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  1. Console update soon pls. Also would love it for the enforcer paramilitary cross faction pack to be added to armas... been waiting for easily over a year just for that
  2. Cheaters drove me away from this game on PC. No, there aren't as many cheaters as some people make it out to seem. But for me, it created this whole atmosphere and paranoia around the game that made it way less enjoyable. Some cheaters were blatant as hell and hid nothing, and still lasted weeks without being booted to new accounts. And then there's the people you might have suspected to be closet cheaters. Closet cheaters definitely exist, and it's this fact combined with the lack of moderation on even the most blatant cheaters that really put a damper on this game for me. I finally had to step away when I realized how unhealthy it was to constantly feel this paranoia about the community. "Are they that good? Was that a super lucky kill? Was it my fault for being in a bad spot, making a bad decision? Or are they bullshoot? Ok they're definitely bullshoot! Wait last match they were untouchable and now I got the jump on them.. did they toggle off? They've got to be cheating, there's no way they could have hit those shots from that distance! If that blatant guy is still running around then there's no way this closet will get banned!" All these awful thoughts and crap that just weren't healthy to constantly have running through my head while playing. I wouldn't take it to district chat or whispers, but it was all still there affecting me behind the screen. Enough to the point where I switched to exclusively PS4 just for the peace of mind it gave me, being on a platform that would be immensely harder to cheat on. If I got killed in a fishy way on PS4, I was able to write it off as luck or something just because of the different mindset I had in regards to cheating possibility. It may not make a lot of sense, but if it works for me then I can't really complain. Now, the game's problems are what keep me from playing. Hoping the console update is worth the wait. Not sure why I typed all this. I guess boredom on a sick day away from work.
  3. I eagerly await the Console update.. I also IMPATIENTLY wait for the CROSS FACTION ENFORCER PARAMILITARY PACK to be added to PS4 Armas......
  4. Looking forward to the console updates. Hopefully it fixes major issues with framerate and game freezes. Still waiting on the (Cross-Faction) Enforcer Paramilitary Pack to be released
  5. Really looking forward to the updates for Consoles. I'm hoping it fixes the framerate and freezing issues. Also, ENFORCER Paramilitary Pack when??? It's the one thing I've been waiting for since the game was ported to console, but to my knowledge it still has not been added to console Armas yet
  6. This game is not worth the energy exerted in frustration, my dude.
  7. Yep. It is its own little community. Usually has 400-500 people online at late afternoon hours (on PS4 at least) It would probably have a bigger population if the game was better optimized. If I had to guess, the average framerate is probably anywhere from 20-30, but with loads of hitches and spikes depending on what you're doing. Going into your inventory can sometimes freeze your game for a solid 6-10 seconds.
  8. Some you can't physically be near. I've had pumpkins in the middle of water/outside the map, where you can shoot them but never be close enough to hear them.
  9. Can PS4 PLEASE get Enforcer Paramilitary gear? I've been waiting for it to come to console Armas since the console versions were released Cool changes otherwise! Keep up the good work, hope everything is well!
  10. With some of the audio still missing in the console build (pedestrian voice lines, contact voice lines), the purple pumpkins around the district did not make any audio to help aid finding them last year. No sonar-like sound or laughing sounds came from them, which made it more difficult to pinpoint all of them. Is there any chance this will be fixed for this year? Seeing as there hasn't been a patch on console for a long time, I'm assuming no. But I figured it couldn't hurt to ask/address the issue. Also apologies for posting this is Social, but I didn't know where else to make this post since console doesn't have their own forums anymore.
  11. For console, will the purple pumpkins throughout the district have sound? On PC they emit sounds and laughs that help locate them. On console, they didn't make these sounds, which made them a lot harder to find. It would be awesome if this was fixed for this year.
  12. Looking forward to the console updates. Hopefully the optimization patch will solve a lot of the framerate issues. in the meantime, can the enforcer version of Paramilitary clothing PLEASE be put on Armas?
  13. It's all I want. Please. I figured here would be the best place to post because there are no longer PS4-specific forums.
  14. If you have a USB keyboard plugged in, you can press Q and E while aiming to lean. There definitely should be some way to do it on the controller manually, but just giving you this information to use in the meantime.
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