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  1. golds like to use opgls becuase half of them can't aim
  2. you could look up things that play and or convert ogg files i don't have FE on this pc and i'm to lazy to dig out my old pc that does but maybe audicity could help you
  3. image shooting up some cat girl nice lady in your fancy heelies while you drive by them with a NF-9
  4. no i think it's panicking while i shoot at them with a luger and miss most of my shots because i'm trying to help them get kills, and then they rage quit after dying to me
  5. well when i remember seeing at least 20-30 on in a single day compared to the fact the last 6 times i have check it's been between 15-8 people online most in social that sure say something. i bet it has to do with fallen having single player content that you could do and apb is "no players your fucked" kind of game play. that and the fact fallen earth was fun to play because i didn't have to pvp bots and people who smell of stale cheese because all they do is play video games all day i could go out and murder throwbacks for 6 hours for loot if i felt like it
  6. we need more players for this to stay online. hell before fallen earth was accouned for closing it had more people in a single day then apb does
  7. it will happen if you close your eyes and believe hard enough. i mean it works for church goers why not the rest of us?
  8. no your not your not the fourm mom amayii is
  9. not really no your seeing a copy of yourself that is around 98% accurate to yourself. if you want to see yourself in 3rd person youtube has videos on that now onto more pressing matters. what is the best kind of egg? i like over easy chicken eggs
  10. this is a very serious question on the most serious fourm on the whole wide internet and you dare mock me? in my own house? pffff lol
  11. a few months back i lost access to an account. support did anything and everything in there power to tell me i wasn't the owner of that account even when i told them all the names of my chars for apb and fallen i even asked them since they needed my ip to check my other accounts and that would prove the one i am missing was infact mine. well turns out LO needs your ip to prove you own an account but can not use said ip to check to see if that account logged in with it or any other accounts in which to prove it they also had two people answer me. first one as i recall had no idea what i was talking about or was just plain stupid and the second one was more bent on being as useless as he could be. so yea do not even lose access to your accounts because they wont help you and pray some man child doesn't get mad enough that your better then him and steals your account. and one more thing if i recall right they also told me i couldn't prove the accounts i was showing for and saying were mine which i could log into and still can could also not be proven to be mine which in turn means they think you stole your own accounts to play there games, because logically i would still a free to play games account under my email address to play the game with the chars i made because i am to lazy to make my own email address to make chars to log in and play on. step up your support LO there about as helpful as pouring acid on an open wound
  12. can i just get a daily reward for putting up with your peoples bullshoot (when theres more then 5 people playing in a single disc that isnt social)
  13. i want an event that isnt some yee old patootie thing we been doing like beacon with dull boring meaning less titles you wont get because some clown is making sure to get top of the board each round and staying on for 15-20 hours a day to do so i want a new map fun event with new weapons and objectives like its the 4th today so why not an event were the objective is to shoot each other with muskets and flintlock pistols to unlock them in mission disc? or you get a car with a cannon mounted on top and its just a drive around derby i can do that for an hour, but i know they wont because of this "pandemic" and everything being so cut throat that making 3 feet of progress might mean you fall back 6 feet
  14. the last 2 days i logged in at about noon and at night normally when players are on and only bronze was up and the disc was about half full on NA. i think we need some sort of event to draw people back
  15. 483 players? were at last 6 times i logged onto NA i saw less then 30 and most of them were afk in social
  16. i'm not bothered by this my question is just why. you got 6 trillion ways to make a player stand out be you say something about yourself, and you want to be known as the edgy middle schooler who thinkings saying hail hitler kill (what ever rasict slur you want here) is super funny hip and cool. honestly just do something that lets people know it's you without being a living embodiment of a banana
  17. idk some people here seem to be die hard fan and think this game will rise out of the ground like that one arcade game and spend alot of money here or people who keep buying arma weapons on repeat after getting banned and/or new accounts becuase they want more alts and it's cheap for 2 free slots then buying 98 more slots
  18. you can't balance guns in this game there A stupidly over powered and turned into meta guns everyone and there mother uses or there B stupidly weak meme guns that make people rage because you killed them with it. or there c guns everyone thinks are trash but can be useful and will call you a hacking cheater for getting kills with them because they don't know how to use them effectly
  19. you do gain xp from crafting certain items. i think cars did it
  20. my morals were lower then the lowest point of the ocean thanks to many many hours of fallen earth
  21. well last three times i logged into NA there was less then ten playing, and when events come around it's a soild 30 this isnt tf2 they can't keep adding more hats and keep the game alive
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