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  1. Yep the reason nades are worthless is becuase they do as much damage as a wet sock and they keep lower damage of all guns across the board for cry babies
  2. my understanding of the g1 yukon was that the four round burst basically became it's defualt setting due to some error by g1. issue is instead of firing four rounds with a delay as a rfp would it fired them with the same delay as a normal mountie all while having the bloom and spray of the 4 round burst ADS which in turn meant it could dump a full mag in roughly .2 seconds killing any one in front of you thank god that isnt the case now
  3. this is what runs through my head each time i see flak med spray ran by some cuckadoo with any cqc weapon who spends the match hiding running from me and being an annoying patootie aswell as spamming them like beers at a frat party
  4. one of the issues for hit reg comes from players with high ping. like BRs because you know brazil is like 500 miles from any American server 2nd issue is people like to use cheats here and 3rd comes from the fact small kids do stupid shit get banned get mad then DDOS the server making it hard to play for everyone also the fact LO keeps changing guns in more then one way some issues have come up with in them. like i noticed shotguns seem to have pellets from in a right to left pattern half the time or HVR being dead on a still target and i miss and hit some poor pigeon 5 feet away there's also the issue of hitbox's not forming to models to keep one gender being better like fallen earth had which in turn makes cover 90% useless and causes you to get hit "randomly" when in fact its because a red heir might pop up because the hit box is sticking out or could be your ip provider or if in US east tends to work better then west or vice versa which can have various results on game play.
  5. dont make any friends and make your email so ungodly stupid no one could guess it by talking to you
  6. in social they could add a gun range behind the JT store were you can rent and use any gun of any kind with (almost) any mod so that way you can understand them. be more useful then that dumbass RIOT guy standing up top with nothing to sell EVER
  7. already said they wont do that and there trying to prevent it hence why the shutdown so they can keep it all in one place
  8. i have no idea what's going on but this is how useful i feel i have been in the last 3 session i have played
  9. you using standard or adv launcher
  10. honesty for guns they need to use numbers instead of bars. as far as i have noticed ingame through many shifts and changes in them the bars never have once moved so i feel as if it is giving false stats to a player, as well as putting a guns spread on the list aswell so people can get an idea on what the gun is best for... even though you can long range with lmgs just as good as cqc with them
  11. cowhorseman

    the p90

    idk what this games thing is for the L85 it's widely known for being a trash gun and your better off with your handgun then that rifle, yet here it is in apb rated with the ak as it is a clone of it and it's super good to use. i feel like the person who made it was upset his favorite gun was a laughing stock
  12. cowhorseman

    the p90

    hey how did you get that extra crosshair that stays on your screen all the time
  13. what year do you think i was born in? 2015? i got a numpad let me rephrase. WHO THE HELL USES A NUMPAD WHILE THEY PLAY GAMES? do you understand me? do you bigfarger? why in gods name should i press an extra button to swap my guns or anything of that nature when i got over 50 keys to pick from other then those 17 keys over there. so tell me why in the hell you use numpad for playing. do you want be special? if you want that play this game on controller trust me i took a look at that and it's grade A controls TRUST ME. so now that were on the same page tell me why in the fuck you gotta use numpad when you can basically bind your keys to anything else and make it work 100% better then boo hooing over one slight over sight because they never though a 1% would use numpad to move or whatever.
  14. *laughs in spending real money to buy a 4 slot car*
  15. cowhorseman

    the p90

    when are you gonna fix the model of this gun. it's a top load bullpup and I've staring at it for around 2 and 1/2 hours and how cursed it is that they stuck the mag in the bottom for one the 5.7x28mm isn't that big for a mag that size that's like rifle round not pistol and the mag slides in the top and ejects out the bottom. what's going on here? the mag go's in bottom shells eject out the top? into my face? i can't have that hot brass hurts for like .5 seconds and because everyone is a special snowflake today i can't have that. it looks wrong it feels wrong we need a real p90 dammit see how wrong that is? now look at a real p90 makes me wanna vomit anyway i felt like ranting about something so yea FIX IT
  16. id go for it but you wipe my chars i'm fucking done here. i spent to much time making to much progress to waste it on a fancy comeback with nothing also to the fact other MMOs are basically point n click adventure games that put me to sleep by spamming my num pad in overly easy fights that you gotta grind for 1 item
  17. we need a form of making JT tradeable. i got like 15k on a char and i don't do anything with it becuase i already have them at 255 also events that give standing at like x2 x3 etc would help becuase after awhile of dying to the same opp 15 times and losing no matter what i get bored and just sit there
  18. the fact i can go "wow they shutdown fallen earth for this shit heap?" then go play something better i havent had fun here since like 2015
  19. what would be cool? if the thing stated on screen at all times like every other video game instead of poofing when i move walk pick up or try to ADS
  20. agreeing on no 1v1s. i refuse to play them due to the fact there never balanced. your gonna be to op for the other player and it's a boring sit around fest or hes gonna be to powerful for you so it's also a boring sit around fest. i just refuse to play them so you also got people like me which once again is a boring sit around and wait fest
  21. if that quality your talking about is "being a pain in the patootie who solves all his issues through violence and threats" then thank you
  22. keep it and git gud kid
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