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    Hey mate ! I know it can be tough when you begin, we all went through this If you want to have a better time playing, I highly suggest to get in a clan and have regular team mates you can improve with ^_^
  2. Log-in rewards are actually a very good idea, I think most people would enjoy it
  3. Damn, never thought we'd find a Karen in APB Reloaded.
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    I must agree on that, giving a classic cod like kill cam would really help new and not so new players understand how they died and help find possible cheaters
  5. After reading this thread I'm just dead tired. Come on, why can't you guys be civil for a bit ? What's the point in insulting each others like that ? And please try to be a bit more patient, I've seen some of you saying that LO doesn't give a sh*t about all of that but what I've seen from them is that : Matt gives regular updates about the engine upgrade which is the very first step needed to actually make this game a better one. You guys must get that adding new content or anything like that means extra work because they will have to do it all over again after the engine upgrade so it's obvious why they don't add new stuff. And about cheaters, they are some in every games, just let the support do the work by reporting them ? Cheers
  6. not to be rude or anything but... when was the last time you didn't complain about something ? I swear everytime I see you in a post it's about something to complain about XD
  7. Yooo I've made this earlier today, I basically combined 3 of my favorites OSTs from Beastars, 2 from S1 and 1 from S2 ! It's my very first attempt doing something like this so I hope you'll like it even though there are terrible mistakes (there are a few seconds kind of painful to hear imo)
  8. Don't be like that. It's not because it can take some time that it doesnt. Take another game for example Counter Strike: Global Offensive When you report someone it can take weeks to process because no one will be banned if there is not enough proof of said reason, and it's totally acceptable. Imagine the number of false reports + the number of genuine reports but mistaken and finally the number of leggit reports to deal with ? It's obvious that it takes time. Now remember that there is less staff that works at LO than there is at Valves/CS GO report team. So, yes, /report works, it just takes a lot of time for the support team to gather everything they need to actually decide if the report is leggit or not. You don't have to work in the video game industry to understand that
  9. I must say, you are the first Karen I encounter in videogames.
  10. Well we are not witnessing the same thing. I see GMs and TGMs quite often in the chat and they are being active regarding the griefers imo. By the way, you do know that if you are being griefed and that a GM is not present you can always /report them ? Also you can probably try sending a GMs a pm in discord if they are online
  11. I must say I wasn't really wise to call you guys out like that, so I'm going to take that back. BUT, the point still is that what you did is really not a good sight to show. (by "you" I of course mean the people yelling at each others before) Constructive criticism is awesome and I'll always respect that. Online fistfights ? No.
  12. Once again, I can understand why you are concerned for the game, but you really are not trying to see it from another pov than yours. Removing limits at this state will just straight off kill the game. The matchmaking will be fixed when the Engine upgrade will come out (Remember that we get regular updates about it, and I've never seen any company be as transparent as LO on that matter.) Right now, I believe you and I are at the same state : Nothing much to do more/grind. I personally have 15mil on my char and the equivalent of 30mil in weapons worth, so it's obvious I don't need premium But it's not the case for the others, you can "personally" think whatever you want, but if you do not take into consideration others opinions you can't say that you have the solution mate. All we can do is wait, giving good feedback to LO (what I mean by good is constructive, either positive or negative idc, it's just useless to be rude and insult everyone) I swear, if people were a bit nicer to each other it would actually be way easier for this game and community to thrive. Anyways have a nice day.
  13. Damn, this post is a fxckfest of bad behaviour. Are y'all children or what ? Insulting each others and stuff. I'll give my POV about LO here. I personally think this game would have trouble find a better owner. LO is, imo, doing its best to fix G1's mess, Matt is providing us with regular updates about the engine upgrade. LO have been giving us free premium during all of the Covid Crisis, so it's pretty much obvious they are not trying to take the players money before calling it a day. We also don't have any abuse of power like before. Yeah this game is in a bad shape, LO is trying its hardest to fix that, but you should remember one thing, one of the WORST aspect of this game is its toxic community (and do not tell me otherwise, you just have to read the comments before to realise that we have some dumbasses here) You think LO is bad at managing the game and fixing G1's mess ? Well, do your own game then. I swear some people here are truly dumb. Sure you can have your doubts about LO, or you can be concerned about the game's future. But remember that the previous mess is not LO's fault, and try to think what they have done WHILE working on that engine upgrade (Huge improvements regarding the pay2win side of the game, events, good support team, good GM team) Oh and, my english might be a bit broken, I'm french, my bad if I made any typo and/or mistakes here and there.
  14. I think you forgot to read what Eviltara sent so here you go :
  15. You basically explained it all. Sure GMs back in G1 days were okay with banning people because they thought someone cheated and someone else called them out for it but it led to a lot of abuse of power and all that shit. I can only agree with LO about their decision regarding GMs chasing cheaters, as of now it is not their purpose. A support system exist for that s p e c i f i c reason. I swear there are too much "hackusations" in this game. I consider myself quite trash at this game but get often hackusated by other players. This mentality is dangerous. And the worst is that it's not even new players that "hackusate" all the time, usually it's some confirmed/vet, it really shows the idiocy behind that.
  16. Lucesan

    Favorite Weapons

    as someone who has a shit ton of weapons I can only agree with you there
  17. Lucesan

    Litteraly unplay-able

    Probably the RTX I also have a RTX 2060 and frequently have crashes whenever I try to spawn/respawn Unfortunately there are no real fix for that, we just have to wait for the engine upgrade (this issue will not exist in it)
  18. I'll just give the rate because I'm too lazy to write anything else - Performance 7 (Before I would have given a 10 but since I'm using a RTX 2060 you guys should understand hehe) - Gameplay 9 - Community 5 (Toxic players all over the place, if they want to be toxic they can just leave and play League of Legends) - Guns 6 (Some are awesome, some others really hard to understand) - Items Idk ? If you mean like customisation I'd say 10, if you mean something else I don't know - How much u love the GMs Since LO took over I must say I'd give it a big big 10
  19. You can try a bunch of things If you are good in pvp I'd suggest going in fight club (there are challenges there to gain more money) You can also try making musics, or clothes, designs and sell them Since you're a new player, and if you are playing on CITADEL, do you mind giving me your discord in a private message ? I'll give you some money to help you start in game
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    Finally someone who thinks like me I'm tired of seeing people trashtalking the devs while they are trying to fix G1's mistakes. Patience is the key, Matt is really transparent regarding the engine upgrade so let's just wait I prefer waiting than having a cyberpunk like launch of the engine upgrade
  21. Lucesan

    Armas/JT Store refund

    Why would they do that ? (And in the Armas you have the opportunity to test the weapon before hand, which gives you a discount on that specific weapon by the way) If you bought it I guess that means you tried it first, I don't know why they would allow you to refund it then
  22. For the people who doesn't know russian, this player is basically searching for a RU active Crim Clan
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