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  1. yea i go for this. i hate getting the same premade of 3 5 times in a row i can't even score a single kill on
  2. open image in new tab copy link and post like this
  3. what if the real weapon meta is how much we enjoy using certain guns and that makes the meta what we love to use.
  4. your just going to have to wait and hope to god there awful support decides to help you. the reason you have to change your password is some sort of info leak or something along those lines happen and alot of peoples accounts were being hacked.
  5. image thinking someone asking a question is being toxic. if you want me to be i can be you fucking twat waffle.
  6. behold the best animal to walk this planet! (no i am not super tired at all) the ONE the ONLY COCONUT CRAB isn't it majestic? if you answer no then may your home be infested with not 1 not 2 but 600 of these C R A B S ALL HAIL YOUR NEW OVER LORD
  7. sorry i don't sit down and anayzle the whole map and area i am in so i can play a crappy saints row online super hard
  8. most the time. like 80% isnt cheaters there psychos who play this game and only this game and have managed to memorize each spawn spot and... yea no that is a lie. i can tell a hacker is on when i run 800m from the objective across the map hide in a tunnel and then they come and kill me and say "lol i knew you would be there" well how i ask? how the fuck did you know i went 800 across the map to see if your cheating or not and you find me sitting in a tunnel that is in some bufo alley way by that one contact no one gos to. your a fucking cheater and a looser you get nothing good day sir and i hope someone drop kicks your baby making parts
  9. you can always ram raid while listening to tunes i have a whole bunch you can listen to aside from the trash music libary this game has. (aside from the three good non classical songs)
  10. this game is held together with chicken wire and wood glue. if your using newer tech the game is going to run slower. basically unless you use what exactly steam says to your game will run like patootie or run like patootie i know this becuase my old and new pc have the same issues with apb, and that is stutters freezes and crashs from time to time, expect my new pc has textures on all items or it could be a sign to find a better game. take your pick
  11. welcome to apb were your hitbox is always 5 seconds behind you
  12. can you quit being a tech knowledgeable pleasant fellow for mmm 5 seconds? don't make me get marry on here! i'm sure she would if i told her to! ok that is a lie i will amit it she would not come around here even if i offered her a shiny nickle
  13. what made fallen earth fun the fact the story wasnt a "your the hero to save the world go on a epic quest" like every other game. it was your a clone in a world of clones and your an expendable meatbag everyone will use get use to it. which gave you full freedom of how you played your char and even into role playing your char if thats what your into
  14. well the only info i can tell you is checking steam charts you can see a player or two has been on the sever. which means as matt said there are dev severs they are using to compare new to old game which also means someone is at least working on the game to a degree
  15. yea i hate to break this to you but if we made one sever the pop would come to be 30 playing and 30 sitting in social with the same issues as spilt severs doubled
  16. i came back around to just point out we are nearing the end of summer and easter items are still up on armas
  17. I'm 99% sure this game is dead on behalf of the fact after about 50hours in you have seen and done each mission 1 time and (for a better part of it) got your patootie handed to you by a lop sized match making system that favors no one but premades and/or cheaters piled on top of no new events and/or content with a hint of lack of progress on the engine due to certain issues the government wants to seem larger then it is and the fact working on a project that is about as broken as a bull in a glassware shop isn't fun. we can also add the fact the amount of porn and ear rapping themes/songs on here also drove off people like someone who might stream this game but would get banned for that crap or just in general don't want to see or hear it. infact i could start a list of things that could drive out players more then keep a good example to me is the fact when fallen earth was on a low day i could still run around for hours doing what ever because it had no real focus expect what you wanted to do and apb it's pvp or ram raid, and after about ten mins of ram raid i want to ram my head into a wall and 5 missions i have had the same 3 gold premade i can not do anything against no matter what gun i use or what mods i equip. it's also not a matter of whos better in any level or equipment pc or other wise it's the matter of i'm with 2 Randoms and were not talking to each other or rarely and i'm almost sure there using a out of game chat system so for a quick sum up because i know how this player base does not like to read because text is scary apb dead because issues longer then a besthda bug list
  18. why not give us a event on a unused map and the goal of the event? fuck nothing you spawn in and you can get any gun you want any mod you want and no limits to the colors on the mods (cause that's racist) and kill each other for contact xp jt and event items or we can sit around and ram raid more. not like i have the 500 shop front unlocked now
  19. we need a plan here everything is deader then dodo birds around here. the only thing i can do is ram raid and i can only listen to the 3k+ songs i have so many times before i get bored, and i have all this cash and nothing to spend it on because the auction house is total trash with uncreative or just straight up trash (or porn) designs. so we need a better plan because B line for engine isnt working and judging by what matt said the guys working on it don't want to do it now or we can go "pandemic hur dur that why loser" and fuck off this topic because people today can't sit down and talk things out like adults
  20. like the lunch box in fallout 4 *party music* CONGRATS ITS A FUCKING SBS IRS with the mods HB 3 RS 3 and becuase fuck you pull mag 3
  21. cowhorseman


    free permium in a game with nothing to do is like someone offering you a burrito when your not hungry
  22. why do you moron suggest deleting everything for a rebbot. what in fucks name do you think that will do people like me don't play mmos work on progress make a fancy looking char we can define our selfs with and go "oh boy i sure hope the owners of the game delete my account by force so i can spend a second 600 hours remaking everything i own" sure sounds like fun with a capital Fuck you stop suggesting this and think of something new plus it wont do anything besides piss off people due to the fact grinding anything past 195 is so tedious that it will drive you insane you already need 20 missions per a contact role win or lose and that takes a hand full of hours to do with some of these missions and can take months to get up that high it's clear to me people like you don't care about how others feel on mmos they play if your here for causal play then play like it and for hardcore play like it dont suggest everyone suffers because you feel like it would help out everyone when in the large scale of events it wont hurt everyone
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