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  1. you seriously still have not learn to shut the fuck up have you? all you ever post is stupid shitty ideas for "your' perfect world and game because your a fucking spoiled shit who thinks everything should be handled to them. APB has two maps for missions and it gets boring as fuck knowing were everything is an no exploring new zones. at least with fallen earth sectors i can always go back again and again doing the same thing becuase they were so big i could never full go through them. 2nd off g1 was lazy they didnt care for anything but money there GMs were patootie at there jobs (expect dastard) and rarely came by or tried to help atleast LO is trying to do something and 3rd massive bans happened with LO due to the fact they unbanned for a second chance. some people learned and accept most didnt. so it isnt matts fault fully on that on. there already is a limit on cash for f2p if you did less bitching and crying you would understand it's not hard to make cash farming pvp pve etc. i know by fact with my many 55's and my many toons that i had well over 20-30 yellow and some people like thana had 50+ yellows just due to farm and selling while playing the way they like to. and why max the level to 30. lets rasie it to 70 and add a new sector on top of that for opening so that way 1 vets who get there items and accounts back have something new to do besides shiny new graphics and make it feel like we wanna replay our 55's and and explore out a new zone Removed flaming ~@mayii
  2. 1st of i do not trust half of you to run or dev this game. second i feel as open source some of the team that runs it would hire there shit head friends to be GMs and if you played something like gmod were servers are ran like that you know how bad of an idea it is. 2nd there taking a game off a custom engine that worked by pure magic and bullshoot and sticking it onto unity which is the part that is taking so long because they gotta make sure each and every single line of code works and each and every single texture item and so on and so forth works and looks right then they gotta make sure all of this can run on a persons pc without totally melting it. so can we stop with this "anything you can do i can better" you guys been at it for years and i doubt you can do better then LOs team of like 5 people trying to work on this while they finish out apb and what not. 2020 has sucked enough patootie lets not go around discouraging people from working on this because they got a bunch of people thinking they can do 50 tons of work faster and better then they can. making games takes a lot of time and you gotta wait or it's gonna be shitty and frankly i remember FE was infact full of shitty people with a few friendly faces here and there
  3. did you know. you can use the adv launcher and do that yourself. you can not turn them off as that crashs your game. cons of setting it to 5 or what ever the lowest? you can't see fire or nades incoming or rockets and your gonna be a easy target for opgl EOL volc and must i go on?
  4. and i on the other end think it would help becuase i get really sick of fighting the one guy with a scout who quick snipes me each match no matter what gun i use or what i do, and feel like making it not possable to cqc with a sniper would help balance the game out
  5. apb runs as smooth as 80 grit sand paper. you can get 144 if you sue ADV launcher and fiddle with the settings till you like them, but a stable fps that is solid 144? good luck on that mine doesn't even do that on high/medium settings
  6. all you have to do is worry about some 3rd party cuck looking to make a buck. go ahead and post it. worst they can do is claim it and make ad rev off you . doubt they will try to take you to court that's a rare thing to happen
  7. provided that the weapons stuck to there class. in this game you can use a smg as a rifle and a LMG as a multi class tool that works for everything and a sniper for cqc and long range there really isnt a class name per say expect role leveling
  8. i too fuzzy bunny about things in italic font because i do not understand that player made way points are for you to work with your team (shocking in a mmo i know) so you can target foes spawn cars or places snipers might be hiding, how ever half these people are too stupid or don't care enough to use them. but there also great for placing one really far out in the middle of patootie no were to annoy people on your team like in fight club lets pick a differnt subject if you want something point like why is speedball still around for crappy pre-made clothing sets and nothing more. shouldn't he be the clothing shop keep over what's her face.
  9. TBH LO has disappointed me first with claiming fallen earth was "unstable to run" or something along those lines then shutting it down and don't give me a low pop excuses on it we had more people active then apb does now and i could do more then wait 15 minutes for someone who is sweatier then a mans nut sack in summer or a cheater, and if you confront said cheaters its the same bullshoot boogaloo "ive played for x years." "im just better then you" so on and so forth the game does not feel like it has moved a single bit forward more like it's falling backwards down a flight of stairs. we say gun is broken so you nerf every thing around said gun. then you do "nerf" said broken gun but only a tiny bit. PMG is still broken atac is still broken and now along side that oca is just as strong as pmg so why use anything else but pointman? your quick swap no scoper fix didn't work people still do that, or cheat to do that and every time i play i end up on crim to do ram raiding because 1 not enough for missions or 2 every match is the same people normally in groups of 3 each match and its the same trio each go around. one is hacking and it shows 1 is trying so hard it's painful to watch and 1 hides the whole match only shoots you in the back and shit talks you. so instead of LO making this game fun to play with promises of a new engine making me want to play more while i (hopefully) can play fallen earth again i would rather find something else log on my accounts to check on them. speaking of accounts. LO support team is disappointing to me you give little to no help on my topic and answer in very short often times one line senctnes basically "im sorry we can not do that" per a question. i would have a better time talking to my cat and getting an answer out of her, or maybe even playing a match in this godforsaken hell scape of a game and enjoying it for once. becuase that hasnt happen since around 2016 when each match was a new set and a new set of finding out how they worked and they didnt try super hard to be supoer good in a super fucking dead game also i'm like 90% sure aamayii is gonna come outta her hidey hole and slap me with a "i will take actions agaisnt your account" again. because your mods and GM love saying that LO. but it is better then tiggs calling me a fucking smart for asking her a simple question. so you got 1 thing going for you, in fact two you have not randomly banned me for no reason....yet
  10. cowhorseman


    music fits hotline miami type of music. might help you get kill streaks. maybe even a rare KS 6 which only like 3 people have (that aren't hackers)
  11. if im thinking right you mean kit i think last name southworth. it was proven to be fact as there was no evident of a real death plus she had been since alive and well on other games she faked her death to get away from fallen earth and to start drama. also to farther prove this everyone who knew her irl when asked about when she died funeral etc would get really really mad at you about it and block you. she wasn't exactly little miss friendly to note the fact more then once (myself included) she would: give death threats talk large amounts of shit and refuse to fight you aswell as get her friends to cloner camp you so yea she was little miss sunshine and rainbows outside but more of a royal fuzzy bunny then marry on the inside
  12. cowhorseman

    new shop keep

    this is gonna get lost in this void of a fourm but it makes me feel better to say it. we need a person in the joker store that sells weapon skins and only weapon skins. it would make collecting them easier + you can allow us to get some skins that might not be collectable now. and i know one of you is gonna bring it up but for holiday skins like halloween and what not they can be for sale for 1 week after the event is done to try and encourge you to do the event rather then farm jt for the event. that would be a good way to get a skin like a survival task for a skin or something really stupid like kill 100 people with a certain gun oh and why are the skins so expsenvie in jt? i can buy 1 gun or 1 skin they should be like 1-2k each not 4-6k each.
  13. try not running it on full potato mode. I've heard people get issues on it but not on medium-high settings
  14. you can always make a mess around alt like i do. someone thats just a random nobody that doesn't do good or just uses odd weapons or weapon mods not like your rank or color matters becuase people looking down on you for being bronze or what ever doesnt matter when you know you can just swap and do well
  15. 255 isnt sweet. you sit down and go "well shit now what" there is no point to try unless you want chrome skins but then you have to kill millions of players and i do not have the time for that
  16. i wish there was more people. im sick of the same 5 people each match i know exactly if it's gonna be a win or a lose just by seeing your names, and that is no fun at all also can we get no threat back LO seriously no reason when bronze is 40v40 and silver 5v7 most days
  17. if they want this game to have pop why not ads? i've seen a million ads in my life but not for apb nor fallen earth nor any game by LO. that might help i mean even when popular youtubers and what not play this the toxic sweaty kids that use fuck more often then i do drive out most new players
  18. how about we nerf the cr762. i'm sick of walking out of cover for .5 seconds and getting patootie lasered by some one 75m away and almost dying in 2-3 shots
  19. no it is the same. the ingame bars don't mean jack shit and the wiki is so out of date my dad wasnt born yet
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