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  1. i'd like multi colored hair or hemocromed eyes
  2. you can try logging into the market full email and password like enteremailhere@email.email with password 1234password if still not working type one handed that might help i some times fat finger other keys with password or account names
  3. was thinking because this came around late into October we could combine the thanks giving event into the Halloween event. so we get items from them both and make it a halloturkey event just an idea
  4. as far as i have heard classic is a full wipe our old data is in stroge as matt and co figure out what to do about the bloat (duped items) and clean it up with out pissing to many off
  5. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/b1/Hot_dog_with_mustard.pnghttps://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/b1/Hot_dog_with_mustard.png
  6. there using your gpu to mine bitcoin to pay for the bills
  7. wah i get only 100 fps when i should get 144. well deal with it people kick your patootie playing at 15fps from time to time and yes the game is trash i'm not waiting 5-10 mins for it to stop bouning back and forth from 1 fps to 120fps every 2 and half seconds
  8. would help no doubt but as a con makes the town feel less alive. just try not to kill to many mobs and not loot them or you bog it all down
  9. the game is on a custom engine thats older then dirt for one, two the amount of people in an area 3 your pc and the way your settings are 4 the amount of corpses left lying around also yes theres random spikes in lag and i guess thats it processing a bunch of data at once
  10. hey you know when some people are born they have a rare condition that makes there anus swap with there mouth. this explains why some people like to talk alot of shit
  11. unsure if your aware. but randomly the game states it is now offline. which makes everything just poof with a forced relog. kind of annoying wanted to be sure it was known
  12. at my point in apb cash is pointless i got over 2m and only use it on ammo
  13. i miss my hats, but i hope the old data is around for the remaster of the game so both can run along side eachother.
  14. this halloween sucks just titles no new clothes
  15. oh look who rises from the grave to be a wise patootie like always
  16. well this explains alot of the "hold back" on enigne fallen earth etc. dumbo over here said "hey lets try to sue someone that we owe and i'm sure the judge will just take it because they owe us actuality" well because of there actions good luck with anything because it seems LO is already breaching bankruptcy, and if i get tagged for a ban i know dam well you fuckers are and are embarrassed about what you tried these two games have the biggest rabbits hole i've ever seen stories confirmed to be true from players to devs still amaze me
  17. you can use certain words but others will be censored but you can get around them like fuzzy bunny to bltch and so on (but you will make fourm mom mad)
  18. i just got tired of the same reapting factor that everyone is "FUN? IN APB OH FUCK YOU DIDNT!" each match getting called a twat for using x weapon getting told im an patootie for changing how i play the match when the opp is acting like an patootie so on and so forth. needs more content over an engine update that won't save it
  19. lets all type really long lines of words that m,ake no sense in context like how crackheads make cars out of anything and a lawn mower engine that way the fourm mods can entiertaint themselfs by raeading them in order to find something intreating in it or figure out what i am spelling becuase i am just mashing keys and not looking at what i am hitting becuase i am fucking bored to death i tried playing this heap of junk and all i did was sit in a coroner for five mins waiting for the game to stop jumping from 1 to 60 to 120 to 1 to 60 and it finally did so i played a single match got a guy who knew were i was even 500 m away hiding inside a cargobox who just "knew i would be there bcuase its like so ovbous duh" even though the only people who hide in cargo boxs are homeless people and meth dealers jesus can i get a halloween event so i can do something for nothing and get a shiney hat for it or some see though shirt like last year or is it just going to be a no idk what to do anymore i can no longer be bothered to care about anything except the fact you know what no there is no fact it's all going to shit and we are doomed fuck you thats my post suck a load of fat lolipops you smart fellow
  20. a better question is. is it worth playing? between lag people who have no life playing this i say no
  21. this applies to the fourm mom any time i mess with people for fun. even though she could just look over at the left and see the little title i got or ask people and you know learn i like to be a banana for fun becuase i feel that people who take words on a screen made of pixels from some dude somewere in the world seriously they got issues
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