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  1. Lucesan

    Run out of memory.

    Frosi is right, RTX graphic cards have an issue with the current live client... Should be solved with the engine upgrade, until then you can either 1. Do as Frosi said 2. Play in fullscreen (not windowed fullscreen) and whenever you think you are going to crash, do a ctrl+alt+del (I actually do the second one, at first it's hard to know when it will crash but if you stay focus you can detect it before it happens )
  2. If you think the community is toxic, do your best to change it I mean, you are also part of this community right ? I too, believe that a lot of players are toxic, but you can always try to be that one different player that can help new ones. That's what I do. Give new players some cash to start with, if you speak the same language try to join them in discord and help them learn the game I actually met a lot of good friends that way
  3. All is said in the title We deserve to have it as an emote Panzer vor !
  4. Oh sorry, my french patootie forgot to say it right ctrl+alt+del in french AZERTY keyboards it's "suppr" as in the verb "supprimer"
  5. I like to listen to death themes, except Linkin Park ones cus it's always thoses wanna be edgy almost naked e-girls that have them ahah Jokes aside, Before I used to basically ignore them all, but soon reached the limit in the ignore list I find the opportunity to disable death theme actually good because it lets me disable it whenever someone in the mission as an unpleasant theme for my ears, I re activate it afterwards
  6. If there is still some place, I'm willing to participate ! :D
  7. Hiiii I never really showed my stuff so here it is on my main char : Lucesan First, my very first outfit, the one I like the most, showing my true colors https://imgur.com/0w9bhc5 https://imgur.com/OC0giCn On the next picture you can see the details I putted on the military plates, that I wear on all my outfits https://imgur.com/cD4eoPb (By the way, if some Trans folks or any LGBTQI+ folks are here, I'm okay with giving you a copy of this outfit (or even more, the same outfit with your flags colours ! :D) Here are the two cars on the same theme First : Vegas https://imgur.com/PrIr4Ph https://imgur.com/rbrVMQq Then Growl https://imgur.com/PaBFCCv https://imgur.com/Zwl0QEb Anyway, I also did an Isaac Asimov themed outfit (Based on the "Future Tech" weapon skin) https://imgur.com/tnvvlbB https://imgur.com/nwz6uM9 And finally, a random outfit (with the military plates still there ) https://imgur.com/QyQm8zx https://imgur.com/oCk1K5f Anyway, what do you think ? Have a wonderful evening, Luce
  8. The Night We Nearly Got Busted I blast this song pretty much all the time, as I drive like a mad cop and teamkill my best friend alongside some edgy Linkin Park Themes holders There's also the big blue trucks that can pretty much destroy a car if it pushes it on a wall Flying Vegas with Nitro
  9. Very nice playlists ! It's a shame we don't hear some good ol' Wilson LeBoyce saying 'I gotchu- I gotchu- I gotchu- get outta here' with some psychedelic music notes Keep up the good work !!
  10. I actually found a turnaround I used to play windowed fullscreen Since a few days/weeks I started playing regular fullscreen whenever the freeze occurs, I do a ctrl+alt+supp and then go back in the game, which doesn't crash after that !
  11. Hi, coming back on this topic This issue is still ongoing, since then did we find any fix that can help prevent the problem that makes me crash on respawn because I'm using a RTX ? Have a wonderful evening, Luce
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