember my first time playing and the tutorial was more involved. With a voiceover telling yoi to press F to kick open doors and climb fences. I have the refer a friend banner display sign. I made mine and my spray tag. New Players Press escape. Join district, etc To explain how to get out if rapeville.
  12. God NO Please! That hype train is about to be derailed.
  13. I think I found the right keybind for the Nitro, But no love on the Marketplace for putting up auctions or emailing weapons to other character.
  14. Been awhile. I cannot seem to put up a Symbol or anything else for that matter on the MarketPlace. No option to refurbish and symbol was created by the same character. Is no longer allowed to send a refurbished Legendary to your Crim and or Vice versa? I have remapped the the vehicles special function key. Nothing makes my Nitro work anymore. Maybe its just my rust, or I am not sure if I am missing something. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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