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  1. no on amras, that would flood way to many guns, plus i feel like it would over encourage the buying of g1c over items you might honestly need irl yes to joker guns because if you get 60million extra tickets you can at least turn them into cash in some form (similar to fallen earths system of death toll) also why an amg? are you trying to make him toxic? start him off with a golden osmaw or something
  2. so your saying "my game crash's like everyone else pay me money" right?
  3. cowhorseman

    Med spray.

    it's also the fact it makes demos useless. it's a support based class and the only way to level it before like 150ish is through EOL and volc which are both weak guns for what they are. due to LOs nerf or nerf or more nerfs system flak now over powers all nades all demo weapons leaving lower tier players trying to level via these 4 at a loss because 1 nade now does jackshit for dmg in truth you are right 2 concusses should kill or seriously hurt a player but he used medspray so it nulls the dmg and your cr762 9i assume) isnt doing enough to help out oh well i guess matts road plan didnt say "nerf medspray" so i guess we deal with it or quit, and i know which is the best
  4. cowhorseman

    Med spray.

    oh wait till you meet the motherfuckers who do nothing but hide the whole match and spam and hide from you while using a whisper. then your gonna start wanting a nerf
  5. i try man but i dont care enough to stay good
  6. game is dead because it's not fun and when get into a match as a rank 57 with your rank 173 and 75 teammates against 4 255 golds and they gotta win they gotta tryhard it just isn't fun i rather wipe my patootie with 20 grit sandpaper then play apb like jesus 1 server up same people each match because it's 20 total and that's on a Saturday afternoon. with no pve i could ram raid but what's the point takes 5 hours per a role that way but at least i got ash right? no because noone makes cool art and clothes i go to the market and it's people using it as a place holder. JT fight club is stupid i get more tickets via missions and everything is 1000 times the price it should be. and then the insanity ensues when you play crim and you got twits using the broke stun opgl making match's less fun and making snail racing look exicting. i'm at my wits end with this game i just want fallen earth back at least there it wasn't full 100% pvp focus and if i wanted to i could go scale a cliff or clip inside buildings they didn't want me in. all i can do in apb is look at broken textures or try to Vegas ramp off into places but that doesn't give me joy that makes me sad if i clip inside an object i wanna find cool stupid that i wasn't suppose to see or something like the junk piles under hoover dam you can see or the untextured floor under the blood sports arenas and last of all why the fuck is there an over sized fan on of the buildings in waterfront it's pissing me off its by the train yard. i mean it's fucking huge like what is in that building why is it so big I NEED ANSWER
  7. hot tub isnt the right word. think of dumpster fire and some lunatic keeps pouring napalm on it to watch it burn longer
  8. you ever wanted to play this to only get stuck with the same opp and when you respawn there scout 360 no scoping friend is always at your spawn point and kills you before you have time to move you ever gone such a stupid way for an obj and have someone waiting for you each time ever been behind a wall and someone kills' you through or sees you through it despite the fact they should not you ever stood somewere 500m off the object and had a person kill you for them to say "oh i just knew you would be there" i wish gms would worry about people we point out that do that, and not me trying to get to the top of beacon or the mall or what ever. or muting me for "name n shame" it's getting old and boring
  9. because it's a video game and the gms need something else to do besides telling me to stop trying to break the game also if you wore a ski mask during covid would you still be called a robber by the karens?
  10. They choose APB first becuase like you said it is easier. matt said at one point they basically took all versions of FE they had reverse made the dev tools and...... they barely or didnt work. like at all the whole game needs a redo and apb needs an upgrade. which cost less comes first
  11. if you have enough time to rank any role to 16 in this game i want you to sit back and think about your life
  12. every time i use the golden weapon skin in this game i think of this song TBH i think it fits really while, especially if you use an AK or something else thats old
  13. in a more simple text becuase i know big words and long lines of text confuse you people if you point out someone who might be hacking you get punished while they still get to roam free instead of the gm looking into or placing a watch on said player to see if there legit or not if you need it more simple me get punished for pointing out possible hacker while said chance hacker get go free or bad gm punished me for pointing maybe hacker me no like action
  14. if anything like fallen earth. there gonna try, go oh shit this isnt working and shut the game down to work on it...then years will pass with no word
  15. in truth you can not get rid of cheaters. new programs and tech makes it easier for them to come back. it more or less depends on how willing are they to cheat in a game and ruin peoples fun
  16. check the box that says "no ingame movies"
  17. use adv disable loading screens should work. or crtl alt del then cancel.
  18. so you ever heard of hardware bans supposedly if needed game company's can ban the ids of your pc parts or something which means you gotta swap them and shit. idk if it's true just something i heard floating around somewere like a fart in the breeze
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