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  1. the song that plays through our minds when me and my teammates are more busy fucking about then playing the match
  2. i sure do love wanting to get to the obj 800m away and slide roll and crash all the way there like Santa's reindeer got super blasted 2 hours before Christmas
  3. the way these cars handle is like being on a oily ice rink and the flip over like that one limp bizkit song
  4. for shits n giggles when i bought a new pc i installed apb. i thought that having 16 gb a good graphics card mb and all that jazz it would run better less freezes all that stuff too. nope not close. same bullshoot just a higher fps watching all of you fight ingame and on this thread is just this gif
  5. well i got some anti proof. what ever you call it. i have seen rank 255's who have no idea what there doing.
  6. cowhorseman


    have you tried idk
  7. sure if you like jazz it's ok now i say ok because i heard the sax player for tank! and that can't be topped
  8. you get that in silver from what i understand is people running 3rd party software on there pcs hackers using shit to lag the sever people who have high ping joining BRs and the severs being shit aswell as the game being shit how much of any of that is true i do not know nor do i care i just know you play silver it's laggy and bronze isnt
  9. your honestly wrong here. report does one thing. it makes stupid people feel better about themselves and they get that sense of doing good that makes them think what they just did matters other then that yea nothing you get done trying to kill a honey badge by throwing bricks at it. they ban cheaters they cry unfair bans pop drops they don't people cry to many cheaters and the pop drops
  10. *some one yelling at me to stop camping from the roof* *me*
  11. cowhorseman

    Butt slider

    you seen a few of these girls right? some of them got A cups too i think it's range is A - D but we need a butt silder i'm already dummy thick and the clap of patootie keeps alerting the opp, and i need to look the part
  12. last week i only got 6 kills. im not a bad player very averge. roughly in a single session around 50-100 kills. i noticed during my time online that most shots out of smgs at cqc would pass through targets and hit behind them hvr never hit shotguns would almost always hit 1 pellet at least but almost never more rifle class weapons would straight up miss targets no matter the bloom on my heir or target distance fbw had same issues as the rifles and machine pistols i couldn't hit the broad side of barn standing inside of it with the doors closed opgl worked fine though something odd is at hands becuase it use to not be like this unless it is due to east and west but i never pay any attention to what disc i am in
  13. on my old pc i would get random freezes, but with these freezes i could if i hit anthor car like a ramp shoot myself into the air 100 feet. i did this once and flew over the whole mall in water front. a second one i have seen is cars popping out of the ground randomly. happened once like 2 years ago and shot me OOB the physics engine in this game is like skyrim. it works but no one is sure how i'm still waiting for the day i cross by someone who made there char the default model you see when the game hasn't loaded all the way
  14. yay a poll more people fighting over opinions that don't matter and decisions they do not control and have already been decided for them by those who have control over the situation still fun to see you people fighting over stupid shit give me something to do when i'm not playing
  15. people who drive vegases when they see you minding your own dam business
  16. in honestly from what i rember for all ap missions you needed to basically do 3 factions swap then do the next 3 for all ap, should be swapped so that if you choose a faction do an ap mission you get both sides for ap so that way you don't have to run 90% of the game or waste more cash trying to sector clear each ap mission
  17. tell it to me you god dam coward worst there going to do is slap you on the wrist and say "no bad" and second of all if you do not understand something get people to help and use google. you have almost everything man has done at your finger tips and yet you use it to throw words at people like cat shit and a screen door
  18. cowhorseman


    you can try logging in a on second account aswell sometimes that works for me, also try to repair the game some times the sillest things can mess up your game
  19. much like aroa or nysek and several others from fallen earth. you didn't read or understand jack shit i said and spat out a response as fast as you could in order to try and upset me and/or prove a point and hope to god that your random and tangled words would make sense but infact don't so let me make this in as simple English as i can for you i am saying this. "lo work hard but g1 make work hard harder. people who play this think they can do better but they can't because game take long time to code. LO is trying best to work with what have" you understand that? and 2nd i use "kids" as a term to describe people who play video games because alot of people view them as childish and the fact i have met a lot of people in the age group of 13-19 then 20+ who play them hence there still kids yes i know the term is teen but you get that rare time you meet someone under 12 next time around learn to fucking read understand then come and talk to me i do not give a single shit about up and downs of player base your age nor your profession now kindly reread this post 3 times over then response to me in a formal and understandable manor. are we clear here or do i need to use 1st grade and lower writing to make sure you got it down, or are you a BR and i need google translate to put it in a language you understand? you can polish a turd. myth busters did so you can google it
  20. in despite of all of LO effort and matt keeping us up to date (which in contrast most devs dont) kids will still cry "wah they anit doing it THE WAY I WANT wah" and "i can do this better byself then a full team of people who are trained to code a video game" and make demands and get upset when they are not met. i saw it alot when fallen earth was on it's final months and we still have kids over there that think the game should be like this or wiped etc. in truth they have done a ton of work, the downside is most of it is cleaning up g1s mess before they can start there own. i also assume these childern do not understand that coding takes a long time. sure writing letters is easy, but getting said letters to do what you want isnt, and they refuse to see it that way
  21. start at page 1 go to 2 3 4 etc and look for what ever mod it is and find the lowest. what we need is fallen earths AH system were i can just look up what ever i was looking for and only get that. so if i want a car jacking tool i dont have to hunt down the best one in upgrades for 5 mins i just type it and bingo
  22. looking at it a second time now that i have slept after being awake for roughly 32 hours i see my error
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