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  1. talking about the game not fourm mom fyi
  2. im going to get in trouble by fourm mom for this i bet
  3. if i get crap like this it's normally a player running something on there end or it's lag from starting up or entering a part of the map you have yet to enter. theres also the issue of newer hardware. you would think having a 2k dollar pc would make this game run at a smooth 300 fps no lag stutters but nah this game is built like shit till new engine and the best you can hope for is you having less lag then your opp, or you can make a pc for this game (god why would you do that?) that runs on best for 32 bit operating because that's what apb is based on
  4. your all thinking this wrong remove cars and replace them with bicycles all your issues are solved and i can do sick 180s on people when i shoot them off my bike
  5. i keep whispers off too. if i want to talk to someone in a whisper i got a chat for that. most of them are "git gud" "git shit on" and "stop tbagging me fucker"
  6. the amount of "not allowed" i see is so high i think reporting them is equal to throwing cat shit at a wall and seeing if it sticks. use /ignore if your paper skin gets hurt by people being toxic or better yet keep a tab with district off so you don't have to see anyone talk. because almost everyone here has nothing good and/or useful to say anyway
  7. well sweet heart. during g1s time if a gm cuaght you cheating they banned you. was no "go to support" none of this bullshoot "no name and shame" you called out a cheater and gm went and watched them and what ever else they did they would be banned and sad to say when i see a gm and you got people threating others in chat and the such at least g1 would mute them and not warn them 5-6 times then do something. GMs are to enforce the rules not watch and stand by like a coach at a childs football game
  8. talking about cr 762 you know that scoped rifle made for long-medium ranges that like 70% of the pop uses because it's one of the last non watered down baby guns
  9. make it shoot super fast make it like a sniper things it's not suppose to do like mass murder in cqc
  10. you gotta remember this game was 100% focused on how pretty your can make your player and car and not on how it runs. so think of APB as a soggy piece of cardboard in the sea were all waiting for LO to pull out dry off and reuse
  11. i listen to alot, but aymaii doesn't like it when i post my music here
  12. i will be honest here. GMs feel like they half patootie there job. i get a slap and a "no no bad" when i point out and show case someone is 100% cheating and they themselves say they do and gm just ignores it because i didnt right it into a ticket honestly it feels like no crack down on anything here just nerf this and that then add crappy reskin here and there with stale events between them which get over run by cheaters on day 1
  13. there are so many ways to break the cr762 that it's just embrassing
  14. cowhorseman


    we need that tall mitre hat the pope wears. mainly because i want to wear a really tall hat in game plus i think it would go well with the golden weapon skin i think they just look cool. also i want an SVD i think those are cool but not in game could be a new jmb i think i said that once here already but my brain can remember something stupid like penguins have knees but not the name of my work place but we have no Russian snipers in game. or maybe we could get a mosin idk i'm super tired and trying to keep myself awake while i wait on something here's a almost 90% chance i wont remember writing this or better yet we can get NADE buffs. because you know this new flak meta piled on all and being nerfed into baseballs being thrown by a man with stump arms it just isn't worth the time to use them unless you got balls n bricks but that's like REALLY far into the game and like 90% of players wont have them also what kind of toast is the best like barely toasted all the way up to "blacker then the void in my soul"
  15. cowhorseman


    you know what when i get in a match lets say it's a 3v3 bronzes and my gold (for what ever reason apb thinks i am) patootie is sitting there i just sit back give them ammo and let chaos go. like be free my birdies it's real fun because they get to enjoy the game instead of gettng patootie slammed by a gold plated silver.
  16. LCR is a star variant SUPER good long range-medium range total shit in cqc the lower rate of fire is like an auto fire cr762 i think LO might sell the old glory during 4th of july other then that it's only gotten via joker tickets. it's also a great support gun as it stays on target fairly well. like most good support non snipers a tagger sniper mixed with it can clear opps fairly well other then that your stuck with r&d III and the FAR versions oh and people saying "dont buy market guns" are babies unhappy with LO alot of good guns on there no one uses like NORSEMAN
  17. strife is best shotgun. 10 GA is fun. (it's also fine the way it is i see you looking at it LO you stop looking at my baby like that)
  18. snarky? wrong with game? um hon are you new here or something? if you been around a while you would know this games player base is filled with little toxic childern dog piling each other to be the best of the best while talking shit, and with the mods rarely coming on and doing there jobs for once it only gets worse. people being snarky isnt a issue it's people trying to one up what ever they can and that includes cheating to look good. in a game. that has a pop less then 300 on NA. woo
  19. how to win apb step 1 get a strife step 2 hide a like a little shit around each corner you can step 3 ????? step four get called a hacker and a POS or grab any demo man weapon spam nades rockets and other bombs around the fight keep fbw-SD or oca as side arm then get called a nade spamming nice lady and/or hacker game isnt hard it's more about "how much can i be an patootie to the opp make them angry at me so they go after me and me only and let my team win"
  20. the r-2 is an odd ball of a gun. think of using it as a fbw, but it has the same functions as the RSA at the same time. it's not super great for long range fights. not super great for cqc. it does take 4 shots minimal to kill a person as it does 28% hp per a shot it use to be 25% meaning four solid. best way to use this gun i found is right in a person face spam firing it as fast as you can or open targets with a sniper on your team
  21. i don't want more stupid gun games i want nade buffs because it feels like I'm throwing softballs with all the power of a fart through a tuba
  22. yea we do what we want around these forums and mom can't stop us. i'll even say a bad word. heck
  23. what if (guys here me out) people are not cheating, but like every game find ways to make themselves like better at it. like binding different keys and setting sensitivy i mean i get called a hacker. and i only do one thing that makes it super easy for me to play this i'm allowed to no rules on it maybe we need more harden rules on what is or what isnt cheating because it's kinda blurry (or we need fair fight back that shit was fun) anyway i'm kind of rambling here because i have nothing else to do expect spell bad and think of why there's a building in waterfront with a MASSIVE fan on it's roof i should post a picture of it
  24. the wiki is still up. copy pasted it onto a note pad cross them off as you get them done plus kinda pointless sense dome 1-9 can provided you with more then enough injectors to cap 1960 and all AP weapons you would ever need
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